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  1. Shotguns

    30-35 gramms of lead at 350-450 m/s will drop fast. thats not a fast light rifle bullet you know
  2. First youtube video

    1) you dont have AI-2 on hotkeys (4,5,6) 2) you dont heal bleed asap, but heal other non critical parts first (chest-head may be ok choice, but why hand?) 3) try to have painkillers on hotkeys too
  3. UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    i think it was on some q&a video at some gameshow or stream...
  4. Insurance

    insurance have some problems right now. 1) i insured my gear and factory key in gamma. 2) had some raids WITHOUT death 3) all my gear IS NOT insured!? factory key included! 4) insure all of it again 5) more raids 6) again lost insurance! so i had to pay 3 time for the same insurance.
  5. сударь желает перейти с 2-х мерного тетриса на 3-х мерный? тогда надо точно вырезать "лишние пустые" клетки из прямоугольников габарита оружия
  6. need some advice

    2 death for 26 factory raid - is it good? 1) know all spawn point and check/control nearest one 2) be stealthy and try to listen and pinpoint any pmc activity 3) dont shoot everything blindly or asap. sometime its better to leave bot-scav alone as a bait and ambush its killer. or at least pinpoint gunfire and flank it somehow. 4) know timing. (good for factory) player-scavs spawn usually at 32-30 min mark 5) use headphones. real one AND in game too. and more stuff like this... you can get over 9000 advice and still die fast. just try different tactics lots of time and see what works best for you.
  7. UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    i believe devs said there will be something as "saved presets" for ammo in mags and guns mods. we just need to wait. and yes! we do need this mechanics. its a real pain in the ass to get 1AP-1HP pattern with 3-5 tracers at the bottom for 60 round mags
  8. знаю местного паренька... подрабатывает на газельке в Тарковичкофф... за 15 минут до конца рейда надо вызывать его и всё в кузов грузить. работает за 20% лута и обзывает кепкой всю дорогу
  9. NVIDIA Shadowplay

    i tryed and it work great.
  10. NVIDIA Shadowplay

    i cant even start shadowplay or screen record. i click ON(or hotkey) and nothing happens.
  11. So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    today on factory i was on 3rd floor and ai scav was on 2nd. i got all 30 round from vityaz in his back right from above him. could not hit the head so it was all in shoulders and back. he died right from the last round. fort had 0hp from this
  12. So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    actually its a good gun! if you have only a "starter" firearms licence and you can own ONLY a shotgun. .366 is the best "rifle like shotgun".... but this is about real live and not the game.
  13. So I shot a guy with fort 10 times...

    dont use blank cartridge! or some HP vs armor... yesterday i had something similar. one time it was kedr vs paca scavs. he got about 15-20 rounds in chest and then i died. second time is was vityaz vs fort pmc. about 5 hit in chest.
  14. New Weapons??

    i live in Saint-Petersburg. this is where BSG office is and actually Tarkov is an alternative version of this city... and i can tell you this - we dont have this fancy pew-pew stick you are talking about scavs and pmc have to use guns, that are common for this country and territory. so its not a surprise that this guns are not in game... yet... but maybe they will be as some illigal rares later on.
  15. всяко-разного пневмата валяется и сайга-12к-010 аналогично. хочется всё, но кошелёк схлопнется в чёрную дыру. пока что склоняюсь к сайге-9. патроны не дорогие и в местный тир будут пускать в интерактивный зал. конечно 5,45/7,62/,308 круто и всё такое... но просто долбить в стену на 50м надоест, а на охоту я не хожу.