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  1. While we wait for the best...♪♪♪ Patch is coming for next year...♪♪♪ SO LET'S GET IT OUT OF HERE....♪♪♪
  2. Congratulations to the winners! Looking forward for the upcoming big update.
  3. This is great!!! More balanced. @Blackb1rd Upcoming updates about game (server not) performance/optimization?
  4. Apoyo. Aunque habra que esperar que un dedicado haga una buena comunidad o grupo en discord o TS3, pero habra que esperar a la Beta cerrada o abierta para que entren los latinos.
  5. This is awesome. Happy to know that thousands of players are in for Extended Alpha, so i'm glad to hear about more servers are implemented (i hope that enough svs), because it is a critical point in this stage of the game. Waiting for news.
  6. I really like to be EVER the bad one for the world and agains the world.
  7. Great work @BATTLESTATEStudio. Looking forward for news.
  8. Now it say "Member only" before was not. Good to know.
  9. It is broken.
  10. The game really need a lot of more servers. And thousands more are coming for Beta.... I don't know how will start the Beta in this stage of the game.
  11. Looking forward for this awesome news, lets enjoy.
  12. Hi Broths, M8s!! What happens when your cat prefers PC Gamer to play EFT.
  13. This new Alpha become in more few days, I want to keep my trust high. I hope to enjoy it before 31/12, anyway, who can imagine Extended Alpha for 31/12 or 1/01/2017, that would be really a good happy new year, but come on man, do not abuse. If you upgrade to a version that is not the Standar Version, you could be selected for the access to Alpha tester from the Extended Alpha. But remember that not all pre-orders will be in the chance to get into the Extended Alpha.
  14. @Blackb1rd We are very very grateful for what @BATTLESTATE Studio have done so far, we will continue to support the project. We expect a very well optimized game, so we can enjoy it all.