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  1. Tasks offline

    As offline mode will not be in the game when they release it, putting tasks in it would be just waste of resources
  2. The Hatchet Club

    i know that you know what im talking about, you cant trigger me. Go play with your stupid hatchet until you can, because the time is comming when you wont be able to runs around in lags\desincs, hit reg problems and sound bugs killing fullgears. Also movement will be changed, no more zigzaging as rabbit on cocaine...
  3. The Hatchet Club

    Id rather stop playing and play other games than join your cancer club...
  4. Escape from Tarkov clothing store?

    Yes merchandise would be very nice, but they need to focus their resources on development now... As i believe this game will be very popular if nothing goes wrong, so to make merch. shops is the next logical step to generate easy revenue.
  5. Patch/armband for group ID

    Some ppl are not so bright and they dont think of such functions as "search"... Yes thats what i forgot... NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU CREATE NEW POST, USE SEARCH FUNCTION to see if there already isnt similiar topic discussed
  6. Patch/armband for group ID

    Not along these lines, exactly like these lines. Devs confirmed they plan to add armbands of which collor you will choose in the lobby, so its not lootable and its only available to groups, also there is a chance that some other group will have the same color as your group, but maybe they will later make it so no 2 teams can have the same color...
  7. Yes Paca stops buckshot and small non penetrating pistol calibers. The new helmet does stop only shrapnel and offers somewhat of protection against mele, but you can get Paca to 0 durability quite fast and then everything penetrates it. Shooting fort with buckshot has the same effect as if you were shooting airsoft bbs at it.
  8. I want this piece of clothing scavs where.

    And sorry but i can help it, its not where but wear. Clothing that scavs sometimes wear...
  9. I want this piece of clothing scavs where.

    Just buy a simple sweater and a put a vest ontop of it https://m.ebay.com/itm/Navy-Blue-Military-Army-Commando-V-Neck-Acrylic-Sweater-6345-/171551622118 I know its not the same but this is the closest you can get, i think the ingame model is made from this IRL sweater https://www.amazon.com/XPOSURZONE-Packable-Lightweight-Outdoor-Puffer/dp/B01D34PRAC And something like this, you can get stuff like these much chaper in chinese shops, i dunno if there are so often in your country but they are very common in slovakia for selling cheap stuff that usually dont last long...
  10. I want this piece of clothing scavs where.

    Just buy a simple sweater and a put a vest ontop of it
  11. Problems witht the overhauled health system

    applying meds one at a time makes sense, you got only 2 hands after all... hell show me one game in which you can perform such actions 2 or more at once? even in wow you cant cast 2 spells at once. i think you already know that also animations for meds are comming so this whole thread is pointless
  12. Quote from the interview with Nikita "Charging mags will get longer and dependent on the skill, but not as long as in reality (30 seconds for 30-round AK mag)."
  13. Scroll down there are 2 more links on forum posts
  14. There will be animation for meds, devs confirmed this, also i voted in the end that this poll is kinda meh, because it was suggested atleast 100 times and devs confirmed multiple times that current realoading of mags is just placeholder and will be changed, they will also implement some tool to make custom loads like, pp, pp,pp,tracer...
  15. friendly wiggle

    Its true, ppl who shoot on sight or even Fake wiggle are afraid of loosing their stuff because its hard for them to get good loot, and some ppl are just assholes. I wiggle because i enjoy teamwork with randoms, it can be alot of fun and im not afraid to loose that cheap shotgun i spawn with as a scav...