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  1. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    Some models like that have thermal properties as well. Will these?
  2. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    I think it is a few different pieces of head gear.
  3. backend error

    Have you tried using a VPN?
  4. Best way to turn Roubles to USD?

    If you are quick enough, you can buy dollars for rubles off of peacekeeper.
  5. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    Customs and woods as well. Spawn in late and you know you are moving forward to a PMC or squad set up at a chokepoint or somewhere with a sight line to where you are coming from. I hate spawning late. I don't always die, but going against equally or more geared players who have map control sucks.
  6. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    Getting rid of late spawns by insuring the server is properly filled with PMC's would help as well.
  7. Blind Fire

    To me, it seems like a useless feature. But, we will see to what degree the PMC accuracy is doing this. If it is as bad as it should be, I will probably never use it.
  8. Countercheating measures

    Sounds like a basic anti-cheat to me. Exactly what I expected. I want to see it work though. Not hear someone talk about it.
  9. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    They said they are planning Open beta this year. Better get to cracking BSG.
  10. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Bad choice of map to show combat and mechanics. Poor description of game and end game. I understand it was a tight time frame. The hideout feature looked present but wasn't talked about or shown either. Perhaps release a promotional video on youtube or something to promote what you have going on? Because twitch made is seem very very underwhelming.
  11. New weapon handling......hhhmmmmm. Weapon mastering finally going to become a thing? I hope so. I am of course excited about quests. The hand and arm signals, meh. Good for players who have disabilities. So that's always good.
  12. Upcoming Glock

    Except that a bigger round will always do more damage. The recoil in a .45 ACP is negligible, the mag capacity difference is usually four rounds or less, and people handle stress differently, then you might be right. Take the same designed rounds in both calibers and the .45 ACP will do more damage. Why? It is a larger round, moving slower in most cases, and causes more trauma. Physics. Recoil is not large and a null point with proper training. And higher velocity to me is not a good thing, over penetration. I want my rounds to hit target and take their time going through, or not going through at all. And saying it would have taken just as many shots with one caliber as the next is wrong, period. Shot placement is important, but again, a larger foreign object entering your body is going to do more damage than a smaller one. Giving more room for error in shot placement. A .22 will never create as much trauma as a .45 of the same design. Speaking in pistol calibers here. And some rifle loads, 5.56, are basically ineffective at certain ranges and rifle barrel lengths. Anything 20 inches or less usually. And a pistol caliber round would out perform the rifle rounds in shorter barrels or close range. And as far as training, I think that is also largely dependent on the person. In a combat or high stress environment, I assure you. I personally will have no trouble. As I don't let little things get to me. But most people would. I agree, without training.
  13. Upcoming Glock

    I currently own 9MM and .45 ACP. And I will take the .45 ACP everyday. It is harder hitting and the comments on shot placement because of recoil is a training issue. I can dump 13 rounds of .45 ACP at the standard 21 feet for CCW classes within a three inche group. At range, I can hit targets easily and accurately. And I am no PMC.
  14. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    Source? I was hoping for an update before gamescon allowing us to play quests. I am being optimistic I think.