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  1. je me demande bien d'ou vien l'idee Bonnes chances a tous.
  2. Sounds awsome
  3. Congratulations @Kleanuppguy You deserve it. Been hanging around your stream most days to help you answer the questions you somtimes miss about the game, and have fun with the rest of the chat while we watch your entertaining gameplay.
  4. Gratz you deserve it.
  5. im not offended by it. just saying it dosnt look nice.
  6. chill dude. dont need to caps look your words. If they didnt read you can just say what you say but in a calmer way.
  7. watermark, c'est le nom de tom compte +numero et la date qui defile sur l'ecran quand tu joue a se jeu, pour identifier les gens qui post du contenu contre La clause de confidentialité.
  8. oh yea, just woke up sorry, re read it and he dosnt specify cheaters my bad.
  9. Why would you unban cheaters? They will cheat again sooner or later. but i might get the reason why you would unban them. Ignore me im dumb
  10. Bon travail
  11. Le patch sera surement le 23/24 mars, car la NDA disarait le 24
  12. you need to read what they ask you. pm a moderator that discord tells you.
  13. copy le lien dans ton msg.