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  1. please help me. My character is still in the raid

    What do you mean ? In the original post you can see screenshot where are 2 buttons, reconnect and confirm leave, confirm leave button doesnt work?
  2. please help me. My character is still in the raid

    Leave raid button doesnt work? Just confirm leave you should not loose your stuff, bit if you loose, whatever its beta...
  3. You dont play the game to know how efficient you are, you are supposed to find and report bugs...complaining about such bugs on the forum is useless, just report bug and dont waste your energy on such posts...
  4. Funy how new players makes such posts as you , "this mechanic is the biggest joke..." You are missing the fact that the end screen sometimes bugs out and show different data from previus raids...
  5. Its not classed as voip, patch notes said, " Gesture and voice comes system (partially)" voice comes does not mean voip, these are different prerecorded voice messages as you can see in the game for yourself
  6. are the quest too linear?

    Yeah, i have only heard about this information in this manner, that someone heard that someone said they are spawning in the boxes... I wouldnt take this info seriously until confirmed...
  7. are the quest too linear?

    Dont worry pal, i havent seen 1 fort armor last patch, but this patch they started spawning on scavs so we will get one sooner than later. I was also worried if it stayed like it was before that only way to get fort is to exchange for goldchains, but if they spawn on scavs its ok quest, a little harder but thats ok for me
  8. Its not, he ment those talk commands...
  9. Yeah its a pretty annoying glich , i discovered it myself when running to the exit and trying to open door as soon as the option appears on your screen, sometimes this happens. And to answer your question, do you really think that devs would leave such obvious and easily reproducable glich in the game? Ofcourse they will patch the glich sooner or later
  10. Do you know you can also throw the knives from the handle?
  11. multiple attachment activations

    I tried it not very effective, better take 2~3 flashlights and blind whole factory at once
  12. Countercheating measures

    I would probably just put his gun in my stash as a trophy
  13. Countercheating measures

    How are you being a part of it when ure taking a gun away from cheater?
  14. 3 Blackrock vests...

    I thought they changed it to 3 sets of tools