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  1. Its been an epic day with allot of new faces. I have really enjoyed meeting you all and hope you enjoy your stay at UWS. And hopefully make it your go to place to squad up for Raids. Any interested parties looking to get involved. Come and drop by our teamspeak or website and say hello. I am off For the night but there are still 4 full teams running raids and three smaller groups running factory right now so plenty chance to get involved and get some loot. Ill be back after 8 hours sleep ready to kick some but Until then. Good night. And hopefully see you in our teamspeak soon
  2. best fps game I have ever played. Guys reading this, don't hesitate, come and join in, We don't care about skill level or experience, we just enjoy meeting up and having a laugh ingame. There are those among our numbers that like playing ultra stealthy and tactical to. But whatever your play style preference. Theres a place in UWS that You will fit in.
  3. And as you can tell by our conversations throughout this forum, We are glad to help people out. And have a good laugh along the way. Ill be logging on to our teamspeak3 now, if anyone fancy's a game then come and join in. cheers all rusty
  4. oops... oh and you butt lol
  5. We have a good following through out the world for this game. basically as long as you speak english and can be respectful (this works both ways) then you will fit in here no isssues. I love to play tactfully, I know we have some that just like to wing it. As long as we all have fun who cares Come take a look at what we have to offer. No commitments required. just jump into our teamspeak or join in at our forum. United We Stand TS3 Info: Also, you can join as just you or as a group of 50. We have the capability to accommodate it. I would love to see more fellow brits and EU player get involved over here
  6. damn I missed last nights exploits, I am upgrading my pc and having teething issuses. Should be on tonight thou. anyone reading this, your welcome to join to. regardless of skill level or knowledge, your welcome to join in. Anyone know why ddr4 XMP crashes my system ?
  7. Hey all, I am online looking for players to team up with right now. I have 2 slots in my squad doing customs and 1 in another doing woods @night (i think) and 3 in another doing fast loot factory runs. Anyone want in? all are welcome to join us. all we ask is you speak English and have mic, teamspeak 3 link @masterreach "Most of these games listed plus Escape from Tarkov are game I'm always in need of a good team to join in so sign me up :]" come and play buddy, hopfully see you soon
  8. I am from UK, I would love to play with you..
  9. All welcome Again we have multiple groups in raid, and more people joining in daily. Come and see for your self
  10. hey all we playing right now come join us at teamspeak3 channel. you like it here then join us at
  11. Guys we are looking for all members, regardless of skill level. we promote a great friendly gaming environment that is above all things fun!. We do internal and external scrimmages on this game and many more. Last night there was a give away for a steam game, a big ssd and some oil-slick hot sauce. We gave out meddles and discussed future events. Even if your a member for a day you can have your input heard and you can organise events and giveaways. You don't have to be the best at the game to be apart of the community, yes we have a competitive Clan team but we are more than that. We are a community of like minded players that want to play together to get the most out the games we play. There are promotion prospects, that you can work your way to as we are expanding exponentially on all fronts. This is the most exciting time to join us guys... Come be a part of it. At the moment 80% of our Member base are USA based. So come on you EU players, join in and lets show the yanks who's boss.
  12. lol, this new patch is epic. Guys get on soon we got multiple teams running. The new scav are rock solid. Not sure on the barter system yet If your new and reading this come and join in. The more the better and you can bring your mates if you want. ● Website: download teamspeak and then click below. ● Teamspeak 3 address: <-- Click to join our Teamspeak
  13. All welcome to play with us, i am online now playing this game with the guys. Your all welcome to join us. ● Website: ● Teamspeak 3 address: <-- Click to join our Teamspeak
  14. We are currently Prepping For the upcoming Beta. Very exciting stuff. All you players that have access or don't yet are most welcome to come and play with us. And then join if you like us in a clan member capacity or just regular gamer who join in as you like. If you guys want a team that enjoys most game old and new including tarkov come and look in on us. #ill be in the escape from tarkov section in our Teamspeak, by all mean come and have a chat hopefully see you soon ● Website: download teamspeak and then click below. ● Teamspeak 3 address: <-- Click to join our Teamspeak
  15. If your looking for a game right now come and join us on our team speak, I am currently online, All are welcome and Id love to see more EU players get involved ● Website: download teamspeak and then click below. ● Teamspeak 3 address: <-- Click to join our Teamspeak