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  1. What performance are you getting online? Doesn't sound right to me, are you running other programs in the background or anything like that?
  2. Are you still getting good performance in other games @Mike28?
  3. How much normal RAM are you guys running? @Tarkov_Fan_6969 @Mike28
  4. That's great, well done man!
  5. I can understand that losing your hard earned gear can be frustrating, you take time to put all those nice parts on your favourite gun just to have someone kill you and take it but don't forget, it goes the other way too. I went into a raid yesterday with all my best gear and died within five minutes to two guys more geared than me, my sexy AK with PSO now theirs, then last night I went in another raid with nothing but my tomahawk as it's all I had and walked out with three AK's and two pistols. The way I think about it is this, would it have felt so good to come out with all that if I went in with loads of gear already? No, it was because I had nothing left and had to try my best to get something that made it feel so much better. Without the risk of losing gear and having to play different tactics this game would just be like any other TDM type game which has been done to death, it's time for something new and exciting which EFT certainly is. If you find it difficult to come out with some gear then practice makes perfect, even better still team up with someone for strength in numbers, feel free to add me if you like I will happily do a run with you!
  6. With the NDA lift you will see a lot of content out there now which is a great way to check it out before you buy it
  7. Elgato HD60 runs silky smooth
  8. Putting videos etc together takes time and like the OP said they are a small team, I would prefer they were working on the game don't get me wrong communication is important for sure, that's where we come in giving them feedback and reporting bugs and they act on it, that's what I think is important. There are several games in development that I support, some of them put out community updates regular but to be honest there isn't always a lot of new material in them and to me it just seems a little bit of a waste of their time. Just my views anyways peeps
  9. No decision as of yet but I am hoping so too
  10. Great news! Will be going live soon!
  11. This was answered a little earlier in the topic bud, when we hit beta
  12. Hello @Fallenman, For something like this it is best to email -
  13. And now it begins!
  14. I can understand both sides of the discussion, people buy in to an idea and want to have their expectations met especially when it comes to a time frame. On the other hand sometimes things take longer to work on or encounter unexpected issues which means that time frame has to be changed, but lets be fair to the devs, I am sure that they don't want to move things to a later date but it happens, this is an alpha game being developed and things don't always go to plan. I have been involved in a few EA games now and personally I really enjoy it, the whole getting involved with how the game develops even if at times I may have to wait longer than expected, but think about it this way if you go back a few years we never had a chance to get involved with the development before, it was simply made and boom that's what you got, you buy it and if you don't like it tough. Now we have a chance to actually give feedback on games and even have our ideas implemented which to me is pretty damn cool If you expect a game to develop on a strict timeline without any issues then I would recommend waiting until full release and stay clear of EA games OR if you really want in EFT as it is now, raise that extra money and upgrade. Just my thoughts on it anyway
  15. Thanks @Skodgaard