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  1. I would love to have a redhaired russian chick walking around in my spare milgear and keeping the hideout nice (THE IDEA IS FREE DEVS !) Ice on bro, we are just messing around, but you got to admit the idea of a hideout maid is good And ofc male maids for the female players
  2. All the women are in their men's hideout cooking dinner, sorting weapon boxes, clesning weapons, counting ammo and sewing the holes in their men's clothes
  3. I know for a fact that if you have any part of your body ''blacked out'' as in if you are on 0 health and take any more damage to that body part, that will kill you instantly, that is the only reason i could think of why you should die to barbedwire right away.
  4. Personally i quite like the beige Scav hoodie, if i could i'd probably combine it with some DBU camo pants or something, it would be very nice to be able to customize your character, and decied where to have the faction patch and so on
  5. what if it was made so a Scav could not harm another Scav ? that would force people to either work together or leave each other the duck alone
  6. Allow me to shot you this
  7. I have heard on the full release you will have to complete all 10 raids to unlock the free-roam gamemode, would there possibly be a little singleplayer mission after the 10th raid where you have to find and or mabye clear what will become your hideout ? i think that could be a very cool thing to add to the atmosphere and also give a good explanation as of why this became yours.
  8. I really think that is very good and well made, i love it
  9. Must say, if you did the drawing yourself, that is ducking sweet i think
  10. More raids and eventually free roam will lift your smile i hope, but i do get what you mean. Perhaps there should be a scavmode you can play on more often, but dont get to keep the gear, and limit that to only once per hour, but still be able to be thrown in the raid to practice the pvp
  11. I see the fairness of finder keeper, but what then if you made more levels of ensurrence ?
  12. guide

    Here is the wiki (if you havent been there or couldnt find it) lots of good info there i think, for the rest you can watch guides, tips'n'tricks on youtube but my personal favorite, explore ingame, inspect ingame and learn ingame
  13. Just throwing thoughs out here on what you said, perhaps you could pay money to ensure your weapon so when you die, you get the standard version of the gun back into your stash, limit this to 3 gun max mabye, that could be a thing, but if you never lose your gear ever, it takes alot away from the game i think, but the idea of having a personal weapon is very nice i think.