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  1. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

    you obviously have no idea about software development... These guys are not operating live patient, or maintaining a nuclear reactor control software. They can afford to go faster and deliver more features for added cost of more bugs, because the game has not been released yet, and all we have are preorders. Faster velocity of development only means we will eventually receive our product earlier. There is no excuse to complain about product when that product has not been delivered yet. You can test it, if you want. If you do not want that - you do not have to. It is voluntary.
  2. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

    This is almost certainly result of a smaller memory footprint after fresh reinstall (even reinstalling windows 10 would reduce footprint because it removes all the apps that over the time added themselves to startup). Windows 7 might have less required memory, but Windows 10 should have better optimized usage of RAM. And as requirements are 1 and 2GB, on 8GB, I would expect that Windows 10 would be better (especially when you run system few months and have bunch of apps installed).
  3. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

    Yeah. I can even give you a webpage that uses 4gb: https://jsfiddle.net/k57Lzscg/embedded/result/dark/
  4. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

    It is not memory leak, because of definition of memory leak. The memory that is being used in Tarkov is not discarded. It is discarded after raid ends, and at that time it is released, because memory usage goes to the amount that was used prior to the raid start. That is why ETF does not have memory leak, it has excessive memory usage. For someone who has 8GB, it does not make any difference, but for someone who has enough memory it makes all difference in the world - because app with memory leak will eventually use up all available memory and crash or cause system crash, while app that only has excessive usage problem will work normally on a system that has enough memory. As a matter of fact, EFT with current excessive memory usage (for a system of 8GB) will work much better and faster on system with 32GB, than how it will work once it is optimized to work on 8GB (because right now all assets are already in RAM, and performance is great, no need to read assets from hard drive). With great optimization effort, in this case, they can reduce a lot of usage of memory by optimizing usage of certain assets/shaders so that duplicates are identified and then only one unique item is created and used instead of many duplicates. This would not have much negative effect on current performance on high end systems, but it might be enough to make it run on 8GB. If they decide that i.e. all items will be re-rendered every time you open inspect - that will have negative impact on performance because every time you open an item you will have to wait for its model to be generated (right now they are all pregenerated and saved into RAM, and that takes several GB of memory). Of course, it would make possible to run the rest of the game on system with 8GB, but maybe they will implement some detection that works by default as it is, but if it detects that system is low end, then don't keep assets in cache and generate them every time they are needed.
  5. When stutters are happening, try opening console and see if there are any messages logged. I would guess that at that time there are hundreds of some errors flying through console, and a print screen of them might tell us more what is causing it.
  6. @DarkEagle553 @M4rc84 Framedrops like these can be caused by broken NVidia drivers. I had similar issue with another game, and it was resolved by reinstalling drivers with "Perform clean installation" checked. It was caused by me customizing 3d settings in driver for that game, and then after upgrading driver it became unplayable.
  7. 8GB RAM seems a bit far fetched

    First, there is no memory leak, or users with 16, 32 and 64 gb would also be affected, which we are not. On 32GB game never uses more than 12-13, means that there is lack of optimization, but no memory leak. And re "10 gb usage PC description", you need to read a bit. If you have moderately modern operating system (Windows 7, or newer), then you will profit from any amount of additional RAM. Windows will rarely have "Free" RAM, it will always be "Standby". For example, see here, around 10% of RAM is unused, while 10GB is on standby. This memory is not free, it contains cached data that does not have to be read from the hard drive, and Windows has algorithms that manage what data is being loaded for optimal performance. In short, more RAM extends your HDD life (although SSDs are not affected by reads much) and improves your PC performance in general. And, Tarkov, loaded in Customs uses ~10GB, which is improvement from previous patch. Here is another example from my other PC where I have 8GB: This PC is not running anything now (I use it only for Discord and Chrome), and it has 400MB of RAM free, so it means I could open few more tabs in Chrome before it starts sacrificing cache or paging to hdd. If I were to play a game on this PC, it means it would have to free at least 5-6GB of memory (write it to HDD) in order to have enough space to load the game, and these other applications will still be running, so anything that happens there (i.e. if you have facebook open and receive notification) it might trigger them to load their stuff into memory, causing HDD read time spike, removal of game data from memory and writing it to HDD, and associated stutters/frame drops. For running Tarkov in current build (beta 0.2.120) you would optimally need to have 12-14GB "Available" memory (cached + free) before launching the game. Of course if you do not have, you can still test it but experience will be far from optimal, and if you do not want to experience that, then your only available actions are increasing amount of RAM, or waiting for build with more optimizations.
  8. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Being rude doesn't help others to see any arguments that you might had. On the contrary.
  9. Suggestions to improve the Insurance system

