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  1. Quest Mega Thread

    It must be a locked door then because I went into every room I could. Darn it Thank you So, can other players take your quest item?
  2. Quest Mega Thread

    i think she is talking about the pump room. needs a key
  3. worried about the hacker community

    I have found the forum to be pretty good so long as you don't insult anybody and your criticism is courteous. I heard that they banned another 20 today. Looks like they are ramping it up.
  4. Can Scavs see through bushes?

    Hopefully a dev will answer but I think its like this: They can not see if you are completely blocked by foliage but if one leaf is missing they have a chance to see you. Thats how I think it works since they were nerfed. In some earlier patches I have seen scavs tracking players through walls.
  5. Where is server located?

    It is possible to find out what server you are connecting to by looking at your game logs. Let me know if you want help with that. Server roll out seems to be a gradual thing
  6. worried about the hacker community

    I received an email from BSG yesterday stating that they just banned over 400 players. Nice! BSG seems to be taking a long term approach. They are taking the time to make sure they have the right person and them perma banning them. I understand this strategy but only time will tell if it works for this game. As you correctly stated the incentive for weak minded people to cheat is very high in this game, so its going to be a real challenge for BSG.
  7. Scav's timer

    In some of the alpha patches the cool down varied. I think it was 1 hour if you escaped but only 30 mins if you were killed by another scav. Not sure if they are doing that in Beta. Maybe they are trying to see if they can reduce the number of blade runners by reducing scav cool down?
  8. skier broken?

    I just spent 1 mil with him and he is still level 2. So is it supposed to be 1.5 mil then?
  9. The Karma System

    1. Karma isn't real. Its a concept that some people believe in. As far as I am aware it has nothing to do with luck. It is the belief that if you do good things then good things will happen to you and if you do bad things then bad things will happen to you. So its not random. Its pretty much the opposite of luck (totally random). 2. If you looked like a team killer that would be bad luck wouldn't it? (Ha ha, just having fun) Yes, I also trust that BSG will come up with something decent. I just don't think anybody will be able to have it make sense because .... karma doesn't make sense.
  10. The Karma System

    The karma system is going to be hard to rationalise. I'm not against it but I don't think its possible to make it seem realistic. It seems likely to me that someone who is happy to kill a team mate for loot is probably a psychopath (IRL, not in the game) and unlikely to be stressed by the event. Maybe they could make it so they walk differently or hold their weapon in a slightly different position, so that over time we would learn to identify team killers. I cant think of a logical reason why but then karma isn't a logical concept.
  11. Game has come a long way since Alpha

    A lot of games in Alpha/Beta need a lot of ram. 8GB is probably the minimum for EFT at the moment but from what I understand it can use up to 10GB (unless they optimised it some more lately). I'm sure the game will get optimised more in the future and 8GB will be plenty.
  12. Stop scavs from trowing grenades

    The 180 head shot definitely still exists. Its seems they reduced the chances but It still happens to me daily. I don't mind though. The Scav's need to be OP to counter the fact that humans can learn to exploit AI patterns
  13. If you get bad desync then its quite posible to start bleeding and die from wounds you received minutes earlier. There may not have been any sound or flash at the time. The fact that it was your legs would indicate that it was probably a player an not AI. On the other hand if your having issues in the character screen then it could just be that you PC had an issue.
  14. Character stuck moving forward

    OK, please dont hate me for repeating something that has already been said but whilst you confirmed that you do have a controller and joystick you did not confirm that you unplugged them. Ensure that you. 1) turn off you PC 2) unplug any joystick, controller or other inpyt device that is not your keyboard or mouse. 3) turn on your PC 4) run the game and see how it goes.
  15. Aussie Players

    They put a server in Sydney about a week ago. I'm in Melbourne, I dont know the ping to the server but my ping to Sydney is generally around 55. Before Sydney server. 3 seconds of lag and from 10 seconds to minutes of desync every game. After Sydney server. Really good in off peak times. During peak times I am noticing lag and mild desync. So some hits not registering etc. Still in closed beta so hopefully it can be fixed.