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  1. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    To the newbies on customs yesterday, I do want to thank you all for bringing your best guns in when you didn't seem to have a clue on what you were doing with them. I started off in the back near the double loot crates, jumped on the roof of the garages and proceeded to stroll around. Found my first two victoms near the fuel truck in the back, 1 of you had just a pistol and the other a mpx without any armor or even a bag, I don't know why but thank you I guess. I then heard some shots towards the far right of the traintracks so I headed there. I was greeted by someone with an mp5 that was running from the fight and probably tried to get in cover to heal, too bad I spotted him first and got a clean 1 tap to the face. Then I slowly walked up through the truckstop to find what he was running from, I waited to hear anyone move up on the corpse but then they started shooting at each other again, I jumped on top of the truck trailer to see what was going on. I found 2 guys on either side of the train tracks shooting at each other, not doing too much it seemed and I just 1 tap both of them in the head. That's 5 man down already and I haven't even left the spawn. I waited a little to see if there was another guy in either of the two squads or if that was all. I didn't hear or see anyone close by so I went in for the loot. Found 2 mp5's with supressors, the new giant pelgrim backpack, some paca's and the softer armor, headphones, alpha rig and plenty of bullets. I quickly put on the headphones, and glad that I did, cause I head someone rusteling in the bushes, snuck over and yes there was the last guy. He looked scared, just sitting there with his back against the wall, holding his aku and not moving an inc, I just had to put him out of his misery. At this point I had only used 15 rounds to kill 6 players, it just doesn't get much simpler then that I feel like. And that kids, is how I got the easiest time of looting some sweet guns in a long while.
  2. Constantly having to reinsure kit

    When they launched the insurance system it stated that items were only insured for 1 raid at a time, this didn't work that way before obviously but that was what it said in the patchnotes IIRC. I do feel like insurance was too cheap to last untill you lost it, it should be a risk reward kinda situation where it's not really viable to insure everything every single raid if you live most of the time.
  3. Anyway to know my network ping ms?

    Don't quote me on this but I'm pretty sure the gameUpd is a good representation of desync, whenever I see that turn to orange or even red numbers the desync starts getting very noticable. If your game is running at a low fps that can also have an impact on latency in general. I don't have a screenshot of the newly added lines and I can't remember all but if you see very little packets coming in or going out that can very well be a network problem related to your own isp or modem. It's always worth a shot to reset your modem from time to time to 'unclog' it. I do this about every month and most of the times it does help.
  4. Anyway to know my network ping ms?

    Server stability can be an issue at times, this has really improved for me with the latest patch on EU however I hear very mixed signals from everyone. What you can do is turn on the performance overlay in game, you do this by opening the console with "~" key and enter "fps 1" This will show you a lot of stats, it is a good indication of the server and your pc performance.
  5. This "pain-system" is killing me

    Dehydration alone is enough to kill you, I have had raid when I got shot in the stumache, had it blown out completely and died within 2 minutes from dehydration. Having your stumach blown out really speeds up dehydration but with one still intact you can still die from it. It will just take a lot longer, probly 30+ minutes, then you will get light headed and die eventually. The bleeding part is a bit strange though, could be silent / glitched shots from far away perhaps.
  6. Give it time, the handsignals are great imo because I tend to play solo and it's nice to atleast try and help a naked player from time to time without having to shoot every time you want him to look somewhere. It would be implemented anyway at some point and since we still lack voip in game we gotta make due. It will come when it does. It's still beta and there are so many things still in development that you can't expect small things like that to be made with the highest priority. As with everything in this game, have patience and stay calm. No need to be yelling cause thats not gonna speed up anything except for your bloodpressure.
  7. "To The Guy At ..." Compilation Thread

    To the poor scav that was camping in the grass at night, near the exit on Woods. I was the guy that killed your AI buddy and then went over to loot him. I approached him carefully and was still on the lookout but since it was almost pitch black I didn't really see anything so I went ahead and went prone to loot him. Just as I went prone you started shooting at me from only 5 meters away, I got scared shitless, you turned on your flashlight blinding me and almost killing me with your aku, I am still amazed that I didn't die there, I had 4 blacked out limbs, all 4 broken, bleeding and almost dead. I was lucky to extract and survive on this one. Most likely due to my Paca and the fact that it was just too dark to even see properly. Better luck next time, I really feel like I should have died on this one, you really got the drop on me.
  8. Problem Quest 10 Prapor

    I had the same problem with one of his quests where you have to kill 25 scavs on Customs within a timelimit, I just went into the map once more and after that I was able to turn it in. So you might wanna give that a try, otherwise just shoot a report to the devs so they can look into it.
  9. Post your record XP raids

  10. Post your record XP raids

    I'm currently at work so unable to share the screen just yet, will do that once I get home (If I don't forget). But my highest was probably 92~K exp. Had this 2 days in a row. Some runs on customs where I seem to have killed just about everyone and all scavs with mostly headshots. This included atleast 4 player scavs which contributed well. Note the raid took over 40minutes. Just keep in mind the exp is kinda odd though, sometimes you get 20k for just extracting on factory and other runs you get 15k for killing everyone and then extracting.
  11. Good day fine people of Battlestate game. I know this is kinda short notice but I never even though about it since I didn't think it would be viable for you guys but here it goes. On 7 and 8 Oktobre 2017 there is large gaming event in the Netherlands where new and existing technology and games are showcased to the public, similar to gamescon but smaller since our country is a lot smaller then Germany. Seeing you guys at gamescon made me realise it would be amazing to get you guys to come over here and display your passionate and amazing project to my small homeland. I am unable to supply you guys with a direct link to apply for a booth or anything but here is the link to the homepage I guess it's something. Would like it if you guys were able to get this done but I can understand it completely if it's not viable financially or just too short notice. Would love to hear from you guys. Kind regards, A big fan