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  1. Customs loot map

    Updated some marker, thx to @Loudstorm and added sniper positions on the roofs. I will add AI spawns after Dorms, also level borders and walls for better visibility. Have fun!
  2. Customs loot map

    Hey Escapers, just wanna share a new loot map for Customs. Its still in progress. If you have any suggestions or changes due to updates etc feel free to comment Good luck
  3. Scav vs Rogue Scav AI problem

    Same with me, we need a fix for it! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  4. Problems witht the overhauled health system

    SHORTCUTS FOR THE TRADER!!!!!! I like the new system, healing one limb at a time. Firefights are much more danger and Covering is more important, also the blind fire function. BUT: I NEED SHORTCUTS FOR THE TRADER!!!!!! I dont go in a round without 2x painkillers, 2x AI, 2x Splints and min 2 bandages. I need to buy them almost every round (cause of dieing or using them). And THATS annoying. I have to click on the trader for every single item, then a click to change number of items, then fill money and then buy it. WHY? --> 5 Clicks per Item, 20 Clicks that makes a bad ux... I wish a function where i can simply throw all items i need into a window and then buy them all together. You did the same when selling items. There i simply eed to throw all my items into that window and press sell items, thats it... All in all i love it SHORTCUTS FOR THE TRADER!!!!!! SHORTCUTS FOR THE TRADER!!!!!!
  5. - BUG - Doppeltes Menü

    Alternative zu alt+F4? bei mir geht das. Nur alt+tab geht nicht immer, bzw. es geht nur wenn irgend ein anderes Fenster im Hintergrund geöffnet ist... hab ich da aber auch schonmal gepostet. Desktop wird bei alt+tab quasi nicht als Fenster gewertet und dann gehts nicht
  6. - BUG - Doppeltes Menü

    Ich wollte einfach nur dazu Beitragen das Spiel zu fixen, wollte damit einfach nur helfen und ich hoffe ich habe es getan. Aber wenns soo missverständlich ist, habe ich es mal gestrichen...
  7. Hi, konnte den Fehler noch nicht reproduzieren, aber ungefähr so ists passiert: Ich hatte Schaden an den Beinen, durch den Stacheldraht vor der Tür (kleinerer Dorm, 2 Stock) Nach auswählen der Durchsuchen Option öffnete sich ganz normal das Fenster zum suchen. Als ich dann aber auf den Tab *Health gewechselt habe, hört man auf zu durchsuchen. Daher habe ich erneut auf search geklickt. Dann habe ich ein Medipack auf das linke Bein gezogen. Auf einmal verdoppelte sich das Loot Menü. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob der Bug nach Schritt 3 oder 4 aufgetreten ist. Wenn ich Items aus dem Loot entfernt oder hinzugefügt habe, änderte sich der Zustand in beiden Fenstern. happy escaping!!
  8. Hey Devs, the headline says everything. But in more words: If i toggle the nightvision on or off, the sound for it starts, before the players hand reaches the NV... the hand must be on the NV and then the audio for switching must play... isn't it?
  9. Toggle for Comtac Headset

    Yeah, i thought the same though. Maybe a toggle that works only for one ear, like the DJ headphone would be a compromise if the toggle is too op.
  10. Console aufrufen

    Wenn Du was findest sag bescheid!!
  11. Console aufrufen

    Konsolenbefehle würde ich auch gerne wissen. Zum Thema Musnition und Schaden schaust Du hier
  12. render ms probleme

    Ich denke es handelt sich dabei um screen tearing, ist ganz normal und lässt sich eigentlich mit vsync beheben. ich selber spiele mit 60fps limit und nehmen das tearing in kauf. Framedrops sind definitiv nerviger find ich... mehr als 60fps bringen eh nur was wenn dein Monitor auch mehr Hz hat...
  13. Need Recommendations To Run Game Better

    Lol, fun to read all these hardware recommendations Before you buy any piece of Hardware: Install MSI Afterburner and check what hardware is on the limit. Your CPU is good enough, i have no game using more than 60% of my cpu. Your gpu looks a bit old, that could be a problem. Try to open the console in EFT with "ö" or ";:" or whatever your keyboard comes from, type in: fps 1 and confirm with enter. now you should see the fps and some other stuff in the upper right. I have many render ms drops without having my hardware on its limit, but only on the bigger maps. Check MSI Afterburner/Riva Tuner statistic server and watch the usage of your cpu, gpu, ram, vram and the temp. After that you can decide what piece of hardware you need. RAM could be another thing, my is nearly full. But i think it will be lower on release... A SSD should be in each pc, apart from EFT or gaming.
  14. More comfortable trading and stash management

    I checked that, its just above. but there i know another thing i miss. The button to fill the money when i like to buy an item (on the bottom, in blue) is on a bad position. I don't understand this button at all. The function this button has could also implemented into the button for accepting the trade. Example: I want to buy 3 painkillers. Why i can't click the buy button simply 3 times? But no, i have to click the button on the bottom, then on the top to accept, than again that on the bottom.... Inventory management is kind of a core gameplay of eft, but moving my mouse from one button to the next is a really timekiller I like to manage my stash and to trade, but it must be a bit more easy to use
  15. More comfortable trading and stash management

    I made some pictures to show you what i mean