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  1. Nuevo en EFT

    Hola, igual estoy cansado de jugar solo y jugar solo para perder, agreguenme a steam: chowder
  2. Is desync still horrendous

    might just been bad luck, im in the same situation, getting back from a long break and im enjoying every match withou getting desync, even the scavs are ok now, I can take them out without getting insta killed
  3. wipe?

    does anyone knows when is the wipe coming?
  4. Salary and Bounty

    yeah but we are supossed to escape from tarkov, we should't be making money since we need to get out of there surviving from killing scavs and players
  5. How is EFT going to run on my PC

    Nice LoneLee!, do you get random freezes while playing or loading maps sometimes?, i just want to make sure if it's my gpu or my cpu doing that I play it on 1600*900, it still looks like 1920*1080 for me, and yeah i get lag sometimes, not always
  6. How is EFT going to run on my PC

    Idk what's the command to check fps ingame, but i would say around 35+fps
  7. How is EFT going to run on my PC

    I play with a GTX750ti 2gb, 8gb RAM and a I3-6100 on medium settings, so yeah you might me able to run it