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  1. Alcohol as a suggestion

    Good idea except the part of removing XP.
  2. Every time i match against a full geard team

    They are slow, you are fast. Make the most of it.
  3. Shooting another scavs makes all scavs turn hostile to you so there is a risk in doing that. What more do you want?
  4. Tips

    If you're new at FPS in general go get something like CoD or Battlefield to train your twitch-aiming and then come back EFT is for advanced folks, really. Playing it as the first FPS as a beginner to the whole thing of FPS isn't really recommended. Get your twitch-aim and muscle memory trained. It's important. That stuff comes slowly over many hours of playing. For complete noob i really would recommend to play some FPS first which isn't so punishing for loosing to get those skills up.

    Found something: https://www.hiredops.com/news/id/6 and: Seems to be a case of sharing assets between two games.

    Looks an awful lot like Tarkov. Still in early access and aparently it's 9,99$ now. http://store.steampowered.com/app/374280/Hired_Ops/ Teh reviews say nobody is playing it though. Pretty, odd, yeah. Maybe Tarkov is a rework of a failed attempt at a game?

    Maybe someone stole or bought assets from the game?
  8. Hilfe von ausserhalb fair?

    Ja, manche Leute stehen sich und ihrem Erfolg auch selbst im Weg... sowas kommt vor ... Also professionell ist anderst ...
  9. Hilfe von ausserhalb fair?

    Ah, jetzt seh' ich den chat. Steh heut auf der Leitung. Is ja der Knaller.
  10. Hilfe von ausserhalb fair?

    versteh nicht. Welchen clip meinst du? Kotton hat ne minimap, oder was willst du sagen?
  11. Gibt es schon Cheater/Hacker?

    Ja, aim- und wallhack sind leider bittere Realität. Bemerke es immerwieder.
  12. Hilfe von ausserhalb fair?

    nö, harcore nicht arcade. Willste auch noch ne minimap and HP-Balken über den Köpfen der Spieler? ;P Hörste doch ob noch wer da ist ... ausser er ist leise ... dann hat er's auch verdient dass du nichts ahnst.
  13. Fix-up a friend

    You'll have one dude lying on the ground, camping a chokepoint or exit, while his buddy sits around the corner behind a wall and continues healing him. The exploits will be epic, in particular if this stacks with multiple teammates healing the same gunner. lol
  14. Cheating player m4um1

    They need battleye on top of their anticheat. Simple as that.
  15. Hackers.... being ignored?

    I've encountered two only today. Some people only notice it when the hacker is flying across the sky of course