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  1. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    Just a simple suggestion, maybe the people who gave you 140$ should get priority matchmaking over some standard edition pleb who just bought the game because of a shroud stream, crazy idea I know... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I try my hardest to love this game but I can't

    Him surviving shots to the back of the head has nothing to do with him wearing fort armor...
  3. Official Trading Thread

    Still offering gamma container for factory/marked key.
  4. Armor--Proper Armor

    Most of the equipment (not guns) were made circa 2000 or later.
  5. Cant attach M1-B fore grip to AK-74n

    pretty sure you have to remove the gas tube.
  6. Official Trading Thread

    Currently trading Gdesk key and Gamma container for factory/marked/docs case.
  7. Armor--Proper Armor

    Except thats wrong, we have tons of new equipment. The 6B43 6A is top of the line as far as body armor goes for the Russian military.
  8. Official Trading Thread

    Alright I think I've finally decided on a price for the gamma case, I'll trade it for a docs case and factory key, factory key and marked key, or docs case and marked key. Proof of extra gamma
  9. Official Trading Thread

    WTT SPARE GAMMA CASE, send offers via PM>
  10. Not even in Beta

    Labels are not reality. Just like calling myself a woolly mammoth, doesn't actually make me one.
  11. hackers are still around

    Yea this Dekko guy is consistent, I suspect he will get away with this unbanned for the rest of the beta cycle.
  12. hackers are still around

    They locked my suggestions, IMO overwatch style community policing is one of the best anti-cheat systems ever put into an FPS.
  13. hackers are still around

    Same, invisible and instant one tapped me and a friend.
  14. Did you lose the secure case as well?
  15. New servers added!

    Waited 10 minutes for a game on factory before giving up... Gonna play some Warhammer II campaigns in the meantime.