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  1. New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    You should give more info, so others can help. Like: Why can't you play? Did you downloaded the launcher and then inside the launcher did you downloaded EFT?
  2. New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    I was checking the thread of the news and was pretty quiet, now i know why . Well, hope Open beta is not too far away. Enjoy it those who were selected .
  3. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    If anyone gets it, please post just to know if we have to wait for open beta .
  4. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    An update seems is out now. Hope to get selected to play it!!!
  5. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Hope to get a key but i was expecting the open beta this year . Well, my PC can't move more than Factory (enough ) so maybe on the open beta i can move more maps . P.S. on the website ( https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/#news ) if you click "READ" it does not work correctly (but it could be an issue with my Firefox ).
  6. What secrets are hidden in this blackbox?

    The cause of the "abandoned" (officially) area of Tarkov?
  7. Mmorpg website giveaway

    Well, looking at the website there are: Members:3,708,143 Users Online:1,557 .... Hopefully they will only count entries from this forum .
  8. Mmorpg website giveaway

    Lol So there are even higher chances!!! Today is my day!!! .
  9. Mmorpg website giveaway

    We are not 40 guys here so we'll have an easy win...? Good luck guys (only after i got one ).
  10. Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    I want constests for people (me ) without the game . But i want to see the videos you make, the idea sounds pretty cool. Good luck .
  11. It's Nikita Buyanov's Birthday!

    Happy birthday!!! And receive a lot of (good) gifts!!!
  12. ¿Podrías ponerme algún enlace para ver cómo va lo del parche? Yo estoy probando el juego porque un moderador me dió una clave para 7 días, y me va muy mal . Se me acaba el domingo así que si no lo sacan pronto tendré que esperar a la próxima que lo pueda probar . Gracias de todas formas .
  13. Escape From Tarkov at PGA 2017

    Looking at it now . Edit: enjoyed it, nice job .
  14. Escape From Tarkov at PGA 2017

    Hope to see some videos and interviews with info . And: wow!, 45 Prepare For Escape editions, hope i could go there .