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  1. Have you ever tried, IRL? Nowhere near as easy, or as effective, as you may have seen it portrayed elsewhere. In any case, why would you throw a weapon (as expensive to replace as a Thomas-Hawk) away? If you're reduced to no other weapon than a knife, just... why? Wait for a suppressor for your primary or secondary weapon instead. People stuck with knives or tomahawks aren't very quiet afterwards either. Vote No. AtV2
  2. Scav Human vs AI Detection

    "Player Scavs always spawn with a flashlight on their weapons, that's how you can tell the difference. (If you're smart, when you spawn take the flashlight off and pocket it, then you just have to pretend to be a scav..." If you wanted to imitate an "AI Scav" as a Player, I figured you'd have to be careful about looting. I'd worked that out pretty quickly for myself. But this other, I hadn't realized it yet. Thanks for the post! AtV2
  3. EFT New keys (car, weapon safe, zb-104, ...)

    Description says "VAZ Key". Isn't (wasn't) VAZ or UAZ an auto manufacturer in Russia? Car key maybe? AtV2
  4. Checking Ammo

    "..... the ammo counter will be removed from the inventory and instead you will need to level up your skills to check ammo." Seriously? AtV2
  5. Taunt glitch or intended "feature"

    Not thrilled with this... Hopefully, it may become something one can toggle on or off, as you prefer. As others have said, the idea that your character MUST respond to dialog from an opponent, which can help reveal their location(s), just doesn't seem to fit. AtV2
  6. What's up with the rain?

    ".....I think it helps you move around without your foot steps being heard as much." Can't hear theirs though either. AtV2
  7. What's up with the rain?

    Noted rain in my games on Customs for three days straight now. Sure increases the pucker factor when you're lying in ambush...
  8. Friendly Wiggle

    At this stage, I can take the good with the bad. It's only Scav gear (plus some bits and pieces) I lose anyway.
  9. Make the sun shine plz.. 3 days of rain?

    I didn't realize how many times you could think you heard FOOTSTEPS in a downpour...
  10. Suppressed TT-33 and Spare Mags

    To the USEC Hatchet Player in the Customs Office several hours ago- When I saw the first door on the right was open, and the breachable door closed, I knew something was up... When I came through I believe one of two possible things happened- 1) You became another victim of local desync or, 2) You became another casualty of the "open the closed door, race through, and kill them before they can react" phenomenon I read about somewhere. Either way, my heart was in by mouth as I opened that door. I was stunned when you didn't seem to react as I lunged at you. Up until this occasion, I'd lost every knife fight I engaged in. Your Suppressed TT and spare mags found a good home (the most worthwhile schwag I picked up on the run). Good Luck with your future Escapes! AtV2
  11. Vityaz porn

    Yikes. Nah, nothing could possibly go wrong there...
  12. Friendly Wiggle

    Two Wiggles succeed (we all go our separate ways), two fail (one straight up shot down by handgun, face to face, and one seemingly successful Wiggle, then killed from behind by shotgun). Fairly normal day in "The Zone". Sorry, I meant "Tarkov". YMWV
  13. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    "If you're having that many issues go run some night raids with full gear. You'll probably have far less problems." I have to admit, having a suppressed weapon and a NOD would help, if I had one...
  14. AKS-74U and Mods *Question Answered*

    I'm weak... You would not believe, not only did I pick up the mount from the garage building table on Customs (Scav run, the only thing I got, recognized it and bolted for the extract), but The Skier had a scope to suit. So I folded, and kitted the Krink out anyway. Hey, a little bit of livin' before the wipe.
  15. AKS-74U and Mods *Question Answered*

    "Those scopes are much more expensive than the gun itself and it would be like putting a lipstick on a pig." Roger that. Will take "scoping the Krink" off my list then...