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  1. Official Trading Thread

    Okay 1 gas analyzer please

    Calm down boy, the patch was supposed to come yesterday? It should come any day now.
  3. M4A1 Colt Finished

    Looks awesome bratmi
  4. Official Trading Thread

    Does anyone have Guard desk key the one that spawns on the dead scav? In the toilets?
  5. Official Trading Thread

    Need Epsilon pouch! Will give $10,000 for it or whatever you want? 2x Gas analysers for $2000? Epsilon Case for $10k?
  6. selling fort armor

    okay 750 dollars deal
  7. selling fort armor

    whats its durability?
  8. Official Trading Thread

    I will give you doc case 4 Vals and $2000? For pouch
  9. Czech & Slovakia Community Website

    Awesome! Website looks slick
  10. АС ВАЛ

    Да, я знаю это это модифицированный Вал.
  11. АС ВАЛ

    компактная винтовка СР-3М
  12. downloading the game to slow!!

    No reset your router or modem.
  13. Where can i find Doc Case at costoms ?

    I will trade you mine if you want? For 3 AS Vals?