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  1. NPC Cyborg Implants?

    I do not believe you. I think you are trolling.
  2. Extraction Campers Need to Go...

    You need to start extraction camping That is the best way to learn how to handle them. You either learn or get free gear
  3. semi-OFFLINE MODE, singleplayer

    If I were you, I would hold my hopes that this next patch improves efficiency of netcode in a way that will make it possible to play on slower connections. @Kleanuppguy did not state that explicitly here but given that EFT uses more bandwidth than comparable games, I hope it will be improved: https://clips.twitch.tv/PiliableFlirtyDogeKAPOW
  4. Need a way to view who you killed

    This was confirmed in interview with Nikita:

    Insults do not make up for lack of arguments. No, I did not know I can launch my other steam games, thanks for this, but I would not play children games anyway. As a developer, I can say I am proud to be lazy, that is reason why I became developer, and not ditch digger or plumber. And lazy developer is best kind of developer. It is the one who will make software that runs instead of one that needs to be supported and fixed forever. I do hope that BSG developers are lazy enough for that. In theory, they could solve it temporarily by i.e. doubling number of servers. However, doing this only to cover few hours of peak time on weekend does not make any sense, especially if they plan to optimize game enough so that they can host several times more servers on same hardware. By reducing time of raid they already increased number of servers - one machine can run several game server instances, and by reducing raid time by 20% it means you get to run 20% more instances. Again, for testing purposes, it makes sense to have servers maxed out, and I am happy that it is only during peak times, as outside of weekend we can have some fun. In order to test something, you have to perform load test. Even if they have hardware ready, they will probably add them bit by bit to try to reduce queuing times a bit, but to still have big load on weekends, as that is the best source of telemetry to find slow routines. Also, they are probably running debug builds on servers - these builds contain code which is not optimized for speed but for telemetry. Remember - we need to do this in order to have better optimizations and better game later. I personally have not experienced either long queuing or big desync last 10 days, but I trust some of you are. At the moment, from my experience (I have 55h in since last patch) biggest single issue of desync are players with slow connections - servers are not kicking them, and they cause bad experience for everyone, lag spikes on server and desync for everyone because their packets arrive out of order and in batches. They are not kicking them because it is still beta, and after optimization it will probably be possible to play comfortably on lower speed connections than how is it now. For me, almost all raids ran fine, with small exception of few minutes at start of raid when there are always some players still loading into game and having desync until they catch up. This will probably always be a small issue, except if they implement battle royale mode where at start you don't have any weapons so problem does not exist, by the time you find gear, desync is gone
  6. It is not useless. If one guy sprays while crouched the second one who go prefiring behind him has much better chance

    Well, why you don't play PUBG then? If you can get something for less money, you would be a fool to buy more expensive thing that does not compete with cheaper one. Why rant here when you can play that?

    Yes but he doesn't get that he does not have to test if he does not have patience. If all these problems would have been solved already the game would not be in closed beta. If you do not want to experience them - simply wait. The issues we experience have nothing with servers. They need to make massive improvements to netcode, and these kind of changes cannot be done overnight. Players, aside from these who are software developers with experience in distributed realtime systems, cannot understand complexity and sensitivity of this task, and that is reason we do see threads like these all the time, complaining why it was not fixed, yet. However, as you already made non-refundable deposit by pre-ordering the game, you have already decided to have faith in developers. I am here more than 6 months, and in this time I became confident they can do it. Yes, I am also confident it will take a lot of time and will be later than everyone expect, but this game is about patience - if you try to rush like you are in CoD - you die. You always need to have next step/covers in your main focus, and if you look at it like that - we can see the progress: Players who do not have gaming PCs and were only able to play Factory because of 8GB of RAM are now able to load other maps They increased number of players in maps, by small amount, but that is how much they optimized it for now Increase in player numbers gave some slack to servers so matchmaking takes less time They did address issue of long queues by reducing raid times, so that server instances become free faster and they can serve more raids at same time
  9. or now blind fire even before prefire
  10. Agreed. They did add some improvements to that, at one moment there was possible to open door from the side, but it could happen that your arm looks really too long so they must have disabled it again. However, this will certainly be in as it could have been seen in teaser videos, and you can also see options to throw flash or normal grenade (which are still disabled) on doors. Once flash grenades are in, camping in close quarters will become part of history.
  11. While above is 100% true, Tarkov is all about strategy. If you are in Tarkov without a team and without a Factory key - going into Factory is a bad strategy to begin with. You will probably not even live to the extraction. Again - camping public exit is poor man's "strategy" as he will almost never get any expensive gear there, either he will be rolled over by a team, or, the gear will exit map on other extractions.
  12. Well, customs have 3 exits. Anyone wanting to have PvP will actually take strategic position (or as some players will call it "camp") at some other place on map, depending on team size and situation. Camping extractions is mostly done by either single players or new/bad players who are afraid of real engagement and want to try to have element of surprise. If you manage to kill someone in extraction - in most cases it will not be player with top tier gear, unless it is a scav/noob who found that gear. If it is player who is owner of gear then you will probably not live to extract with it.
  13. It is not toxic. It is part of the game. You sound like you got wrecked by campers. I recommend that you try camping sometimes - there are 2 things that can happen: you can kill someone who is careless and get some gear you can learn how to handle exit campers Both things are good for you, but second is better because you will then be able to take revenge on those who camped you
  14. BSG's hidden agenda

    This is impossible, because pc with 8GB cannot be a "Gaming PC" But still, it should be possible to run game like this on 8GB, at least everything except open world part.
  15. Well, anyone who fired and reloaded thousands of magazines will be able to tell if mag is (near) full or empty by just taking the gun and maybe pulling mag out for a second to feel its weight.