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  1. I'm under the impression ai scavs won't aggro if you kill a player scav.
  2. Is it as s scav? If so that is normal. As a pmc it wouldn't be normal
  3. So I've been reading the back and forth on this and I just thought I should chime in on this point. I'm someone who wants a scav mode. Regarding your point here however, this strikes me as a semantic word game rather than a real point. I understand you want to trip him up with "well you wanted hardcore didn't you? So here's some more hardcore". The thing is though, hardcore =/= unfair advantage in the way scav mode allows it. Hardcore to me means things like 1 life only, risked gear, on-point shooting mechanics, emphasis on player learning/experience, etc. The problem with scav mode is the problem that everyone with eyes can see: it's the reason they had to put a cooldown on it. If you knew nothing else about what scav mode was, only that it was a 1-per-hour mode, you'd think "huh, there's something OP about that mode". For me the main argument for scav mode is what Drakaar pointed out, sometimes you just don't want the "loss" worry when you play. The way I see it, then, why not just allow scavs but WITHOUT them keeping their loot? Or, someone above said they are worried about scavs having gamma containers, why not give them gamma containers ONLY. So something like: Allow scav mode They can only keep loot that is in their container Have a scav levelling system where you start out with a 2x2 container and work your way up to 2x3, maybe 3x3 This way: New players will have a place to learn against humans and not just AI You can play without the fear of loss Players who think scavs have an unfair advantage (which they do) at least won't be able to get M4s/heavy armor-risk free, the most scavs will actually keep are salewas, attachments, helmets and pistols
  4. I upgraded from a gtx 780, and seeing as how an rx480 is ~ a 1060 with higher vram, I was in the same boat as you, though I was getting about 24 fps on customs and that was with eight gigs of system ram. That's pretty disappointing though that amds latest performs that poorly.
  5. Thanks, I can't believe I glossed over that. About the debate of the legitimacy of scav mode, what do you say to the point about their being an imbalance of risk between non scav players and scav players? It doesn't seem fair that one has something to lose while the other stands only to gain.
  6. As far as I can tell the debate rests on the fact that scav-players have things to gain without risk. I actually like the idea of the mode, but I can see the point that the game feels so tense precisely because you stand to lose something. The 'unfairness' feeling kicks in when you think about it from a non-scav player perspective, e.g.: "wow that guy spawned in with an AK but stood to lose nothing / gain everything whereas I came in with my AK with the chance of losing it" This is the reason the devs put a cooldown on it. However I don't think that adequately adjust for the fairness in one side standing only to gain whereas the other side is actually risking something. Therefore some benefit, IMO, should be given to players who skill player scavs. I think a human who kills a human scav should get something special out of it, even if it's something small: experience boost, health pack, just something for having gone against a guy who stood only to gain from your death without himself risking anything.
  7. Wait, where have we been told that scav mode = late spawns? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I just thought scav mode = a mode where you spawn at the start of the match like normal.
  8. Is this update going to involve an inventory reset?