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  1. AI Targeting/Patrolling/Spawning

    Of course, this is beta, I totally understand that things aren't polished. I did notice during a scav run on shoreline it took about 5-6 minutes for the newly spawned scavs to start roaming. I'm not sure if there is a set time limit before they go about their designated route(s) if they there hasn't been an event to initiate a certain response. It would be interesting if vocal cues were implemented (in english) for the AI if they saw a PMC near by.
  2. AI Targeting/Patrolling/Spawning

    I'm sure many have noticed that additional AI waves tend to stay in the immediate area they start in. Do newly spawned AI require some sort of any event/trigger, whether it be from gun fire or foot steps (at a certain range/noise level) to initiate their patrol? Is the sound desync playing into the AI aiming at you through walls and know your location before you do?
  3. Performance drop after Patch

    This might have been mentioned already but I found that setting the affinity for ETF to a single single core reduced the crashes for me and strange stuttering. While I don't think this game uses multi-threading, it seemed to reduce the frequency of game crashes and improved overall stability. I have 16GB of RAM, a 7700k, and a 1080. I made that change pre-patch.
  4. ETA regarding improving soundsystem?

    I agree! But at the same time, I'm sure the devs have better code in the works so the sounds are pooled correctly based on what is initiation them. Since the game isn't optimized, I could see the game eating up even more ram if all the effects played correctly, but weren't allocated efficiently. Think of all the math to calculate your relation to other sounds in real time