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  1. Let's do this
  2. Come Join Us On Discord And Play Escape From Tarkov. Everyone Gets Treated With Respect And We Go Out Hard And Win. Come Get Gear With Us! https://discord.gg/JCCcy https://discord.gg/JCCcy https://discord.gg/JCCcy https://discord.gg/JCCcy https://discord.gg/JCCcy
  3. EFT GROUP CLAN https://discord.gg/AJGyp come join the group
  4. EFT CLAN DISCORD CHANNEL TO ALWAYS PLAY TOGETHER! https://discord.gg/AJGyp come join have a good time
  5. EFT CLAN DISCORD https://discord.gg/AJGyp Come Join and Play!
  6. I have a teamspeak for escape from tarkov, if anyone is interested please contact me
  7. I started my own community for escape from tarkov where players can come on at anytime and play with whoever else is online at that time. its a clan but more of a close group of people who want to play the game with other people without the headache of problems with people and drama. The Community will be always active and myself will always be there to help or assist any questions or situations. As Far as the teamspeak goes you can get promoted and demoted and it gives you rights to certain channels, but the main channel is for playing raids in EFT. To Join The TeamSpeak Just Contact me!
  8. guitarist LFG EFT! Add me on steam $ix$tring$lut
  9. I'm looking for group anytime of day, discord skype whatever. steam name is $ix$tring$lut