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  1. Chiappa Rhino

    Yeah coming in 2020.
  2. Guns, Equipment players would NOT want to see in Escape From Tarkov

    I guess not comrade! all they did was watch some fancy CGI trailer and hype the poo out of it and pre-order.
  3. HK416

    HK416 and HK417 are confirmed! expect them very very late though!
  4. improvised suppressors

    Savage mofo!
  5. Well I am taking a break....

    Steve dont give up brother! Dont go steve!.....:(
  6. Request for better AS Val ammo access

    AS Val and VSS are elite Spetsnaz weapons access to 9x39 is very scarce the Russians are quite tight lipt about it in real life since this is tactical access to that kind of hardware should be made rare! Technically speak AS Val is the best gun in the whole game! 82 damage per shot with SP5. It's usability is very smooth you unlock it at rank 29 it's a high end gun it isn't ment to be unlocked early? You should sell it or wait till your 29.
  7. What is going on?

    Do you ever read any terms and conditions? I guess not because your money is non refundable until they stop developing the game. Next time dont pre-order just because of an amazing CGI trailer.
  8. 9x39mm

    SP5 82 SP6 67 These are per shot damage count.
  9. 9x39mm

    Lets keep this thread alive boys! so the developers notice it!
  10. 9x39mm

    Since its Sniper round it would only be compatible with VSS since AS Val is automatic assault rifle but the BP would be an excellent round! for both
  11. 9x39mm

    it is based on the Russian 7.62×39 mm round, but with an expanded neck to accommodate a 9 mm bullet. The intent was to create a subsonic cartridge for suppressed firearms for special forces units that had more power, range and penetration than handgun cartridges
  12. Battlestate Games studio staff has arrived at GamesCom 2017

    Dont disappoint the people!
  13. 9x39mm

    After level 29 for Prapor
  14. 9x39mm

    There are 3 more recent variants of this caliber! if you guys could implement them it would be awesome! PAB-9 (7N12) - The SP-6's bullet is expensive, so an attempt was made to make a lower-cost version of the cartridge. The PAB-9 (ПАБ-9) used a stamped rather than machined steel core. It sacrificed too much performance to be usable. As of 2011, its usage is prohibited.[3] SPP - The SPP (СПП) (SPP: Snaiperskie Povishennaya Probivaemost; "Sniper - Increased Penetration") is a sniper round with an increased penetration. BP - The BP (БП) (BP: Broneboin'ie Pulya; "Armor-Piercing Bullet") is an armor-piercing round.