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  1. Scavs Gameplay video

    1:41 Even in slow motion the drops is there for OP PCs. Looking forward for opti.... Keep the hard work, congraths.
  2. Details on the NDA lift on March 24, 2017

  3. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Good to hear news. Looking forward for those implementation and optimizations!
  4. Preparations for the next update release

    This is what make me more hype and happy. Awesome work Devs, keep the hard work and make a historical game.
  5. I hope to enjoy it in the next patch.
  6. The e-mail change functionality is now operational

    Good work, i guess. Looking forward for more news.
  7. AMD Ryzen

    The actuals components, even mid components should run this game at minimum at high, and ultra (high range). For now it is problem of optimization (Not network optimization).
  8. Female Escape From Tarkov Model

    But you really did not got it. I specified about character, it is an obvious thing that women can (sometime) out-perform men in physical fitness, but it is like you said "some women", if we are real. Talking into the game, there is a lot of factors and elements that need to be reworked just for the women character (because it cant be equal, if we are real), also things that will be disadvantageous for women character due to realistic things of this game and the real life. Devs know it those (unnecessary) factors. Taking that into account, it is better to stay just with men characters, that are the special forces (most used) in every kind battle.
  9. Female Escape From Tarkov Model

    Due to the realism of the game, there's a lot of factor that make the idea of female character imposible. Really it is a game for man (character).
  10. Good news! GDC 2017 will be from February 27 to March 3. Upcoming beta? Let's just not lose time talking about this for now.
  11. Happy Valentines Day!!

    While we wait for the best...♪♪♪ Patch is coming for next year...♪♪♪ SO LET'S GET IT OUT OF HERE....♪♪♪
  12. Congratulations to the winners! Looking forward for the upcoming big update.
  13. This is great!!! More balanced. @Blackb1rd Upcoming updates about game (server not) performance/optimization?
  14. nesecitamos mas Latinos hacer una gran comunidad

    Apoyo. Aunque habra que esperar que un dedicado haga una buena comunidad o grupo en discord o TS3, pero habra que esperar a la Beta cerrada o abierta para que entren los latinos.