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    Donegal, Ireland
  2. Turning SSR off, gained 50%+ FPS for me. Everything else is maxed out.
  3. I spawn in with a pistol and ammo in the gamma container. The instant spawn kills are no big deal then.
  4. 32 I think From Donegal, Ireland.
  5. Hard to say yet. But i do like the way you lose your gear, if you die. It just needs better textures, imo. But i am sure that will happen, when it happens Great fun though, so far. I bought battlegrounds, last week. Put it this way, i felt better after spending over 150 euros, then playing the game. Than I did after I played battlegrounds.
  6. Mobo: GA-EX58-UD3R CPU: Xeon x5675 @4.5ghz RAM: 12gb @2100*mhz GPU: GTX 970 Storage: Samsung SSD