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  1. Nice job devs, it nice to see these scum eradicated. It sucks when you try to enjoy an alpha game and its riddled with hackers, really takes away from the game. I do agree if you are intentionally exploiting or doing hacks and getting the hammer, but if you are playing and stumble upon an exploit you should stop doing it, report it and never do it again. Keep up the good work, im loving the progress!
  2. Much excite for the sks!
  3. Youtube, I forget which one. Probably Devildoggamer. First time I saw it I was in love.
  4. If both femoral arteries were cut it would take about 4 to 5 minutes. But the real question is could you effectively fight back with having both legs shot up? (or even one bleeding out) With the blood loss and shock i think you would be SOL. Even taking repeated shots to the chest with body armor would take a toll on you just from the force of the bullet, it does not compare but would not be very comfortable.