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  1. Game prepare operation failed

    I already did the same thing and the proble is still the same... I am worried that its a problem with my pc or something instead of the servers of the game
  2. Game prepare operation failed

    I played the game today and after some hours i turned off my computer... 1 hour later I Started the game again and i got the Error : ,,Game prepare operation failed. Backend error: Backend error: Couldnt connect to the server." Is this a problem because of the server issues and the new players? My friedns are able to play the game but I only see the menu with "Preparing data files" and every 20 sec i get this message...
  3. Easter Eggs?

    In dorms you have to go up the stairs into the second floor and watch the ceiling ... There you can read the music bands "Metalica" "Rammstein" and "Linkin Park" , of course in different spelling
  4. traders offline???? current server status ???

    I am unable to join the game.. always "Game prepare operation has failed. Backend error: Backend error: Couldnt connect to the server. Anybody with the same problem or know if its only a problem cause of the server issues?
  5. Euer Versteck

    Wie darf ich dieses "Versteck" verstehen? Ist es quasi wie mein Stash im Menü, wo ich mich auf den Raid vorbereiten kann (halt nur interaktiv im Spiel im Bunker), oder ist das ein Versteck, welches von anderen Spielern auf der EfT Karte gefunden werden kann (gäbe dann ja viel zu viele davon, weshalb ich diese Annahme mal als falsch interpretiere). Die Idee ist wirklich gut und macht Laune auf die kommende Open Beta Version!
  6. Weapon Companies Thread

    Maybe it would be cool too to add some WW2 guns... For example : Thomson, M1911 (WW2 xD) , MP40, P08 (Luger) (WW2 xD), and my favourites ---> MG42 and STG44... of course also the Kar98 K with sniper scope Would be glad when i could see those guns ingame to test them and have fun If i have to choose new guns i prefer M249 or MG3 and G36 C !!!