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  1. Congratz, and welcome : )
  2. Hello everyone, I had an idea, since i saw that the Emissair from Slovakia presented your game in his country, i though about the same. In the UK we have a gaming festival called Insomnia with the next date being in August 25-28th at THE NEC BIRMINGHAM. They have a small zone called "indie Zone" where indie devs could present there games. I would love to assist in a project to try to present EFT at that festival. Here is the link to the website: Cross that... i just saw that EFT is 18+ and they wont accept 18+ games. There is also EGX 2017 21-24 september, same location as Insomnia above. But does not say anything about games over 18+. Would be fun to present your game somewhere in the uk
  3. watch @Kleanuppguy stream, he play it regularly. And he shows off the game quite well. He will aslo answer questions about the game future, well what he knows . Well at the moment he isnt playing it, : D His stream
  4. ahah si, il y a plus d'info sur les event ici .
  5. Hey everyone. I just wanted to share a theme i just made for Chrome. I personally like it. It is my first theme so didnt really do much exept change a few colours and only uploaded a picture in 1920x1080 . I find it cool and fits well with chrome. If you have any sugesstions you can do so here :D. Hope you guys like it.
  6. Welcome, hope you be as good as Patrik :) . And if you both need help i am also here
  7. je me demande bien d'ou vien l'idee Bonnes chances a tous.
  8. Sounds awsome
  9. Congratulations @Kleanuppguy You deserve it. Been hanging around your stream most days to help you answer the questions you somtimes miss about the game, and have fun with the rest of the chat while we watch your entertaining gameplay.
  10. Gratz you deserve it.
  11. im not offended by it. just saying it dosnt look nice.
  12. chill dude. dont need to caps look your words. If they didnt read you can just say what you say but in a calmer way.
  13. watermark, c'est le nom de tom compte +numero et la date qui defile sur l'ecran quand tu joue a se jeu, pour identifier les gens qui post du contenu contre La clause de confidentialité.