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  1. A Different Offline Mode.

    The developers consider offline mode to be temporary to serve in the stead of missing tutorial and as a testing tool, I doubt they will try to develop this any further than that because in the end the game is not meant to be played this way.
  2. Rail Gas tube for AK

    Sorry, can't make a screenshot of my stash atm. EDIT: Found a replacement, nvm M1-B doesn't look like it has a RIS on top until you inspect and zoom in, but it totally has one. Here's a pic from the manufacturer's website:
  3. Rail Gas tube for AK

    Correct me if I am wrong, but this looks like the M1-B which is already in the game.
  4. Slowly but sure iam getting sick from the game

    Before other folks tell you to go back to far cry or whatnot... Best bit of advice I can give you is to stop playing solo. At least you'll have another guy to talk to about what happened, what you might have done wrong, etc. etc. While you think you've done everything right, it might have looked different in the actual game. This might not be your preferred way of playing, but if you want to play solo... stuff like that will happen and you might not be at fault because so many parts of the game are simply buggy. As for now, take a break, occupy your mind with something else and let the tilt go away. It might have been desync that you failed to notice, or a sniper that was really freaking good. Sometimes it might have been a hacker, but you still gotta respect that there are folks who have almost a year of experience in this game over us, beta guys. Regarding level differences, this is pretty much meaningless, especially with account resets. While the 52 level guy obviously devoted a lot more time to the game than the 18 level guy, it doesn't really say a lot about skill.
  5. Customs

    Might be that not every map is for everyone. I guess it kinda sucks when there's only four to choose from. Myself, I don't see the appeal of Factory at all. But to answer the original why? Because of loot, my good man. You can get plenty of rare and coveted stuff. I've ran Woods to death and there is some stuff that doesn't really spawn there at all. I've yet to see an SKS stock, I've yet to see an m4 folding stock, no doc. case, no wallets, etc. etc. Customs has plenty of keys and excellent loot locations, not to mention you are pretty much guaranteed to get into a fight which I imagine some people think to be the point of the game. I kinda agree about your funnel complaint (it's more of an hourglass, though) as I am not a fan of such extreme chokepoints on principle.
  6. worth upgrading from standard to PFE edition?

    All in all, I would consider upgrading if I had the money and wish to support the devs, but that's that. It's totally up to you. Bigger secure container is a noticeable quality of life improvement, especially if account wipes get frequent, but it can be obtained with a bit of patience. Bigger stash is also nice, but you should be able to upgrade this at some point in the full game. Same goes for the other rewards, bonus equipment doesn't really excite me, as it's more fun just to earn it. Similar thing for trader standing. Hard to evaluate how big of an impact this might have; myself, I wouldn't want to feel robbed of the gameplay when making choices who to side with. If you are enjoying the game as it is, I don't think you actually need any of the listed upgrades. If you feel that you need to upgrade to get enjoyment out of EfT, I think it's a big red flag right there. Chances are you'll spend quite a bit of money only to see that not much has changed anyway. I've been contemplating the stash size myself and came to the conclusion that if the current stash is not enough for me, bad hoarding habits will fill a bigger stash just as quickly. Do I *actually* need all these things? Shouldn't I rather be using these items to.... y'know play the game?
  7. Signed Gear

    Naming gear would be awesome for containers. Just imagine how easy life would be if you could sign a backpack "MEDS" or somesuch.
  8. Off-top

    Cztery w kieszeni, cztery do kontenerka. Z gamma containerem da się mieć i trzynaście. Niekoniecznie hax, bardziej pay to win.
  9. Real but hilarious gun suggestion!

    I'm for a tiny gun, firing tiny bullets, doing tiny amounts damage. Could be the only pistol that's container-glitchable, once that bug is fixed, as a testament to an important beta milestone.
  10. Nagły, straszny spadek płynności/wydajności gry

    Ciekawostka, u mnie przez exe w ogóle nie chce odpalić. Mam czarny ekran i niekończący się loading. Przez launcher jest za to grywalnie, minimalny spadek fpsów tu i tam, do tego standardowy spadek na pół sekundy przy patrzeniu przez lunetę i (tu zgaduję) jak się scavy spawnują.
  11. Off-top

    Ci od granatów trenują pewnie siłę. Albo się nudzą, nigdy nie wiesz. Wieczorem jest zwykle najwięcej graczy, to i masz większe natężenie zwujowacenia mózgowia.
  12. Special weapons

    I believe some simple implementation would be possible, we have fire damage on Shoreline, so the dev's would probably be able to cobble something together. Implementing it in a satisfactory way, however, (say, Far Cry 2 starting forest fires for the win) is something else. Yep. But the main purpose of the weapon is anti-armor. Lugging it around to shoot frags seems redundant when we have regular grenades, I think a M79 would be a more sensible choice. Personally, I am also worried about grenade spam in general. As it is, the game's fine, but we'll see once we get underbarrel launchers.
  13. Special weapons

    Railgun isn't laser. Laser projects a beam, railgun uses magnets to propel a solid metal slug to great speed. I believe Tarkov devs intend the game to be kept at relatively low tech level so I'm not sure these have a place (though there was a futuristic weapon in STALKER) Well, minigun isn't really a something you carry around and shoot. It's a mounted weapon and is usually seen on vehicles and I think that's beyond the scope of Tarkov. We'll be getting LMGs, and I am sure there will be much wailing about OP & plz nurf when we do. Bows and crossbows are problematic, they would need lots of animation work and I don't really see them being too viable in the game as it is now. Their biggest appeal is silence and the possibility to reuse or get ammunition cheaply. This isn't really an issue at the moment, but I would find bows useful if the game were to focus on hardcore survival with very limited resources. I'm not against RPGs, we'll see how the underbarrel grenade launchers work (see my LMG comment above for probable first reactions). Problem is, it's an anti-tank weapon, so it's not really useful if we don't have anything to shoot it with. Blowing up walls could be fun, not sure if it's planned, but I'm guessing no. The game engine would need a big rework to make it work. For flamethrowers, they're no fun without being able to actually set things on fire, and I'm not sure if the engine is able to handle that.
  14. Off-top

    Scavy gracze mają trochę inną pulę sprzętu do wyboru niż AI. Mi się nie udało jeszcze trafić na start SKSa, AK74N, Saigi, TT ani Siga. U mnie dobiera sprzęt cyklicznie, ale to może tylko takie wrażenie: najpierw mam kilka razy z rzędu grachy same, potem jest seria strzelb i znowu lecimy pistolety. Rzadko, tak 1/20, trafia się AKSU bez dekla i bez kolby (często też dostaje wtedy BlackRocka). Na ekranie wyboru postaci przed rajdem można się zorientować co dadzą następnym razem. Torby z zawartością chyba dobiera w pełni losowo, zwykle to jakieś żarcie albo apteczka i bandaż.