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  1. Being new to the game myself,I can definitely relate to this.the first time I seen the wiggle or dance is what I was informed it was from another game,obviously,I knew it was another player letting me know he was a real player and possibly friendly...i find myself doing the dance all the time now and although the other person would do it as well,I've often fell victim to vicious backstabbing and they killed me.i was actually watching a guy loot a box and when he finished and seen me he freaked out and starting to hack away at me until I died.i should've just killed him when I had the chance,but Sometimes I'm just to nice.that's ok though,it's not the first time my friendly personality has gotten me killed in games.really enjoying this game!
  2. This looks amazing!!!! Good job!
  3. Hello,I use sennheiser game one's.
  4. Hey divinci,I figured it out...when you go to Check out,at the top there's a option for credit/debit cards...when clicking on this option it will not show the currency conversion.(for me anyhow)..when you choose the "banks" option it displays the currency change/conversion...I hope this helps you...not sure if it gives you the banking choice from Australia or not..
  5. I started the pre order and I didn't notice any currency options..I guess I will look again...I even contacted Xsolla Inc about it..
  6. Hey drakkar...I guess you purchased this game awhile back.being Canadian myself and luckily I contacted Xsolla Inc who processes the payments finally informed me and gave me the answer I was looking for that the funds were in $139.99 + $7.37 system fee comes to $147.36 USD and with the dollar conversion would cost me around $201 mentioned yours was just over $250? Did they add taxes and anything other you would care to describe so I know and don't get hit with some hidden fees or anything else unexpectedly...was the price higher back in 2016 since this post was from then.any help would be great if u could tell me all the details fees and taxes in the payment....thank you!