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      We plan to update game servers, at 16:00 Moscow time today, for around 40 minutes. Game is not going to be stopped during update.
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  1. I have suggested to the developers that we need a melee kick for when a player/scav/hatchling rushes into you to cause this mechanic.. I mean if I couldn't get my gun down I would be kicking them back or down...
  2. A suggestion for Scav's

    I would like to suggest the following setup for player scavs... Instead of bringing gear off the map, points are awarded for the gear collected. The points add up with Fence as the scav trader, where he has scav gear for trade for the accumulated points. Fence could have missions for scav's also. Scav kills as a scav takes the points away / no points or negative for that run. The more a scav kills other scav's the harsher the penalty to accumulated points. I believe that this system would help alleviate the scav on scav violence and give fence more purpose. Just my suggestion
  3. Facility for Clan Tags

    I wanted to suggest, if not on the drawing board already, the functionality of being able to add a clan tag separate to our names, for instance via the website or something along those lines, I would like to be able to have my in game name unique and not loose it because of putting a clan tag in front of it...
  4. Possible Hackers?

    Majority of players you see zooming through the air (In a straight path and not shooting you) is usually a spawn wave incoming, the dev's are running ban waves daily, and I would assume gathering data to look for. Unfortunately there are hackers and hack sites that update them every few days, but that is the status quo with most online games.
  5. Squad Players

    Armbands have been confirmed for teams, and I have suggested IR tags that are visible with NVG ...
  6. First Aid Kit, a container for meds

    Great idea, I was thinking the same thing.. Perhaps a med pouch that attached to a rig or something would be ideal... Meds are pretty much being used as much as ammo now so something like this is needed.
  7. silencer for p226?

    Not as yet, I really would like to utilize this pistol and hope they add one soon to go with the threaded barrel... It is a shame the universal one does not fit...
  8. Dynamic Rare Spawns Needed

    I would like to put forward the suggestion that rare loot spawns should in fact be 'dynamic' in that their locations randomize when a map is started. The issue I find atm, is that its a race to the known spots (If a player scav hasn't already looted them and exited before you have even reached them) or the spots are camped, and this really kills the exploration experience. Randomizing these spawns all over the map would encourage players to actually search the map and explore otherwise avoided areas, and I believe add so much more to a raid and overall richness of the game. Also, with the new medical system, and the importance of medication, any 'locked' room/container/cupboard that contains meds should really be rare meds such as a morphine or a grizzly... sort of defeats the purpose having a key and then finding a bandage that you could have gotten off any dead scav or unlocked container. Just my thoughts - Perhaps this is the intention down the line... Just wanted to put it forward...
  9. Do we know when the next wipe is ?

    It was stated that the upgraded starting packages will be deployed in the next patch... I would assume that means a wipe... and sooner than December I think...
  10. Some of my suggestions

    1. By a trophy case all I mean is a wall mounted case to put in a cool gun you like... 2. Camping is a strategy in use already... for me, it depends on the situation.. a 'game' does not denote whether its campable or not... players will camp regardless... I suggested this stuff as to have more ways to take out others involving explosives and perhaps sapper skills to compliment/combat it. 3. I suggest that maybe after 100 uses or something, keys break etc and would make you careful towards the end of its life as to when to use it... I disagree with your points, however I do appreciate you commenting on my suggestions
  11. Some of my suggestions

    Couple more: Being able to spend money out of / money appearing in total of wallets in your stash Scavs are not all ex military, so they should not all be great shots, also their gear is run down so that should affect them too, the occasional ex marksman one, or perhaps boss type ones (with sweet loot) at certain points would be good Being able to roll sideways when prone Medic abilities, being able to heal others etc, squad medic role possibilities Sapper abilities, as I mentioned above AP Mines, tripwires, and other booby traps... bomb kits to disarm such and skills to detect etc...also gives squad role possibilities I am sure that some of this stuff could be in the works, along with all the other additions and fixes I am aware of, once again, just my thoughts
  12. Marker for team mates

    If they want to stick with realism, I suggested also IR tags for freindly players too. The armbands will hopefully help.
  13. New AI accuracy

    They are back to terminator mode with their aiming, I think that maybe one or two 'super' type ones spawning would be good, but these guys seem to be if can see a pixel of you then you are seen and head shot... they are scavs so they really should not be expert marksmen also have run down gear, their strength should be in their numbers with the occasional ex marksman one... If they do snap shoot you, it should be a body mass shot and not head.. but you are right, they have turned them up a lil to high
  14. Document Wallet for EoD Please?

    Not at all, just as a keyring/wallet
  15. Some of my suggestions

    Firstly, I want to thank all of the developers for creating a wonderful, atmospheric and dynamic experience which I always wanted, but never had... until now. Here are a couple of my suggestions, which might be a bit much, but I will put them out there anyway... A Scav faction perhaps, with scav rep etc and Fence as their trader to level with rep. Scavs could also have missions, such as retrieval of a weapon for instance, to tie in with insurance claims back story... Some interactive objects on maps that need parts to operate, such as a generator that you need a few parts for that are around the map and when operating, can open an electronic gate to another area, or operate floodlights etc... security pass cards etc A Kick move that can be used to defend against melee attackers rushing into the front of you causing your weapon to rise, need to be able to execute a kick to knock them back from you while holding weapon... Blood trails for bleeding players/scavs to give a clue as to their direction C4/Thermite charges or lock picks to open locked or unbreachable doors AP Mines, tripwires, and other booby traps... suicide vests, that will/have chance blow up when someone loots... bomb kits to disarm such and skills to detect etc... Durability on keys etc..as they are used they deteriorate.. perhaps key cutting abilities in hideout, where blank keys are needed IR tags for team players so they have a small beacon on for friendly's Gun trophy cases for hideouts, to show off those prized ones, ability for others to visit your hideout, shared clan hall hideouts, to share stuff, discounted traders etc The ability to put bullets and magazines inside the pistol case, ability to lock pistol case so if looted cannot be opened Just some ideas I had, I am sure I will have more but wanted to put these out there