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  1. If Refunds was possible i would refund my upgrade so i can play beta.
  2. Ye I'm waiting but because I upgraded on the release of beta I'm gonna have to wait till the last day instead of when I originally brought the game which is a shame and makes no sense as I helped them.
  3. Even if you could add me in the wave for my original transaction as I believe that is fair I would much appreciate it.
  4. Don't know if this is possible but would be much appreciated and make a lot of sense if a dev could use my original transaction date for the beta waves considering I'm being punished for supporting the game and being delayed access to the final wave when all I did was upgrade to help you. It says both transactions on my profile so it is easily found.
  5. I hope they change the system before Friday and start using your original transaction.
  6. Realistically the system should be able to see I have 2 transactions but it chooses to see the latest one.
  7. I agree the system can clearly see on your profile proof of your orginal purchase which should be the wave you join.
  8. All depends when you brought the game.
  9. Preach with me brother.
  10. I know I upgraded the day the beta was released and because of it now have to wait till the 5th most likely.
  11. Yes upgrading is basically like buying it that day so it sets you back unfortunately. Agree with you there.
  12. Saturday the 5th of August
  13. That it does Friend I was hoping for tomorrow or the day after but now it looks like it will be Friday and I'm busy all weekend D:
  14. Ok thank you for clearing this up.
  15. But I brought the standard edition in march and upgraded the other day and on my profile it has the transaction for both purchases.