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  1. Skier Chemical P1 220 key

    found my keys in jackets/scav pockets/scav back packs...
  2. PayPal Refund?

    he will certainly get a refund but if it turns out he told lies his credit rating will take a small hit.. either way he agree'd to the TOS all BSG has to say is he accepted it.. and thats it will be denied unless he comes up with some BS story that someone else did it without his authorisation meaning telling porky pies lies.. BSG they could easily Screen shot this thread where he said he would have to file a false claim pretty much admitting to filing a false claim and again that would get a nice bad mark on his paypal account and will effect his future claims Thats if BSG bothered..
  3. PayPal Refund?

    whats his spec's ? you should list them.. unless your trying to play shorline (fps is all over the palce) then you shouldn't have an issue if its like my setup 1070/i7 6700k/16gb ram game works well on an SSD doesn't work well on a hard drive thats not 7200rpm (or so my friend says until he moved it to an SSD) if he has 8gb of ram then there his issue.. i wouldn't even try to play shoreline with 8gb of ram lol as for that this game still in development everyone has there own meaning of beta nowadays i would recommend just waiting until the game further developed its well worth the wait think of the game as an small investment you made and now you just wait until its done thats unless 100$ or whatever you paid for it.. maybe you don' t work.. or you got it for a birthday present and want something else and you don't hardly ever get money then whatever but if its not that big of a deal i suggest just waiting.. this game has huge potential and by the time its finished it will be an amazing game whats the point in going through all this trouble telling the bank some BS story doing a charge back getting banned on the forums for breaking TOS to maybe eventually coming back latter down the track to rebuy the game when it gets fully released but you cant since yo got ya self banned just wait man.. rome wasn't built in a day..
  4. Edge of Darkness question

    you get a starting of 0.20 on all traders meaning you can get instant level 2 IF you level up to the required level and have spent the cash requirement.. People will claim its some sort of pay2win some how even though by the time you level up to the required level and have spent the amount of cash everyone should have at least completed like 2 quest by then and have more rep anyway lol
  5. Is Gamma Panel Allowed?

    sounds like something you could use to see clearly at night without the use of NVG's.. There for i don't think it would be allowed.. one way to find out.. is to wait.. and see if a mod or dev comments
  6. so im looking for this hatchet guy thats playing games with me running around making me look like a fool chasing him around the merry go round thought id kill a scav then i started to hear this loud searching sound.. that actually sounded like it was coming from my right.. i was confused i was like wait a minute had a look thought something was way off then i realised it took a moment okay but i realised someone must of been in the room so i went off to have a look after i killed the poor bloke the sound still kept playing....
  7. Ridiculous Matching Times

    i myself experiencing matching times of 2 minutes or less on most maps ( i haven't done shoreline because i could only imagine the fps problems lol since customs is all over the place atm on fps for me anyway) i7 6700k 1070 16gb ram SSD ) i guess im one of the lucky few who get nice and fast matches lol
  8. need advice

    this game took me some time to adjust and get use to i would forget about all them other maps and focus on factory for leveling up and getting gear unfortnatly though i would recommend buying a customs map throw that inside your case.. and go to customs with a hacet and spawn at the boiler and grind for the factory key spawn i do recommended youtube to find where exactly im talking about but basically spawn in check the spot not there DC leave raid go there again it can take awhile but once you get the key its all sweet forget about COD or BF.. Forget about Arma/dayz any other fps game.. Remember there no such thing as camping in this game its called tactical camping my first tip is SOUND is very important its your best friend.. the sound system needs abit of work when it comes to foot steps so take your time learning the sounds and working out where foot steps are coming from and basically get a hang of the direction.. also remember at the start of factory you have hatchet people running around so don't rush to run off but wait until you hear them run they will most likely run into Factory Dorms.. or run around looking for you.. I myself don't have an issue with hatchet runners at all but a lot of people seem to have problems with them.. do take note people will be hiding in all the best spots so go into offline mode and work out all the little spots players might be tactical camping hatchet runners like to hide and wait... so remember every time you walk around a corner expect someone to be right there waiting to hit you always walk around the corner and walk backwards as you get around it because if there a hatchet guy you can hip fire him and kill him.. basically when you first start the game you want to take your time.. go slowly don't rush... don't go into the obvious places like in the middle where its all open.. stay away from open spaces stick to the edges and go around the slow ways.. if you hear a scav shout it means he most likely knows where you are and already aiming at you so basically don't go head on with him unless your a good shot to his head.. be on the move but be aware once you start to shoot everyone around you will come to you or set up an ambush close by waiting for you to leave with the loot you could of possibly got from all that gun fire.. its a learning curve man but you just gotta be smart about it.. hard to explains since everyone learns at there own rate.. and has there own play style.. but eventually you'll get the hand of it p.s if you hear a scav shout and his around the container and your going to be CQC like right up on him if you where to walk about that corner id suggest not doing it scav's are lethal when being close up in there face.. Dont try and face them head on if you can help it.. oh and don't hide behind a object that only your face shows.. scavs will 1 tap you lol
  9. game is unplayable today

    This game is currently still in development and theses stress test happen every once in a while they need to happen other wise how else are they going to optimise there net code and server stability they need to push it to its limit we purchased the game knowing this game is still midway through development and there still testing to be done.. its unfortunate but you just have to wait I myself however arnt having your problems and im playing fine.. maybe a little lag here and there but nothing bad like you make it sound.. considering open beta around the corner id suggest taking it easy for awhile loll you do realise open beta going to be even worse right.. alot more people = server over load =Dsync lol but im only getting minor lag i feel sorry for you people lol Just think the devs are working hard on the netcode and game performanc while theses test are happening so it makes it worth it
  10. Where did the factory key go?

    what level therapist do you need though ? she doesn't have it at lvl 2 Edit found it lol
  11. Where did the factory key go?

    Every wipe i always find the key in under 15 raids now with the new spawn system it took me about 1 hour and 30 minutes just hatchet running to dorms on the TV table this game is some what an mmo so you can expect to grind really hard for the rare drops some people grind up to 50+ raids befor they get it.. it seems you need the factory key now to actually play factory map there been countless times i have been unable to extract no matter how long i wait.. Good luck Sold it to fence ? lol you need it for the factory map now if the normal extract isn't working your screwed lol..
  12. PVE mode , hear me out

    All you need to understand is the game is still early and a work in progress all game mechanics and features and reason behind everything still needs to be added to the game.. The game indented to be PVPVE there isnt going to be a PVE mode its already been stated many times "It's not dayz with amazing gunplay." are you saying Dayz gun play is amazing as in better then EFT ? are you cray cray lol
  13. Are there anyway to refund EOD upgrade?

    I don't believe this 1 bit haha you have multiple screens and a confirm button way befor you purchase it lol soz man there no refunds check TOS 130 CAD its around 102$ USD
  14. Performance drop with new patch?

    Jesus haha Well im playing now and i have no problems with i7 6700k 16gb ram and a 1070 but i haven't played the new shoreline i hear thats really performance hungry
  15. Performance drop with new patch?

    What is your ram though ?