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  1. The more people abusing it the better it will get more attention and fixed sooner imo, and really it's only a pistol. I don't think people should get banned for it either it's much too wide spread and too easy to do, and most people are getting salty over nothing. You'd have to ban like 70% of the playerbase.
  2. hatchlings aren't a problem.. Desync hatchlings are a problem..
  3. What's stupid is there are 2 ways to glitch. 1 way everyone knows about (with pistols) and the other way not many people know about with kedrs..cause you can't do the glitch with kedrs like you can with pistols. Still have no idea how people are doing it.
  4. wow that's retarded rip dude..the shots sounded like it came outside of the extraction zone though
  5. Just start selling your guns and stuff ti peacekeeper then when you get like 200 300usd then just do what I said its really quick
  6. Took me about 20 reception runs to get one not all at once one yesterday
  7. I really wish you could keep any contents you wanted in your case on wipe..found factory key today, next wipe will be a full rip..
  8. I leveled up the other traders first, then Id sell everything worth decent usd to peacekeeper and start a nice money buffer..then buy bulk attachments that yields the best % sell back and just keep doing that. You don't have to level everyone up first but level 1 RU traders and no roubles sucks. Your way isn't bad if you don't mind trading roubles for usd.