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  1. Factory key

    NO mate, it can spawn on any map, ive had 3 from dead scavs on factory map, dorms was a waste of time for me, over 30 runs in a day or two with no result, so i just kept farming factory scavs, ive had 3 since then, but ive done over 1300 raids so im guessins the drop chance is just really low.
  2. Scavs still broken

    Yea understandable, ive lost fort and all to getting one shot from scavs, its still in beta so ofc we have to give them a chance to fix them, just seems sometimes we are going backwards arther than forwards.
  3. Trader Wipe?

    Have done now, Yea i get it , but the missions are stil a pain in the bum
  4. Quest Mega Thread

    What item is it?
  5. Quest system - crazy

    Fort is easier to find on shoreline boys, at it can spawn in the big crates, and most of the higher level PMC's play there :D! Not everything can be found in the draws in factory boys
  6. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Dude i got a weeks ban on the forums for saying one of the mode made a rude comments, so as for hackers, im sure they get ban hammered into the floor......
  7. I thought this guy was trolling..... he has made guides and tips on how to play the game, so i dont get what he is complaining about, the game is easy, my stash is full, over 2 mil roups, 50 k dollers. just working on missions now, if you want fort and things play shoreline, since the boxes there can spawn it, ive had 2 today, im on 3 forts and 9 helms atm, i think the scavs and the core gameplay is fine,
  8. Trader Wipe?

    Thats stupid, they shouldnt have messed with the traders how do we even get missions

    Yea the scavs have been messed with again unplayable on some maps.
  10. Hackers need dealing with

    Sorry about my grammar, im Autistic. so i cant really help that, so insult my grammar all you want, and level 28? wow dude, im 58, and i see hackers all the time, but thanks for the imput.
  11. Hackers need dealing with

    As you can see by the tittle, i want to know about hackers, yes i know you are doing ban waves, you dont name and shame ect ect, and yes ive read the forums, and felt i wanted to make a new topic rather than trying to drag on an old one 90000000 million pages long, why shouldnt hackers be named and shamed? why shouldnt we be able to report them, ive seen 4 today, and its costing me gear that takes days to farm, ? either that or make it so we can buy fort armor ect, because im sick of loseing gear to some idiot flying about who you have no chance to even hide from, aim botters on factory you cant even get out of the way of the 360 no scope backflip roundhouse headshots... they take gear that takes us days to farm, we dont get it back, we dont get to report these things, we dont even get the chance of knowing the a hole was banned, so why bother paying and playing this game? it feels like we get no justice what so ever, infact, we dont even know you actualy are banning hackers, we just have the word.....
  12. Scavs still broken

    Why is it, scavs seem to able to take a direct hit to the face with a nuke, and run off after a 360 Degree no scope backflip roundhouse headshot, .... thought they were nerfed, dont get me wrong, ive done over 1300 raids, loads of gear learning how to deal with them, but sometimes they seem to neglect all reason, dont they bleed like players? dont they get injured? you blow there legs out and they run away like a lightning bolt.....? you put a round in there head... they look at you like you have just stolen there *Slippers* Bar, then 1 shot you......ive been one shot threw armor and helmets, shouldnt be able to happen i thought?.
  13. General question's

    Thanks for the reply, And yes i understand that all hackers cant be caught at once, and yes im sure as a community we appreciate all the efforts made by the battlestate team and all those working under in, It's just frustrating for players like myself, who live by fair play, Loseing gear to glitchers, and hackers, is not a nice thing, and since there isnt much we feel we can do about it as players, since there is no reporting players function ect. sometimes it just feels as if im hitting my head off a wall, paying for an EOD edition with no real benefit other than a bigger stash for these players who cheat to pay 34 quid, get into a closed beta, then ruin everyone else's fun. Another question tho if u dont mind, i no longer have a global chat in game, has it been removed or is there a bug, as relogging in and out of the game, closeing and reopening doesnt seem to work.
  14. Given warning points for saying a mod made a * smarmy comment* when he clearly did, he was just being plain rude :) but thanks

  15. General question's

    All the glitchers go unpunished, 2 patches saying gun glitching has been fixed yet people are still useing this dirty way of playing, yet if you swear...say something out of tone, you get banned, hacking goes unpunished ruining the game for all the honest players, yet nothing happens, ban waves dont ban the hackers, there are youtube vids of them openly hacking even now, they say they have away of getting around the ban, yet we dont get any honest awnsers, this is going to kill the playerbase, and just become another dead game that had hude potential, and yes i understand we are in beta phase, but it is still very disheartening