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  1. Discount on versions

    Hi, Im in Australia and my friend wants to get Tarkov, also in Australia. However, only the CIS and Europe editions are discounted for the black friday sale. Can I buy him the Europe version, and will it launch in Australia?
  2. Open Beta Fanmade Hype Trailer

    Its a trailer..... not tarkov on an epic level....
  3. Open Beta Fanmade Hype Trailer

    hence the reason HYPE trailer hehe
  4. Open Beta Fanmade Hype Trailer

    Most of that was beta, but the alpha parts I just could not substitute
  5. N00bs first day

    Hatchet runs to learn spawns, or just offline play with gear
  6. Open Beta Preload

    Or mebe just let them preload before the update so most of the downloading is done, then just download the update?
  7. Open Beta Preload

    I think you missed what my meaning was. I have access to escape from tarkov since the alpha. But for the poeple who join during the OPEN BETA, it would be nice for them to download the game before the beta actually releases as they can get straight into it
  8. Open Beta Preload

    Hi, When the open beta is announced, can you please let players predownload the game before it starts?
  9. An idea for my gravestone

    amen, rip forever
  10. I wish this game was more survival, less memorization

    Random spawns are going to be in the full release to my knowledge.
  11. face gear

    Like scrim netting or a ballistic mask, great idea!
  12. Searching Computers in Tarkov

    Great Idea, I really do hope the devs see this one
  13. Game shouldnt be in beta

    Title: it shouldent be in beta then complains about it not being finished You're a funny guy
  14. This game's concept is a failure

    Nice write up, im a huge fan of eft and largely diagree so I'll live you my view (I see where you come from though). Eventually BSG wants scavs to literally act like they are human and by the way they do scavenge loot off bodies now