    Or, they can simply don't activate insurance if you extracted
  10. Scav Mode Objectives

    Why should then loot crates ever be refilled? Why would any PMC be revived after the death? Why would you have to extract in one or two hours? It is a game, and they designed it in a certain way, which is not trivial to change (and would also feel like betrayal with community). Technical issues and space for glitches and exploits if you add more complexity by refeeding items is just enormous, and what for? To make insurance useless? Sorry but I cannot give my voice for this, there are too many things that they have planned already that are better than this.
  11. Scav Mode Objectives

    In my opinion, it would simply make insurance pointless. I would stop bothering insuring anything and simply spend money toward buying new stuff. Reason is - you would never get your items back, because we cannot ignore technical issues, and the fact that they would need to take away your items from your raid and your body and spawn them in some other raid without your body (and this becomes very complex when someone removes few attachments from your gun and then maybe dies in another location). And what about other scavs that have not selected an objective? You can either give them all same objective, or none at all, because it opens door for abuse: We go as scavs, I take objective, find expensive gear, then I come to extract, give you the gear and we extract, you keep it because you have not selected objective. Then, how to compensate for current meta of hiding of items - if your friend took your insured items and hid them, or threw them into a spot from where you cannot get out? Then the last problem, you go in as SCAV, find great gear that you get paid to get it back, but you don't want to get half of insurance policy. So what you do, you use that gear to fight PMC to get their gear you can keep. And if they kill you, they have to be able to keep your gear (which is actually insured) - if you are able to fight with someone else's gear that cannot be lost, it defeats the purpose of this game. It just makes insurance pointless because no one will opt to extract with insured gear, everyone would use it to fight for non-insured one.
  12. Taunt glitch or intended "feature"

    If you look at BEAR skills, you will see that they have skill most probably for that: That is why they are able to get taunts back, and improving this skill might also lead to greater self-control and ability to throw grenade without taunt. But also might not, I don't know what they plan with this skill. It is something that makes playing with one faction different experience than playing with another. If you like to camp, then be BEAR. But then, USEC can throw preventive grenade at you and you won't hear it coming
  13. Could you categorize patchnotes... they are all over the place

    All software projects have changelogs. If there is decent commit comment convention, these can be very quickly and simply generated from source control log (of course someone would remove all lines that are not for public eyes but that is few minutes of work). And if they are just added with date on top of the same post that gets edited over and over it would give everyone a nice overview of progress. It is not necessary to make all previous notes available in this format, but it is never toe late to start something if it is good idea (and there will be many more updates with many changes for that post).
  14. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    There are alternate (slav) solutions to that problem.
  15. Suppressors

    This can be (and most often is) achieved without significant decrease in power and propellant loading. You can acheive it by using heavier bullet (for pistols which have normally 400ms, only 30% increase is enough, for rifles it can be ~2-3x heavier). Thanks to the bigger mass that need to be propelled, speed will be reduced, but kinetic energy remains roughly the same (on the downside of longer time to reach target). Using heavier bullet also solves problem of reliability of cycling automatic weapons, because if you use propellant with same energy, both bullet energy and recoil/cycle force remain the same.