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  1. можно ли на Тактика Тула ТТ01 поставить боковой прицел ?
  2. Golden Swag (Quest) Bug, Please Help!

    it means that we cant place it at the same raid ? why
  3. АКМ

    появится ли в будущем возможность установить на АКМ крепление ласточкин хвост ?
  4. нужен ли для ПТ-3 специальный замок или приклад забагован ?
  5. приклад ПТ-3 к чему либо присоединяется ? К витязю он ни ногой или это баг ?
  6. АК74

    добавится ли возможность поставить пилад на тактику тулу ТТ01 ?
  7. Name this :*

    its beautiful
  8. Name this :*

    it a new flashlight Armytek Predator Pro v3
  9. Name this :*

    you mean i forget to mention the BS's caliber ?
  10. Name this :*

    only BS 1 and BS 1M uses 30mm , GP 25 and another ones uses 40mm
  11. Name this :*

    BS-1 (RSA-86) — noiseless 30mm grenade launcher was developed in the mid 1960-ies in TSNIITOCHMASH for use in the noiseless grenade launcher complex "Silence", where it was placed on in service with special forces automatic AKMS. But from about the beginning of the eighties in the modification of the BS-1M composed of noiseless grenade launcher 6S1 "Canary" was mounted on the AKS-74УБ with silencer PBS-4. assumnig underbarrel grenade launcher BS-1 (RSA-86) is a separate loading weapon which fires a grenade is charged into the barrel from the muzzle, and lifting (throwing) charge, is served in the breech. At the time of firing the powder gases of a blank cartridge propel the piston located in the rear of the barrel, driving a piston and a grenade to a speed of over 100 m/s (175 m/s for BS-1M). After the departure of grenades from the barrel, the piston stops in the barrel, locking under high pressure powder gases in a closed space. After they cool down and the pressure drops to a safe it is possible to reload the grenade launcher, that is loading into the trunk of the new grenades (in this case the piston is precipitated ago), the ejection of the spent cartridge case and chambering a new cartridge expelling. Reload weapon ammunition is from detachable box magazine (capacity of 8 rounds for BS-1 to BS or 10-1M) located in the handle of the grenade, with a longitudinally sliding rotary shutter rifle type. To fire the grenade launcher has a trigger and manual safety. Use grenades of two types — military armor-piercing incendiary (symbol VOG-T) and training with inert warhead. In both cases, the stabilization of the grenade in flight is rotating, which on the body of the grenade is made ready protrusions to follow the grooves in the barrel of the grenade launcher. For aiming when shooting from a grenade launcher on the pad of a rear sight of the machine are equipped with special folding sight used in conjunction with the standard front sight machine. To install a grenade launcher on the machine are used special attachment, with an early version (AKMS) and late (AKS-74УБ) have a different system of brackets and incompatible footprints. Used on the AK-74U in the game Call of Duty: Black Ops (mission Revival)
  12. Name this :*

    OTS-14 Groza is a Russian assault rifle-grenade launcher developed by the TsKIB COO in 1993[3]. Is a variant of the slot OTS-12 "Tiss" (in turn, created on the basis of the AKS74U), made by the scheme bullpup. It is somewhat simplified version of the under-barrel grenade launcher GP-25 "Fire" (simplification first and foremost is the lack of pistol grip). This arrangement helped to create the compact, powerful weapon. The machine-gun and RPG fire are controlled by a single trigger. Switch "automatic-grenade launcher" is a translator button, located on the right side of the receiver. The sight of the open type placed on the U-shaped rack, which can serve to carry weapons in hand[4]. Possibility of installation of the silencer, laser designator, optical sight and tactical flashlight. The complex is unified with the AKS74U by 70%. GP-25 "Fire" is a single shot 40 mm under-barrel grenade launcher designed to destroy open manpower and manpower located in open trenches, the trenches and on reverse slopes of the terrain. The grenade launcher used in combination with 7.62-mm and 5.45-mm Kalashnikov assault rifles (AKM, AK-74, AK-12). Refers to a rifle muzzle-rifle charging systems. In 1989 was adopted the advanced grenade launcher GP-30 "Obuvka", having less weight and more simple design.
  13. Name this :*

    T-5000 modification , named "Precision"
  14. Name this :*

    VOG 25 Caliber 40 mm The type of weapon GP-25, GP-30, GP-34, RG-6 Initial velocity grenades 76 m/s Grenade weight 250 g BB weight 48 g The length of the charge 103 mm Time of self-destruction grenades not less than 14
  15. Name this :*