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  1. watermark, c'est le nom de tom compte +numero et la date qui defile sur l'ecran quand tu joue a se jeu, pour identifier les gens qui post du contenu contre La clause de confidentialité.
  2. oh yea, just woke up sorry, re read it and he dosnt specify cheaters my bad.
  3. Why would you unban cheaters? They will cheat again sooner or later. but i might get the reason why you would unban them. Ignore me im dumb
  4. Bon travail
  5. Le patch sera surement le 23/24 mars, car la NDA disarait le 24
  6. you need to read what they ask you. pm a moderator that discord tells you.
  7. copy le lien dans ton msg.
  8. threre is allready a unofficial discord. But i like your gesture :_)
  9. J'ai vue que le forum francais n'est pas tres actif. Donc j'ai penser qu'un topic musique peux activer des personnes. En plus c'est sympa de voir quel goux on les francais qui voyage a Tarkov. J'ai une musique que j'aime bien: partagez les musiques que vous aimez.
  10. Il faudra fair un group de streameur FR pour tarkov J'aime ta presentation ! Faut aussi plus de francais actif sur le fofo. moi je menui , le fofo anglais est sympa mais j'aime ecrire en francais, quand je peux.
  11. 22, UK
  12. Hi, in april my freind and i are planning to go to an army base in the UK, to record sound and video footage of certain guns and also breaching tactics. ( all done for animation purposes and modeling.) And sound for in game purposes also. Here is the list of weapons/grenades we are going to use. L109A1 HE Fragmentation Grenade , L82a1 , L115A3 , L129A1 , L128A1 , Minimi , L7A2 GPMG , Glock 17 , SA80a2 , SA80a2 CARBINE this is a list of what we will be using in april if your intrested along with various smoke and stun grenande models and breaching tactics etc. We know some might not be intresting and not used. but we are trying to help the devs as much as possible. Thank you.
  13. I dont know why this thread has gone dead. i do not see anymore threads with "Introduce yourself" anywhere in the forums. Hey everybody, I'm Martin , 22yo , i live in Yeovil in the UK. Learning to be a dev for my own thing with a friend, but i am more the business type of person at the moment. We are planning to make small video games on our own time while we work full time. I follow alot of EA games to study them see what is good about there concept and ideas, and tarkov was exeptional. So i brought it not long ago because i was thinking it is worth the mooney and the support for the devs to make an exeptional game. I streamed before, but my name was bady chosen, so i started a new twitch account and plan to stream games soon, my twitch is the_english_baguette . I will continue supporting this game with bug reporting and assisting people i can assist, in french or english. Hope it makes you know me a bit better. I do lurk alot in streams (streaming EFT) and do also talk alot in them, so you will find me there for sure. Have a good one. And nice seeing you read it all