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  1. Official Trading Thread

    2:1 is fair IMO
  2. Official Trading Thread

    Considering how much rarer USB's are, you'd be looking at 2 chains each
  3. Official Trading Thread

  4. Official Trading Thread

    Don't need cash and I have plenty of helmets, sorry bud
  5. Official Trading Thread

    Selling 2 flash drives. Preferably gold chains but will consider any offer
  6. Trying to Build the Rarest M4 You Can

    The monster, yes. Not the LVOA
  7. Trying to Build the Rarest M4 You Can

    Oh well damn, guess I've just been super unlucky. Sucks, it's one of my favorite attachments.
  8. Trying to Build the Rarest M4 You Can

    Swiped those two bad boys of a team on customs. As for the LVOA, I believe it was removed from the loot tables as of last patch. Not 100% but I'm fairly sure it's not available currently, along with the deltapoint optic.
  9. Can we have more scavs in offline mode

    I'd like to see a slider for offline mode for number of scavs and their difficulty. So I can 1v1 a scav that's terminator mode, or throw on a 60rnd mag and pump up the slider to 99 paint-sniffing scavs and go ham.
  10. Hatchet Run Changes

    It was an example off the top of my head. Essentially dying over and over (more so statistically than if you went in geared) and risking nothing will punish you one way or another.
  11. Hatchet Run Changes

    The way to stop hatchet warriors isn't to prevent them from entering the raid. You have to find a way to have risk in everything you do. There should be no way to get gear without risk, which is what hatchet warriors accomplish. Hatchet warriors die far more often, so having a system where you are basically punished for having a low KDR would fix it for the most part.
  12. Realistic Plate Carriers

    Thread locked. Please use the search function before posting.
  13. Anyone know where to find MPXs ?

    Peacekeeper sells the Mpx for around $1000, and the MpxSD for around $1500 once you get him to a high enough level. Currently only shotguns, pistols, AK variants. SKS and the occasional M4 are spawning. The rest you must buy or take off players.