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  1. Except that a bigger round will always do more damage. The recoil in a .45 ACP is negligible, the mag capacity difference is usually four rounds or less, and people handle stress differently, then you might be right. Take the same designed rounds in both calibers and the .45 ACP will do more damage. Why? It is a larger round, moving slower in most cases, and causes more trauma. Physics. Recoil is not large and a null point with proper training. And higher velocity to me is not a good thing, over penetration. I want my rounds to hit target and take their time going through, or not going through at all. And saying it would have taken just as many shots with one caliber as the next is wrong, period. Shot placement is important, but again, a larger foreign object entering your body is going to do more damage than a smaller one. Giving more room for error in shot placement. A .22 will never create as much trauma as a .45 of the same design. Speaking in pistol calibers here. And some rifle loads, 5.56, are basically ineffective at certain ranges and rifle barrel lengths. Anything 20 inches or less usually. And a pistol caliber round would out perform the rifle rounds in shorter barrels or close range. And as far as training, I think that is also largely dependent on the person. In a combat or high stress environment, I assure you. I personally will have no trouble. As I don't let little things get to me. But most people would. I agree, without training.
  2. I currently own 9MM and .45 ACP. And I will take the .45 ACP everyday. It is harder hitting and the comments on shot placement because of recoil is a training issue. I can dump 13 rounds of .45 ACP at the standard 21 feet for CCW classes within a three inche group. At range, I can hit targets easily and accurately. And I am no PMC.
  3. Source? I was hoping for an update before gamescon allowing us to play quests. I am being optimistic I think.
  4. Got my money back? I am not refunding this game. I actually like it and hope it gets more difficult. SO the skill gap widens to push me farther to the top. I said I was done talking about the patch notes.
  5. Nah. I have more gear/money than most people and wreck squads every day. I just like good customer service.
  6. One deadline? Only one? And nah. If a business tells me something, they should probably produce. That's good business practice. I am done. Just wanted to share my thoughts.
  7. I honestly do not care how hard the job is. I do understand wanting to get the job done right. But, don't you think it is a bad business practice to give deadlines yourself and rarely meet them? Wouldn't those customers relay their experience to other potential customers on what happened? Is it not normal for someone to be upset with you for rarely meeting the deadlines you made or work you promised?
  8. What happens when you tell a customer a date and you do not meet the deadline? What if you miss deadlines several times? Are they upset? Is your boss upset with you? Do you feel no accountability or responsibility?
  9. Google translate is a thing.
  10. Wow. Lack of planning and foresight much?
  11. Just stop, you have no humor.
  12. The joke is lost on you.
  13. It could also mean 11:59 pm. lol Given the evidence.
  14. What?
  15. It's 6 P.M. in St. Petersburg Russia