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  1. Goddamn it cant wait any longer!!! Uri is angry!
  2. AS Val or VSS Vintorez
  3. 2016 training exercise. 


    1. MaejorRaskoln


      G3A7 Turkish patent.

  4. The SN Vityaz is already in the game
  5. Intresting Spetsnaz GRU soldiers one with AEK-971 and the other with AS Val only the special units that access to that kind of gear.


  6. ......... highly doubt that comrade but you never know? if it were he would of said very very soon
  7. VKS or ВКС intresting bulpop sniper rifle.


  8. 20 Turkey
  9. In the Russian army they don't allow facial hair so it wont make sense for Bear but maybe for Used.
  10. Thank you Thank you!!!!!
  11. You negative people should be banned it's annoying now you all create drama? Don't like don't play it ffs? Stop creating topics on how much of an idiot you lot are here's a tip for you next time don't buy something just because you seen an awesome CGI trailer.
  12. What is this got to do with Escape From Tarkov? It's a NSA created worm that people turned into a ransomware basically.
  13. Really love reading these!
  14. hadi beyler eller cebe
  15. Wtf? how is this possible? i have 52,000 rank 49 total raids 805! never made million?