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  1. Give me a break. The guy is wearing fort armor and a helmet and is teleporting around and you say it is a bug? Yes, suuuure this is a "bug" and that happens by complete accident. And he wears fort armor, helmet and a trizip by pure coincidence? Who are you kidding? Btw: if you had a reporting system like any other online game we wouldn't have to post those up ... BSG needs to realize their anticheat isn't as good as they hoped and they need a second layer to it.
  2. Hacker?

    Among other suspicious kills (without LoS and through concrete walls) i ran into this flying and teleporting guy this morning: Currently EFT is absolutely infested with micro-dicks.
  3. how to put scope and silencer on the p226r?

    Great. Many thanks. This was helpful.
  4. how to put scope and silencer on the p226r?

    Where are you getting those delta point mounts from?
  5. Gamma container too big

    Taking away the ability to store weapons in the container would solve the pistolglitch once and for all. We have seen this glitch come back fix after fix. It is time for some more drastic action! Devs absolutely should remove the ability for storing weapons in the container and better use their recources elsewhere instead of playing cat and mouse with the pistolglitch for all eternity.

    Happened today:
  7. Hacker?

    Queue the next round; run into a pistol glitcher... GG
  8. New AI accuracy

    So you're saying wearing a helmet should make the AI run away from you? Pahaha, lmao. What an idea.
  9. Hacker?

    I had a helmet and a paca on. Also weird no shot was heard. Thought i'll share this with you guys. That kill happened like 10 minutes ago.
  10. New AI accuracy

    I have never been engaged by AI on a longer distance than maybe 50m. And i'm playing a lot. Why did this never happen to me? Just claiming "it is common knowledge" isn't really a valid argument. If it was "commen knowledge" then there sure must be a video of it?
  11. New AI accuracy

    Higher quanitity bots? Like in a zombie-shooter? Fighting hordes like in Serious Sam? Do you have a video of a 200m headshot? Because i have trouble believing that. I don't think AI is doing that. Player-scavs could do that maybe but that's not related to AI then. I don't believe these stories of 200m headshots.
  12. USB for skier not spawning

    There must be other spots where it spawns, no?
  13. New AI accuracy

    I dunno, i shot maybe 10 or 15 scavs today. I didn't think they were too hard. Haven't had a headshot from a scav in a long time. Sure they are agressive but i like that a lot. People forget: harder scavs means also a higher probability for them to get their insured weapons back because the PMC that killed you has a much harder time extracting. This also means you will find more dead players to loot on the maps. I don't mind higher scav difficulty at all. There isn't only downsides to that. It has its upsides.
  14. Ability to see through walls , darkness and bushes needs a fix sure, but right now i'm not even sure if it is even the case because as i said: in all these examples in the videos people make noise so the scav and players around them know their position already. Being locked as a target quicker after making noise is fine.
  15. Sure they shouldn't see through walls BUT if you are making noise it's fine if they lock on quicker to you for being noisy. That's not a flaw. Personally i had no scavs "snap" at me. All i have been seeing so far was players making noise and then getting shot. Can you show me an example of someone being very silent and still being "snaped" at? Haven't seen that so far and it never happened to me. I wonder why.