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  1. Whats the cheapest kill you've ever done

    I spawned behind a fully-geared dude, having only a tt. The guy barely had time to react, before I fired 8 rounds into his legs, killing him. It was so cheap, it felt horrible. But I realize, if I had hesitated, he would've killed me.
  2. Scavs SHOULD NOT be allowed

    So how would you make that happen? Loot police stopping them? Having a mechanic that stopped them would make zero sense in this game.
  3. About matching new beginners with pro's

    The learning curve in Escape From Tarkov is a BIG part of its appeal. It's meant to be crazy hard. It's designed to be a hardcore game. A big reason why it is so hard is due to the "mismatch". Level in-game doesn't necessarily mean that you're good or bad at the game either. There's plenty of level 1-10's that kick ass, and there are plenty of level 49's that ... well, could do with some more training. With that said, I think some type of introduction to the game in the final version would help alleviate somewhat some of the bambi issues.
  4. VPO-209 categorized as shotgun

    It is a shotgun dude.
  5. Footsteps and Movement Sounds

    Can confirm. Factory surfaces also have the issue that surfaces that you drop things on, will let them pass through. For example, dropping a backpack on third floor staircase will pass through the floor and end up on the floor below. Floors in the hallway will allow grenades to pass through and end up outside the map, and mags dropped on the ground floor factory will pass through and disappear.
  6. Factory Raid: Fan Video

    Hidden feature request: Parrying with an assault rifle! Now that would be awesome.
  7. Problems witht the overhauled health system

    The changes are in line with the vision of the developers. Perhaps it's not the right game for you?
  8. Raid duration drasticly reduced

    Wasn't saying you were. But definitely some people were. There are some legitimate issues with EFT right now that deserve some expressed frustration. And some frustrations that are more related to a misconception... for example that EFT is supposed to be this or that, or that the devs made a mistake with the health system, and are now thinking that it's "teh wrong design", and also this... that something changed in the game, that actually didn't. We see it with the SCAVs, people who yell that they changed when in fact they didn't (Nikita was a bit irritated in Kottons stream when people said the SCAVS had been changed, when they in fact didn't pre-update). Personally I believe that EFT becomes less of a source of frustration when we as players are as informed as possible as to the vision and the reason for the changes. A part of being informed is also making sure that data we base our understanding from is correct
  9. Raid duration drasticly reduced

    The data is wrong here in the OP. Of all the things to rage about, false information is not one of them.
  10. Celebrate Halloween with Escape from Tarkov

    Farewell FPS.
  11. It's funny how every time the devs do something good, some people always find a way to whine about it.
  12. wipe?? when????

    Please use the search function,
  13. 7 Days test keys

    Given the amount of bandwidth that EFT uses, unless you have a very powerful backbone piping to the Internet, this will not be feasible. Unfortunately.
  14. Hatchet deterent

    I find a bullet in the head on the hatchling a pretty well-functioning deterrent. You should try it. In all seriousness, make the swinging use stamina. That's it.
  15. Just when you think you're safe :)

    Yeah. Definitely looking forward to the new spawning mechanics. Hold out.