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  1. Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    Good decision - I am glad that you are "hiring" more moderators. We need more moderators to keep the forums clean and get constructive information across.
  2. New FOV Fix!?

    75 FOV in EFT equals to aprox. 105 FOV horizontal FOV - is that not enough for you? To everyone in this thread - keep in mind that EFT - unlike most games - uses vertical FOV not horizontal. The "fov fix" that was previously doable did not actually increase FOV - just the viewmodel FOV - which makes the game look like it has more FOV. But there is another way to achive this bug: Note that this bug does not increase the FOV but the viewmodel FOV. (Just like before.)
  3. Like my EFT Pumpkin?

    Great job. Now integrate some armor plates to make it accurate to the one ingame.
  4. When do you think Beta will arrive? [Poll]

  5. When do you think Beta will arrive? [Poll]

    I wouldn't go that far. You can see that BSG is trying to "interact" more with its community after all the complains they received previously. It might not be useful information but it is better than no interaction like before.
  6. When do you think Beta will arrive? [Poll]

    I cant much longer, I am falling apart.
  7. When do you think Beta will arrive? [Poll]

    You could be even MORE transparent if you could tell us wheter you believe that the beta comes out today or not. I do not want any promises, I just want to know if its even possible today - I am getting tired of stalking the forums.
  8. Closed Beta will start in July!

    They often work weekends too - especially when a patch is about ready to be released. Never seen a dev team so dedicated to their game - BSG has my respect.
  9. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    No answears I was looking for what a shame. I am hoping that the next one will cover more important stuff. (AI and Leg shooting meta)
  10. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    What I said is the most common hierarchy that you can find in professional dev studios. As Battlestate hasn't mentioned how they actually work this is the most reasonable thing to assume. You have no idea, do some research - just because you have lost a disscussion does not mean you can end it that way. (And I am sure you haven't worked at a professional game dev studio ever - spawing a block in blender does not qualify you as an CG artist)
  11. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    Judging from your post you have no clue how game development actually works. The lead designers/head devs make the final decisions, the rest of the team makes suggestions based on their opinion and develop. If everybody would do what they think is right the game would turn out to be a mess. There is a reason such things as head devs exist. And I am taking it literal as it is official information that has been posted here.
  12. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    If anyone should play the game before its finished it should be the head lead as he is the one directing the development. Cannot be the opposite when the dev team made posts exactly the way I described them. Facts are a step above assumptions and possibilities.
  13. The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    I do not think its a good thing that the head of BSG has not played his own game yet. However, this might explain his "it is fine as it is" mentallity he often shows. (Take the "leg insta dying is realistic" or the "AI is already good" for example) If he had played EFT himself he'd get why so many people complain about things he thinks are fine as they are. This is not meant to be offensive, but it is a concern the devs should take seriously. I also hope that Russia 2028 will be as tacticool as EFT already is.
  14. Scavs Gameplay video

    It is a fact. Eighter you have bad eyes or a 30hz monitor. (try checking if you have it set to 1080p60.) It is pretty easy to spot a 30fps video that has been rendered and uploaded as an 60fps video. This gameplay of EFT shows true 60 fps. If the video was heavily modified to look like actual 60 you'd notice it by some sort of motion blur or acceleration. And yes, they might be playing under certain conditions with a lot of background stuff disabled - it does not change the fact that their version runs better and that I want it to be the same for us.
  15. Scavs Gameplay video

    It does run better on their end, at least in the gameplay video - thats a fact. The video clearly showed fluid 60 frames most of the time, and it wasn't some editing trick or youtubes compression system since their was no motion blur or any noticable acceleration of time. (Motion Blur is often used to make 30 fps look smoother.) And no it is not the terrible mouse input that makes the game feel like 30 even though its running higher - everything around you seems to play at 30 fps, not just the input. I avg on about 70 - 90 frames in EFT. Does not matter though. (because of the reasons above.)