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  1. I survived.

    What's the lowest HP you've gotten to, and made it out alive?
  2. Official Trading Thread

    I have a 303 key to sell. PM with offers
  3. Official Trading Thread

    I have fort to trade, looking for the marked key. PM if you have it and want to trade
  4. Official Trading Thread

    Looking for room 206 key. Will overpay for it
  5. Worried about heal spam after upcoming patch

    The medical system is very early days. Later in development they will likely change the way it works. Same with mag repacking. It's just a placeholder system while they work on more important things.
  6. This "pain-system" is killing me

    Sounds like desync my friend. Pain only comes from taking hits from weapons. As for dehydration, that's an easy fix, just bring water with you, or find it, it's scattered everywhere on the maps.
  7. Can I get a refund on this game?

    He's not interested in that mate, he just wants to jump into what he thinks is a well polished shooter.
  8. Can I get a refund on this game?

    I know you didn't lol, that's why you're complaining about it not running on your rig and other stupid complaints. I don't even think you can read at this point, let alone make sensible purchases. Good luck on call of duty kid, I have a feeling that's where you're going back to.
  9. Can I get a refund on this game?

    I sympathize with you inability to actually do your research and read the contract you are about to sign. All three issues you outlined just now could have easily avoided by 5 minutes of research without paying a cent. Youtube videos, streamers, forum posts and lest I forget; the big bold text at the main screen saying that this is a beta test and will have bugs and issues. 1: The gameplay doesn't work Yes it does. It is just not optimized quite right yet. The game runs 100% fine on my PC. An update is dropping today or tomorrow to fix that issue. I'm guessing you didn't know that did you? You don't strike me as the kind of person who does any kind of research before spending money. 2: The servers are barely populated in my region That's because it's early access. This game is not fully released and is not being advertised yet. This is to be expected so you shouldn't be complaining about it. 3: The gameplay is not my cup of tea It is to me. You spent your money and don't like the game. That's not my problem, it's not BSG's problem, it's 100% your problem because you probably watched a 2 minute trailer, got excited and dropped your money on it without doing any research. Obviously I should expect a certain level of autism from a person like you, but if mindless complaining and ridiculous accusations are all you can manage and you can't spend at least a few brain cells thinking about purchases before making them, spare me the complaints.
  10. Can I get a refund on this game?

    That is a matter of opinion friend. To me, the opportunity to take part in the development of a game that shows a lot of promise and potential to change the genre of survival shooters with plenty of unique features is priceless to me. I was happy to pay for the highest edition available to support the devs and play what they have currently and provide constructive criticism in order to better the game. To you, it's not worth the money and that's fine. What isn't fine however is you putting your money in, refusing to read the terms of service, then take to the forums complaining that the game isn't running well on your PC, when it clearly states in said terms of service: I hope next time you consider taking part in early access beta testing, you read the terms of service before taking part and/or giving them your money.
  11. Can I get a refund on this game?

    No, what you should have done is read the terms of service. This is not a finished product. I don't know what you expected my friend but most of the community here understand the fact that we are not paying for a game, we are supporting the devs financially and in return we are granted access to help test the game and provide feedback to guide it toward where we think it should head. I 100% guarantee you that every AAA title like CoD, Starwars Battlefront II, Battlefield etc all had these kinds of issues in the beginning. They just didn't need player backing for testing beforehand because they had a much larger team of devs to test so we never saw these issues. I'll say again in-case it wasn't clear. If you purchased this game for the sole purpose of gameplay, you have wasted your own money. BSG have never once sold EFT as a finished product and will not until it's final release. All you keyboard warriors who take to the forums demanding a refund because the gameplay is poor for you due to low optimizations are embarrassing yourselves simply because you failed to both read the terms of service and understand the fact that EFT is still under heavy development and will be experiencing problems while they implement new features. Please think before posting and before spending your money. Almost nobody here spent $60+ for quality gameplay. We spent $60+ to be part of the development progress and understand that game development is not smooth sailing.
  12. Video Montage Quest!

    Sup boss! Recon team came back from shoreline, said something about looking for BEAR operators in the area but came up empty, just a bunch of scavs. Asked 'em if I can have their helmet footage, bought it off one of 'em for a pack of smokes. Looks like they're focusing on the petrol station, no idea why, they didn't take too kindly to the USECs poking around I guess.
  13. Official Trading Thread

    2:1 is fair IMO
  14. Official Trading Thread

    Considering how much rarer USB's are, you'd be looking at 2 chains each