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  1. Are you into people that play guitar? Or are you a slut that plays guitar? (Or bass, but we all know that bass players don't get any...)
  2. map

  3. Hahaha, I saw you on the Arma subreddit a while ago. No tips here, just a coincidence.
  4. 20/M/California
  5. Well from what I understand, each major update (generally,) they add a new "wave" of testers. I'm not sure how it's selected, but more $$$ = better chance. Alternatively, you could buy Edge of Darkness edition, and get access as soon as your payment is received. (or, like my buddy, get the $75 package, and upgrade if you don't get in on the next wave.)
  6. I just want that "Sherpa" tag...
  7. I get that, but as I don't have an infinite supply of Ritalin, even my geared runs are sometimes accompanied by a few episodes of my current series on Netflix...just makes it easier for us with tiny attention spans to keep having fun.
  8. Good group of guys here, lot of experienced players to learn from.
  9. I can't wait for a feature that I hope they'll add; changing the position of hardware on the rails. I'd love to be able to slide sights/lasers/grips/etc...up and down the rail. Not sure how it would affect gameplay, but aesthetically I feel like it could add a personal touch to each weapon.