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  1. Good day fine people of Battlestate game. I know this is kinda short notice but I never even though about it since I didn't think it would be viable for you guys but here it goes. On 7 and 8 Oktobre 2017 there is large gaming event in the Netherlands where new and existing technology and games are showcased to the public, similar to gamescon but smaller since our country is a lot smaller then Germany. Seeing you guys at gamescon made me realise it would be amazing to get you guys to come over here and display your passionate and amazing project to my small homeland. I am unable to supply you guys with a direct link to apply for a booth or anything but here is the link to the homepage I guess it's something. Would like it if you guys were able to get this done but I can understand it completely if it's not viable financially or just too short notice. Would love to hear from you guys. Kind regards, A big fan