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  1. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    Would this mean if i fold the buttstock before exiting, it would take less space, or do i have to actually take it off the gun ?
  2. Thank YOU ! Congratz !

    if you with '' my boy'' means your son, then you must be a great dad I would give my son this game to if i had one
  3. Please make SOLO servers ! !

    I agree, i have seen many people talk about it, yet here is another, i too would like to see an option or straight up mechanic that matches squads with squads (if possible) and solo players with each other
  4. The Punisher Pt. 3

    im not trying to be a dick here, but i found it fairly easy to complete, did it in 2 runs with 20 min left, ofc i didnt loot or anything, just brought lots of ammo, meds armor and a trusty ak and ran for kills only
  5. What?

    Honestly, dry your eyes, i dont belive they are on purpose giving US servers better connection only because of streamers, i have only experienced bad EU server rarely and in ALL cases, they have fixed the issues very fast, stop being so hurt, there is nothing but hate towards the developers most of the time, if it is so bad for you, then have a break ! Dearest Sommer
  6. I’m friendly

    i know i would be pissed if i brought a nice m4 or modded AK (i love ak's) and was friendly to a guy with a hatchet just so he could smash me in the back first chance he gets
  7. Too much Fort Armor

    Back in the day when it was called alpha, you could buy fort armor, which people did, and there was really no problem back then because the devs could adjust the armor mechanics and their armor points aswell as bullet armor penetration, fort was everywhere and i found that nice because you could choose to be a light soldier or a tank, i think its kinda nice that fort armor was pushed back into the marked again.
  8. (HELP) Does anyone know how to fix this glitch?

    When that happens to me i press 'ALT GR' + 'Left Shift' I have a nordic keyboard and sometimes it whiches over to english controlls, what pressing that combination does is that i goes back to standard, so if your issue is familiar to that or if it interfears with some of your mouse settings then that might help, im not sure though but give it a try
  9. Official Trading Thread

    Not sure if i understood this right, but if you are offering a car battery i would totaly bring you 3 gas analysers
  10. Latest Scav Supersoldiers

    I agree, yesterday i sneaked into the dorms, seemed like i was alone and no other pmc's came, i had a normal standard AK-74N from prapor's shop, i shot one guy with one bullet, then no less than 10 minutes later i found myself in a situation where i had killed 12 scavs that pushed me in waves. I really like that they go and check out what happens and if they see or hear you they will try to hunt you but they seem to know where you are exactly looking through walls and literally starts to hunt you if you fire a shot 500 meters away, fire a shot on the bridge at customs and the scavs at gas station and checkpoint will run your way, anyone noticed how the checkpoint is awlays unguarded now ? well there you go
  11. How to fix team on team violence

    it all comes down to the persons who play, personally i am always friendly to a hatchet warrior if he is a fellow BEAR and i will help him, and i will pray to the gods that he doesnt betray me, but i have no mercy for USEC because they are my enemies, that is just me though, then there is people who simply doesnt care for which faction you are in and thats all right for now.
  12. Shooting through fence Customs

    the physics of those chain link fences is currently not right, bullets just ricochet like mad and probably change direction straight up or down, its not supposed to be like that but it is currently so just treat it like a transpirant concrete wall
  13. Body part damage rework

    So i can still kill you, i just only have to NOT move my aim at all, i will just black out your leg and then the 70 damage my 5.56 FMJ does will kill you faster then a lightning. i still see meta in what you are saying should be better
  14. Alright Boys, It's Time We Settle This...

    probably the truest poo ever said on the forums, personally i am a big big fan of the AK's but when im with friends, the M4's is being wipped out always
  15. Meme and Fun Art

    When you are 3-4 months into the lates update