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  1. Quest Mega Thread

    so you can read on the forums but u cant read the actual text of the quest? i dont get why ppl are askin for answers a few hours into the patch.. whats the fun of beeing told what to do? just go explore urself or with ur friends
  2. EU Escort In-Game Event Takes Place on June 8th!

  3. I'm a Sneaky Breeki Scav here to surprise the devs! bring your best or you'll die like the rest! Dutchmaster#9296
  4. List of Current Available Weapons

    if you look at it like that, yes it is a rifle. just short barrel and folding stock. my bad
  5. List of Current Available Weapons

    Pb silenced pistol dvl-10 and sv98 are bolt action rifles mpx, kedr and aksu are smg's
  6. Zombies Confirmed

    ye iknow ofc its player scav spawn spot hehe.. just looked rly funny and scared the crap out of me when i wanted to extract (behind him)
  7. Zombies Confirmed

  8. How do you guys stream? (Maybe wrong topic?)

    NDA was lifted 24th of march
  9. Hey Frantic, my discord nick is Dutchmaster#9296