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  1. Night Eyes/Light Adjustment

    The flashlights were blinding which i feel was accurate. I think they toned it down with the last patch
  2. When Fence has a good or rare item about 1000 players see it and try to but it. If you not 1st you wont get it. So in effect you are trying to buy an item he does not have and you get the error message. Some people say that the server with the traders is based in Russia so if you try to buy at the same time as a Russian, the Russian will always win as she is closer to the server. IMO its a terrible system and I dont even bother trying to buy such items anymore. The items can be bought elsewhere once we level up so its not game breaking.
  3. New hack? (possibly?)

    My 1st thought was that it was an experienced player who wanted to give away some gear. All of his actions and gear would fit with that. However if he was floating and going through walls thats another story
  4. New Player question, with alot of deaths

    The game is very hard. That, combined with some server issues causing lag and desync can make it feel like the game is full of cheaters. Its not. The anti cheat system seems to be working really well.
  5. Rules of Engagement for PMCs?

    Currently its KOS. There will be a karma system that will negativly affect PMC who kill their own faction. Bear killing Bear for example.
  6. Unlimited 'matching' on Woods

    I'm in AU too. I cant get a PMC game on Customs, Woods or Shoreline. I can get a game on Customs if I'm a Scav. I can get a game immediately on Factory
  7. Player Scavs.

    But is says right there on the loading screen that Scavs will slit each others throat for loot Can we have confirmation that it has actually changed. I just got killed whilst standing next to an AI, am I to assume the AI turned on him?

    Very few cheaters will admit they cheated. Its shameful and they know it.
  9. hackers are still around

    might not be a hacker. Might be a glitcher. Still cheating IMO but not bannable
  10. Spawn Killing

    That was a nasty experience. You should feel comforted by knowing that people like this behave badly IRL as well. Many of us notice them and do our best to make their lives as misserable as possible.
  11. How to fix inventory Glitch?

    I had this issue when I had a older monitor. I was running 1920 x 1200 Like many things in life, it was better but less popular.
  12. Does this sound like a hacker?

    Before Australia got a server I had desync every game. Your experience was pretty common during those times. My guess is you were shot multiple times before you entered the office (there would probably have been no sound). The server finally caught up and the damage registered. If it makes you feel any better....... the guy who shot you probably started a hacker thread saying there was a hacker using god mode no damage hack .... "I shot him like 10 times in the head and he just went into the office but didn't die" LOL
  13. Where do OCEANIC and ASIA connect?

    Hmm, thanks. I guess I fell for "confirmation bias"
  14. I know no one cares...

    Difficult to argue that they add nothing to the game when you are so affected by them you felt the need to start a thread. Also difficult to argue that they are predictable ...... and yet you get shot by them at times you don't predict. I find that people on this forum are very good and in general do care. Maybe with future posts, take more time to consider the point you are trying to make. Good luck in escaping from Tarkov
  15. Bandwidth usage makes the game unplayable.

    Im not tech minded. From what I have read on theae forums it seems that yes, the game sends/receives a lot of data. For some Australians I think the main issue is limited upload more so than download. From what I can tell the issue became more severe after they switched to the new version of Unity. Whilst i have not heard anything official on the subject. I hope your situation might improve with future optimisations.