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  1. Official Trading Thread

    +rep @TSKNF
  2. Official Trading Thread

  3. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    That MI-8 looks 10/10.
  4. Official Trading Thread

    Buying morphine / gas analyzer / factory key. For these and/or money:
  5. New Pistols: SR1M Gyrza & APS

    @Colonel Twerkins 10/10 I hope we also get the wooden stock for the Stechkin!
  6. Official Trading Thread

    Pistol case, wallet, money/guns etc. for Tushonkas (multiple ones).
  7. Official Trading Thread

    Desperately buying 2 flash drivers. Have all sorts of stuff for it (factory key, wallet, whatevs even 5k $).
  8. M4A1 customization question

    Wish we had .50 beowulf
  9. [Release] EFT Item Database

    Only press accounts have the Monster silencers.
  10. Official Trading Thread

    Selling factory key, DVL-10, etc. for Fort Armor.
  11. Official Trading Thread

    Selling factory key, DVL-10, effin anything... for Fort Armor.
  12. bunch of keys

    Docs case, pistol case, etc.
  13. Official Trading Thread

    Selling Factory Key and DVL-10 for Fort armor or/and goldchains.
  14. Improvised Pipebombs, Landmines and Misc. Explosives

    Wish the game had in-raid crafting.