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  1. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Escape from Tarkov has the potential to become the best FPS ever ever created. So banning cheaters as fast as posible is very important beacuse they can destoy the game completely. I wish you very best in the future in development of game. And thank you to all moderators of this forum and tech support, you are all doing very good job.
  2. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Good job ! I hope you get them all.
  3. Just a "suggestion", fix the damm gun glitches.

    Csgo is not like EFT you dont loose everything when you die there. In Csgo if a cheater kills you, you can just switch server and you stil have all your weapons. In EFT if a cheater kills you, you cant just switch server and get your weapons back. Do you see the difference?
  4. Just a "suggestion", fix the damm gun glitches.

    With big update will come new bugs, glitches. When and if these cheaters get banned in couple of days new cheaters will come with updated cheats and than we will have to play with cheaters and new glitches again till they ban them and fix the glitches again, rinse and repeat. Soon EFT will be ghost town if this does not change.
  5. Just a "suggestion", fix the damm gun glitches.

    Is it still possible to have fun in this game? I think not. Glitchers are here since alpha, but still no fix. The moment they started leting in beta players i started dying to flying players and other godlike aim players, but some stupid people were saying its all desync, come on. Its not like cheaters and glitchers started appearing 3 days ago, that was a month ago and they are still here.
  6. Just a "suggestion", fix the damm gun glitches.

    Im sure that 2 guys that posted in this thread are using the glitch. And they just dont want the other 20% of us players that dont use the glitch to know how to do it. They will not get punished for glitching so we might as well all do it and make it fair.
  7. Countercheating measures

    He must have some good quality drugs. You can only understand what he is saying if your on same drugs.
  8. Countercheating measures

    After they get ban, there will be few days without cheaters until new cheats come, cheats get updated and then we have to play with cheaters again until you collect, monitor and ban cheating players, rinse and repeat. So there will be cheaters in game almost all the time? And EFT free keys= more cheaters!
  9. I'm too bad for the game

    Yea then we can all just look at the nice trees and grass maybe pick some flowers together. Maybe they should just remove guns from the game and replace them with kisses and hugs. I don't know are you guys for real or are you on some heavy medication and drugs.
  10. I'm too bad for the game

    Practice makes perfect. That goes for every game not just this one. You are bad in every game you start playing in the beginning or are you trying to say that your are the best player in any other game from the beginning. More you play the game better you become, experience.
  11. Countercheating measures

    Yes let us know how many were banned, their ingame names and forum names.
  12. Why would anyone say its boring to go in raid (3 and half map), kill bots that are in the same place every time, kill some players with hatchet, kill some players that are glitching weapons and get no loot from them, then die because of desync, bugs or because of cheater. Who doesent like that and blurry textures, object pop in, jagged graphics, frame drops that person must be crazy.
  13. This game is too hard.

    No only 1 king of noobs tu rule them all. You can be prince of noobs...
  14. This game is too hard.

    I am the king of noobs