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  1. I used the search function but couldn't find a topic that covered my suggestion. if i missed something its a genuine mishap and apologise in advance. I suffered a desync in Customs tonight and have done in the past and like many of the community find it frustrating. I know this is an alpha but issues like this occur through out a games life. So what about a monitor system that monitors the sync of the players and if it goes past a certain threshold would activate a safety net of sorts. Either auto exiting the players with all there items intact that they brought into the game. Progress, loot and deaths would all stand to the point the game went past the set parameters regarding synchronization. The next idea again has a monitor but this time rather than exit the players it would record positions health and items of the players. pull them out to a lobby and then reconnect to a new game server or refresh the original server and allow the game to continue. Now i don't know anything about coding or networks or to be honest anything to with the development of games, so i have no idea if its possible or viable but its an idea that may not have come up. Loving the game and can not wait for future updates. regards rusty.
  2. Ok so I have played with this group everyday for just over a week now and I can honestly say "wow" Great set of players willing to help new players out, with basic operations to game tactics. There is normally always some one to play with in my experience and this group is growing quickly so it can only get better. Raids in EFT alone are hard but possible, but with a group that works together the game really comes into its own. There no BullS+++ approach to playing is epic, no rank system. Everyone is treat equally and with respect. There is no stupid orders or power struggles from kids. And there is no silly bickering or politics. Just playing the game and having fun whilst scoring a bunch of good gear. My search for a group to play with is over, I am here to stay, I recommend you that if your reading this then come and join in. Active forum below Team speak below
  3. that the thing with the hyper x cloude 2, they are very cheap at he moment around £55. (and on some sales I have seen them at £45 (i purchased all mine at this price last black friday) compatible with every thing via usb or 3.5mm jak. and sony pro are a great headset i just dont like the idea of them going flat when i am mid game. So I stick to wired. just checked £51.99 at the moment in shop or click and collect.
  4. Isnt that the aks74u? and what map have you seen a scav with an ak74n silenced?
  5. same. Best headset in its class. To get the same quality and features. look to pay double the cloud 2 price. (i own 4 of them in my household), and we all love them. failling that i heard good things about logitech g range.
  6. just applied, seems reasonably chilled out on the forums on the site. Members cant wait to play with you all. potential applicants ill post up further feedback on the clan once i have played a few games with them and got to know them a little better but so far they seem genuine and helpful.
  7. i like this idea allot. but there is allot possibility also regarding "last stand mechanics", your all thinking on the medical side what about the offensive side. My add ons for you to think on. Martyrdom, live grenades under the body by the perpetrator or as booby trap from a player. last stand / play dead, as we get shot pull pistol as a last F U to your killer / person playing dead and opening up as got are near to "loot" the body. could go further and sabotage, guns, loot boxes doors, from explosives to sound traps ie putting an item on the closed dorr as it opens "bang" oh your over there.
  8. What about an xbox elitecontroller there an extra 4 buttons on the bottom which would allow on their options ie fire mode reloads and grenades ect whilst the upper set for loot and menu configs. Something support would be epic. Atm I use the movement left stick and game mouse withe xtra buttons for other bits. Works well
  9. I am up for teaming up. I'm very green atm. ( was console player so don't know my way around thepc way of doing stuff yet.) send me an invite As i'll be on around the same timings as you as I am UK based also)
  10. not sure if i am allowed to comment here or if i have all the game mechanics down. but here it goes:) what about a death penatly system similar to 7daystodie,ie. more you die the worse your max health or/and stamina gets. and this is would be cumulative and only be cured over time with good food/time or a particular item. or even a ban from raids for a set time frame. i agree with the above poster, that this could be a game breaker if not balanced correctly. Great games btw