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  1. You are disliking whole idea just because that one detail, which you got wrong by the way. He said that this could maybe be a requirement for "hardcore" private servers (if BSG ever allows users to host their own raid servers). And it would not ban you, just prevent you from playing on that server - you would get kicked, meaning you would have to go playing on public servers. In reality, I doubt there will always be "private" servers for this game, because of its session nature, unless it will be something like "arena" where you go to play but cannot bring back any gear (like current offline mode).
  2. On G502 I use G3 and G4 for prone and push to talk, and also scroll wheel clicks (you can click scroll wheel left and right) for peek and fire mode change. There are 2 more buttons that are available but I do not use them because I have everything on keyboard.
  3. I think his point was that you can bind paddle to C/X (crouch/prone) so that scroll wheel remains for use for intended features.
  4. Good idea. You can always upgrade if you like it, and standard edition will get access to beta very soon.
  5. Sorry I did not want to offend you - it is not cheating but legitimate style of playing in some games, simply because of broken mechanic/animation where you can keep shooting while you jump through window or are falling to the ground. I would really advise to keep scrolling intact and sacrifice something else, because on top of all I mentioned, scrolling is also used when you keep R pressed to choose which magazine you want to reload. If you have any mouse with few additional buttons, I believe there should be more than enough buttons for you on Nostromo to use all important things (you need WASD, leaning you can map to i.e. your head with trackr), prone is not so important but you could map it to one of spare mouse buttons, and you need 1-4 and V for quick weapon select. C and R you need of course and also SHIFT, CTRL and ALT. Caps lock is like instant change to walking speed - you can make up for lack of it by just scrolling down quickly. https://gist.github.com/TheDonDope/8327101ead7758b9bfc6e86b9a776f80
  6. Forgot to answer this: the menu appears when you are looking at an item and F is to select currently active option. To change option input for Prev/Next is used (so in my case above J and K, as I have removed scroll wheel completely). Only scrolling in menu/traders cannot be changed (mouse wheel still used for that even when you rebind it through shared.ini).
  7. No. Up/Down is one input, if you rebind it then i.e. for the example I showed press C + J to get up and C + K to get down, or while not pressing anything pres JJJJJJ to go slower, or KKKKKKKK to go faster faster faster (because there are 15 speeds of movement). To me it seems like you want to play this like siege, and you need it for dropshooting, but that is not possible in this game. Also, there is no point in binding scroll wheel to full stance changes because you need dynamic ones much more often, i.e. in order to be able to shoot through a killhole or over some obstacle, you need to be able to put your gun through/over it, and for that you need to be able to adjust your stance accordingly. I guess you could rebind C but that does not make sense either because once you set up a certain stance (i.e. lets say you want to be a little sneaky so you will go for just one below full erect) - once you set that stance with C+Scrolling - pressing C returns you to erect, then pressing it later gives you previously set up stance (1 notch below max). Pressing CC will get you to fully crouch but normally you will use C+Scroll for that once you get used. Secondly, going prone - I have set up that to G3 on Logitech G502 but given that you cannot do dropshooting like in arcade shooters - there is not much point in having it bound to readily available key under your finger. If you press it you have animation of lying down during which you cannot use your weapon. It is only useful for dropping into grass/bush when you are running from one cover to another but that is situation where it could be on F12 and it would not make difference - while you are running you have inertion and when you can let go off W and SHIFT and press F12 before your character stopped.
  8. Well, for something like that I would rather use device software to remap controls than trying to rape game - given how important is sneaking and covert movement (there is even skill for it), speed and dynamic stance are incredibly important aspect of the game and I do not see why anyone would try rebind that to buttons. Also options to Take/Search/Examine an item, or Open/Unlock/Breach/Flasbang/etc a door are bound to exact same input, so if you need axis for anything in game it is that, and crouch/prone should be buttons instead. However, nobody will prevent you from doing that to yourself, you heard wrong. You will also not loose dynamic stance (you can bind it to something else) because you would not be able to play without it (well you would be able to play just not very far). You can rebind any control through shared.ini (including these that cannot be bound through game yet). You can also rebind prev and next (controls that are used to change speed, stance and navigate through context menus - currently scrolling) to whatever you want, including joystick axis. Sample how to rebind it to J and K instead of scroll up and scroll down: From shared.ini you can also assign multiple keys/joystick buttons/axes to same input, you can even assign axis to shooting. There are no limits.
  9. Lol another one who discovered Contract Wars/Hired Ops just now! Most of the owners of EFT are players of above games! I would like to know why this is even subject for forum post? BSG is not allowed to have franchises? Like you know everone else? i.e. EDIT: I see that he knew about it at least as far as 3rd of May, but he just says "he saw this" now, for reasons unknown.
  10. @DrmrFX I personally do not believe that we are going to see a sale soon, and here is why: they announced that beta access for players that have no alpha access will be in waves - meaning there is quite a few of players who already bought the game and they have to add them gradually in order to tune/prepare servers. That means they have enough work to do with current player base and they do not need more at this particular moment it does not make a lot of sense in having sale at the moment you publish beta, because they probably want to see effects of beta itself on sales and if new features attract a lot of new players. I know there are players who are undecided because the game is work in progress and they are waiting to see amount of progress that comes with this patch. They did not do any sales so far outside of standard Black Friday and Victory Day which is like 4th July in US - on these days there must be sale because celebration etc. Given that these 2 events are roughly 6 months apart - that covers bases for "patient" players, or these who will buy in advance to save later. Anyone already hyped to try beta either already has the game it or it will not wait for November and that is actually great sales tactic - those that want a discount will buy then, and if someone will give more money now, then why not take it?
  11. I would say yes. If you are buying game, and not 100% sure about it then go for cheapest (standard) edition or left behind edition. If you are sure you like it - go for EOD, because everything from Prepare For Escape is "acquirable" through in-game (I have seen beta secure container with trader - Peacekeeper, and they stated that size of stash will be "upgradeable"). Maybe even Gamma from EOD will be possible to purchase (although it will be insanely rare and expensive), but remember that it contains all subsequent DLC which you will have to pay for additionally if you go for other editions.
  12. I tried gaming headsets but what I can tell is that aside from like Sennheiser most of them are just piece of crap where you just pay premium for having led lights or some other useless features. I am now using Audio Technica ATH-M50x connected to Creative Soundblaster ZX for output and Blue Snowball Ice for input. I also have Sennheiser HD598 which are great if you want to hear what is happening in room/house, but they cannot compare to dynamic range and clarity of Audio Technica. I have also tried to use Logitech G933 and they do have decent sound (something halfway between Sennheisers and ATH-M50x) but the mic is really poo and they died after 10 days (could not charge anymore, just work on cable) so I sent them back.
  13. 1st world problems are a thing!
  14. probably until open beta
  15. Probably not. It is simply crashing because of calculation mistakes that happen on chip when you raise clocks. Of course, some cards can run higher than others, because, manufacturing process for silicon chips is currently like that - there are never 2 identical chips (the differences might be few atoms more or less here and there but as transistors grew so small that difference is important). You might try to run your card higher and be lucky, but in gross majority of cases manufacturer will test cards and sell the ones which perform better for more money (Look at ASUS Strix regular VS OC versions - ~30$ difference). They do that because they test, see that card can run 5% higher, performing stable in all of the tests and gets OC (D2COC or whatever marketing name) branding so they earn more money (the ultimate reason why they make cards). They already have OC software developed because they test cards in-house with it, so why just not make nice UI and give it "for free" so you can also play with it? Or if you have a nice water cooling to attach to the card, you might actually be able to pull more power from it.