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  1. to be honest i dont think anti material rifles suit the infantry combat role since it would be quite game breaking to implement it. mainly because it can punch through steel, concrete etc.
  2. Italianmarine, modern nato weapons are highly requested already same for ww2 weapons. I think if you have an m4 and your opponent has a mosin you got the advantage. So i dont see a problem here. There is however one thing i really hope they dont implement and that is the anti material rifles. That would be game breaking.
  3. Okay first of all i admit i was wrong about you. Second i apologize about the way i snapped at you. I guess i was jealous because i was rejected my self. Because my parents fought a lot and i had seen poo a kid at the age of 3 is normally not seeing i had a diagnosis of ptsd. That said i am sorry.
  4. dont waste your energy on this person, he clearly is impersonating his status since i found that picture multiple times when i did a reverse image search. and the fact that he is acting way lower than he claims he is i believe he is a teenager. then again if my suspicion is right he could be caught for stolen valor.
  5. thats a negative
  6. wow you know what you sound like at the moment? a 8 year old boy that doesnt get what he wants. bolt action rifles are more reliable than assault rifles from nowadays. and if they are added nobody tells you to use them. so shut the hell up with your complaining about the ww2 bolt actions or i will file a complaint. COPY? and for as far as i can tell you didnt even pre order the game yet. so in my eyes you dont really deserve to complain in the beginning.
  7. Why i think anti material rifles are a big no no. First of all those things are made to disable light armored vehicles. Second who is going to use a 20mm bullet on an infantry soldier. Third. Those things can punch through a lot of solid covers so implementing this in the game could be gamebreaking and or destroying the game for a lot of playyers. Let me rephrase that. A LOT OF PLAYERS.
  8. i just showed my opinion, i have my right to do so. you may disagree but it felt to me as if you where trying to imply that i should remove them because they where old. they are still reliable to this date and there are contractors that use them by this day. so word of advice. try to see throught the eyes of the other person and think about what you are saying could be insulting or in bad manners. because poo hits the fan quickly if you dont think before you act.
  9. no what i am trying to say is that you should not force our opinion down someones throat. excelent taste there lad.
  10. hey you are overreacting, mosins and karabiners are still in civillian gun lockers by the thousands lad. do not be holstile to other people or to me, if you keep acting like you are triggered over such a minor thing you will end on my ignore list pretty damn fast.
  11. hey you know it would not be whise to try to keep peoples mouths shut about a certain subject. i have the same rights as you do lad.
  12. hey they made excellent bolt action rifles. as in a matter of fact the bolt from the karabiner is still used by other companies because the bolt is soo extremely well designed.
  13. you know the tec 9 only had a semi automatic function right? in order for it to be fully automatic it had to be illegaly modified to do so.
  14. personally i got a big wishlist for firearms to be added to the game. 1 the fn fnc. it uses 5.56 mm nato in stanag magazines. 2 the m24 sniper rifle. 3 the .357 magnum with a 4 inch barrel. 4 the .38 magnum (snub nosed) 5 the colt m1911 tactical 6 the walther ppk 7 the model 700 made by remmington. 8 the beretta m92 9 the colt c7. 10 the glock 17 11 the bizon pp19 12 the ak74 m 13 the ak 101 14 the dragunov svd. 15 the mosberg 870. 16 the .44 magnum (6 inch barrel) 17 the taurus judge 18 the karabiner 98 kurz 19 the mosin nagant model 44 20 the ppsh either with a 30 round or 75 round drum mag 21 a double barrel shotgun either sawn off or in the correct configuration. and for the last of my christmas list. my precious, the accuracy international l96a1.
  15. the vss vintoures is already implemented lad.