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  1. Yeah !!! I wish i could
  2. This exact answer just wanted to know if it will be decreased or something? we buy 1GB for 1.5 $ here and using 4 GBs in this game every day and we like it . other online games and other internet use aside. its a little high payment in a month.
  3. UP again still no answers
  4. Any answers? guys? _UP_
  5. Hi, Any idea why this game using so much Internet traffic? It's using over than 600 or 700 mb per hour I play WOT too and compare to EFT it barely use nothing. I'm nearly broke for recharging my traffic every 2 days. Is it going to be this way forever or will there be any improvements for reducing traffic usage?
  6. stash

    Hi, I think it would be very satisfying to be able to make stash view full screen to get a easy ability for organizing it. its annoying to scroll up & Down and Left & Right while dragging a big item. Thank you in advance.
  7. Any help on this?
  8. sorry to ask here cause there was no solution anywhere in any topics. any solution for this? except that wired connection thing. I can only download via WIFI "error while downloading and installing the game not a valid hash of the downloaded distribution." I got this error and the launcher erased all downloaded data and i have to download again.
  9. Ok everyone having server login problem follow here
  10. in game ? i'm still having login error how is this?
  11. How u play offline? I couldn't find offline mode
  12. Is anyone in the game right now? or everyone having login problem?
  13. SERVERS STILL DOWN? still getting this error from last night. any news of whats is going on ? Is it maintenance or server problems? U can't actually , U need to log into servers first.
  14. Hey Guys, Anyone having this issue ?