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  1. h&k mp7a1 ?
  2. @TrailerDorken would says try to reset but i bet you already did it ....should try and talk to devs @LAGART0 been trying we chose same map and hours couldn't find him
  3. @Lewisuk tried just restart at lvl 0 but you keep the faction and name @psyhogenesis i did , the party systems issue is that we don't see each-others name unless we play as scavs @TrailerDorken have you looked in the junk mail ?
  4. how because we tried to be in the same map but i never see hes name
  5. my friend send them an e-mail its been 4 days still waiting... and the only part that i am upset is that i bought the game for my friend forgot to tell him and now we can't play together
  6. anyone has any idea when the next wipe starts because the games doesn't says once you pick a faction you can't change it and now i cant play with my friend :\
  7. sucks i bought my version of eft the pft bought it before my friend he got the EOD version and could insta play