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  1. Weapon Companies Thread

    Manufacture/Company Name: Ruger The type of weapons they make: Ruger Precision Rifle Their email or official marketing contact information: onlinestore@ruger.com The Ruger precision Rifle comes in 223 (aka 5.56) or 308, either would be good to implement as another sniper that is very versatile. Heres a link to the gun and a few photos: http://www.ruger.com/products/precisionRifle/models.html
  2. It's not Terminator AI, it's....

  3. About Steam and Retail Release

    Devs are considering steam keys but they arent sure yet
  4. children, women, friendlies

    I doubt this would be implemented, but mabe it could be a good element to add to the quest system
  5. Update from EFT Alpha to EFT Beta

    go into your profile and download the new bsg launcher then reinstall through that
  6. Edge of Darkness inquiries

    You also get all dlc for free with eod so yeah its worth it but im a left behind scrub
  7. Damage Output Help

    For LFG, use the unofficial discord, theres tonnes of LFG guys there now this issue could be many different things 1. desync, you may not notice it but it may be present, or mabe they other guy was desync? 2. he was hacking 3. pistol supremacy Your call
  8. 30mins to unpack a 32mb file?

    Welcome to tarkov!
  9. USEC vs BEAR player numbers

    same diff yeah i do soz
  10. USEC vs BEAR player numbers

    both the m4 and ar15 are illegal in australia rip y u do dis kevin rudd
  11. USEC vs BEAR player numbers

    I am australian and a BEAR why bias? personally i am not an m4 fan so probs not
  12. Game needs ballistic adjustment for realism.

    I think that you will find that if a bullet hits you in the chest or head, it does tend to kill you.
  13. This game has a long way to go

    Ironically the devs made the game so expensive so people like you would not just instantly buy it and pass it off as crap. Its early access, get used to it. Stash will be expandable very soon.
  14. Urgent priorities

    It's somewhere in the lore Basically the contract wars end, then the factions effectively fall apart because its just a mad rush to escape Tarkov
  15. Urgent priorities

    Grouping is simply to get into the same match atm. Also the factions dissolved after the contract wars, why should we have to work with people who are no longer allies