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  1. Good news, great work BSG ! But..i think that also means beta version does not come so quickly, right? But keep working guys, you are doing great game !
  2. @TarkovEscaper can you say something specifiic about tomorow´s patch? Thx
  3. yep
  4. Will be more
  5. @TarkovEscaper and what about fabruary guys EOD????
  6. First wave started 5.8. 10:00 (in CZ), now it´s 7.8. 10:37, so dont fool me, it´s two days.
  7. So...two days after first wawe´s gone. Where is second wawe?
  8. I feel ya brother Souhlas kámo
  9. You are in deep shi_t my friend
  10. Yep i preordered 24 feb Je to v prdeli kámo
  11. Amen my friend
  12. Sad...but probably true
  13. Developers could show a minimum of solidarity and tell us when will be the second wave !!! 140 EUR waiting rly pisses me of, no relevant information from yesterday... cmon We gave you the money, lets give me some freakin intel guys !!!
  14. Yep, i know, therefore, I'm going to get those sedatives
  15. I'm getting quite upset , for 140 euros nobody can say when we get to the line, perhaps a day or two, month, or year? Come on .. A bit of solidarity to those who gave you the money. The game was delayed until about half a year, you could get 500 people to the game every day ? lol Bad dream. I'm going to look for my sedatives.