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  1. How to stop hatchling problem

    #Locked, there are hundreds of these threads already. Please use the forum's search function prior to posting.
  2. Trader´s not leveling up!

    Your reputation is too low (red number) to increase it, perform tasks for the trader.
  3. There are no Hackers.

    Not regularly, no. But they did do publish one in November.
  4. Plese fix lagging servers!

    "Fixing" something is a process. They have been working on it for months. Right now they are setting up more servers as to accomodate the expanding playerbase.
  5. Plese fix lagging servers!

    You are playing a test, not a final product. Hence, you are testing. Which means that these issues should be expected.
  6. Hello Laando! Thanks for providing this video. First of all, please report this, providing your video using the proper method of reporting: Second of all, I've experienced this myself and I believe its actually not a hack, but a bug with either net synchronization or how the player position is transmitted to clients.
  7. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    Gentlemen, Being frustrated whilst dealing with in-game issues whilst testing this closed-beta product is to be expected, and these forums are indeed intended as a way to channel, discuss and describe the issues with the game. But there are lines. Our forum rules for example: Please keep to civil discourse, do not attack each other, or fuel a toxic environment for others to have to read through. Please post constructively. Thank you.
  8. There are no Hackers.

    This at first glance looks very much like dozens of posts where someone is killed in a "mysterious" manner, and someone thinks its a hacker, and puts forward that persons name. Therere are reasons why. And the belief that "there aren't any hackers" aren't among them. One of the reasons (this is in general, without commenting on this specific case) that few people want to accept is that losing/dying... on a purely psychological level triggers self-defense mechanisms such as projection. To many its easier to think that someone had an unfair advantage somehow (cheating) than to accept that it was their own mistake. Another reason is that with lack of information (screen goes black immediately) there's a desire to have some form of "evidence" of what happened. A third reason is that because of servers being unstable, because there are bugs and still unfinished parts in the game, irregularities happen. There are more reasons than this, but these three examples will have to suffice for the sake of discussion. When people can "report a hacker" the report que is flooded with reports. Reports that will have to be read and studied manually; requiring thousands of work hours not just to verify or deny whether someone cheated or not. But to handle the replies of such, with people being frustrated. The bottom line is; its just not worth the hassle. It's better to have a method of in-game detection that works without manual reports, and keep on improving that. tl;dr - Yes, the devs are aware of there being cheaters, and there are methods of detecting them. And cheaters are indeed banned on a continuous basis. Manual reporting takes too much time and require too much resources for <reasons>. Moderator note: I will remove the accuseds name in this, and the video (OP: Feel free to upload it again without the name of the killer). But not lock this thread for now. Tread softly.
  9. Thinking about upgrading but...

    Hey tecopet, and welcome Sir to the community! I'm very glad to hear that you are enjoying the game, and like you; I once upgraded and have never regretted doing so since! Most features are under development as we speak - and the karma-system is going to be implemented later in development. How exactly it will be implemented is something only the devs know at the moment, but rest assured that it will be tested when released, and any bugs or issues will be worked around. Enjoy your stay. And have fun in Tarkov.
  10. ban cheater

    #Locked, hackusations are a very delicate thing - we do not allow reports of hackers, and outing people who might not be hackers only causes unneeded flamewars. The game has methods of detecting cheats, and any actual cheater will be dealt with.
  11. Stupid quest

    Indeed. The game is intended to be played in a squad. Get a friend, or chat up via the in-game chat or unofficial discord and find some people to play with. Strongly recommended, and very enjoyable!
  12. Cheater

    #Locked, hackusation n'est pas autorisé.
  13. How Far Will Tarkov Change

    In game design, many development teams make something that is referred to as a "vertical slice", which has some of the core mechanics and functionality in a game - but isn't even remotely near a full representation of the game. These are made for testing purposes. In a sense, EFT is an expanded vertical slice, in the sense that what you are playing right now is quite different from the end vision of the game. This also means that many of the "ideas" that Battlestate has spoken of during development since a few years back have been discussed and re-iterated on a design-document level, and will continue to. Thus, I suggest you guys give feedback on features once they are ready for test. In fact, that's all we have access to right now; an expanded vertical slice for testing purposes. Very enjoyable - but not by any means in a final state. Some of the speculation and constructive criticism and concerns on these very forums are part of what a forum is intended for. Some people however seem to be confused as to the state of the game, treat it as a somewhat buggy version of the final product (which it isn't) and thus give way to frustration and irritation, unnecessarily. I hope you, like me continue to enjoy this version of the game. And excitedly look forward to what is to come, test it, give feedback to what features we have access to. And don't give way to too much speculation about coming features.
  14. Matching Time????

    Battlestate have been, and are adding more servers, this takes time to setup and configure and with the steadily increasing popularity of the game its a race. But it will become better and better. Meanwhile, please be patient.
  15. The cooperation with Datacam company

    So cool! Can't wait to see how they will work in-game!