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  1. Sorry man but as I already said, I don't have anymore lol
  2. I wish I could man, I only had that one to giveaway. I will try and get more though, stay tuned
  3. Yes sorry about that dude, I will be giving away a full copy when my stream returns
  4. Enjoy man! If you want to get in on some more cool giveaways or just play some games, check out Thanks to all that entered, I will do another one when I can. This topic can be closed
  5. @alex8xela YOU WON! I will send you the key now via PM, enjoy man!
  6. He's the 9th dude
  7. Cheers man, just want to let someone new experience EFT
  8. No can do man, if he wants it get him to comment! This is for new players only
  9. Sorry man this is for new players only, your son could play your copy surely? This is aimed for new players to experience EFT, as this is an Alpha key it will expire when EFT goes to Beta, you know I will be doing a full version when I get my stream back up
  10. Hey guys, So I was going to be giving a key away in my stream but unfortunately due to work I won't be able to stream for a while, so have decided the best way is to just get that key out there for someone to start playing right? Do not enter this giveaway if you already have a copy of EFT, lets get a fresh guy in here! So that is what I are doing now, first 10 people to comment will go in to a draw and BOOM who ever wins it wins it! Good luck!
  11. Hey guys, Here is my first EFT video where I do a solo run on Woods, it was one of my first raids and absolutely loved it. If you enjoy the video don't forget to hit that subscribe button
  12. Welcome aboard @Memnon2212
  13. No worries man. I don't have discord though, I use TeamSpeak
  14. Hey man, I am from the EU, we have a community, Binary Combat. Feel free to add me on Steam if you like, same name.
  15. Very nice indeed!