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  1. You should have added the freeze frame "at this moment he knew, he f***ed up"
  2. Woods action baby! I got to the loot box in the "mountain hole" as i like to call it Start hearing multiple footsteps and i ready my shotgun! Boom the first one in the chest and he goes down flying but now i see two more armed baddies coming I run and jump behind the boxes and throw a grenade at the wall so it bounces right in the center It explodes just as the two guys are charging in and the explosion sends them flying at me! heart is beating, but i´m alive! These are the moments i play this game for. Sadly i did not get it recorded
  3. I know the feeling! You really need to stay focused and give it your all
  4. Ok ok only love
  5. This is why i love and hate EFT at the same time! Went in to the woods with just a shitty ak, Got out with this! Sorry guys
  6. Great job! Hardcore game, Hardcore ban!
  7. Cannot wait! Loving every damn salt teared moment of EFT