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  1. Shooting through fence Customs

    the physics of those chain link fences is currently not right, bullets just ricochet like mad and probably change direction straight up or down, its not supposed to be like that but it is currently so just treat it like a transpirant concrete wall
  2. Body part damage rework

    So i can still kill you, i just only have to NOT move my aim at all, i will just black out your leg and then the 70 damage my 5.56 FMJ does will kill you faster then a lightning. i still see meta in what you are saying should be better
  3. Alright Boys, It's Time We Settle This...

    probably the truest poo ever said on the forums, personally i am a big big fan of the AK's but when im with friends, the M4's is being wipped out always
  4. Meme and Fun Art

    When you are 3-4 months into the lates update
  5. Prapor task 4

    Mabye pappa prepor dropped something in the locked room ?
  6. update

    MABYE sometime next week or the week after IF the devs doesnt encounter any issues and find themselfs ready to release the new patch
  7. EFT New keys (car, weapon safe, zb-104, ...)

    my best bet will be somewhere on customs, mabye cars or some doors in the factory section in the end ? Let us know if you find it
  8. how does "player matching' work exactly?

    I think it is depending on level and you wil be matched with player about 5 levels higher or lower from you, so, one match has level 1-10 players, next has 10-20 ect. but every once in a while a low level gets placed in a high level lobby because a hole server cant wait just for that, and the other way around ofc. Thats how i THINK it works looking back at my experiences since the earliest stages of alpha
  9. how does "player matching' work exactly?

    either a guy with hacks or a really good trained player mabye even a Tarkov Vet
  10. Broken leg as I spawn in?

    I have had it happen to me aswell when i spawn in and the little ''jump'' breaks my legs It has happened in the past aswell so i think its a bug returned
  11. Grenade !

    From the catwalks above ?
  12. Friendly Wiggle

    I feel like the friendly wiggle isnt respected since beta, i remember when you could wiggle to a guy and he wiggled back, and then BOTH would get hands on guns but they would work together because of that moment they wiggled at each other.
  13. Has Anyone Hit Rock Bottom?

    I honestly dont belive anyone have or will hit rock bottom in this patch, it was hard to get much money in some of the alpha patches but now its not really the big issue
  14. Why are there no women in Tarkov?

    I would love to have a redhaired russian chick walking around in my spare milgear and keeping the hideout nice (THE IDEA IS FREE DEVS !) Ice on bro, we are just messing around, but you got to admit the idea of a hideout maid is good And ofc male maids for the female players
  15. Why are there no women in Tarkov?

    All the women are in their men's hideout cooking dinner, sorting weapon boxes, clesning weapons, counting ammo and sewing the holes in their men's clothes