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  1. No keeping melee after death

    As soon as they add the persistant health system, this issue will be gone so don't worry bros, hang in there a little longer.
  2. Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Congrats EFT Team, big step you've made here. Hope our asian fellas can enjoy the game fully now (: On the same note, South American servers when?
  3. How do i reset?

    Check your launcher, there's a drop down menu on the top right, there should be a reset account button there. Else, you can go to your profile in the main web ( and there's an option to reset.
  4. Escape from Tarkov Development Diary

    Good to see they actually listened to the community. Also, @Kleanuppguy, South American servers when? Not soonTM bs please, at least give us a date when we'll get more info.
  5. Gamma container too big

    Even players with Alpha containers can put their guns away, I don't really see your point? There is loss though, you could enter a raid geared with a higher % chance of getting out alive and with loot. Going in with only a pistol doesn't guarantee much more than wasted time unless you are a good methodical player, that is, in which case you deserve whatever you get.
  6. SKS modding question.

    I'd suggest putting a side scope for close quarters if you're going to bring a mid/long-range scope. You can buy that particular adapter to Peacekeepe, and it's called NcStar MPR45 Backup Mount at lv3.
  7. SKS modding question.

    As far as I know, you can't put that sight on the SOCOM Rail. You could try putting a rail adapter to an OP-SKS, but I doubt it'll work either way.
  8. Thank You

    They fu***d up big time with this patch, but it's good to see they are acting REALLY fast this time and rolled out a tasty hotfix. Seems like something clicked in their minds after Gamescon. Keep up the good work, please, this game is unique and awesome in every sense.
  9. AMD User here, R9 270X (crap, I know) and went from 60-70 constant fps to 30-40fps. Never had a massive stutter like in the video though, but yeah, optimization just went out through the window with this patch, hope they have a fix ready for next patch.
  10. Feature request

    This game is specially unforgiving. Try to acquire experience in gunfights, map exploration, scav routes and loot in offline mode, and try to join a team to learn. Also, you need to forget everything Hollywood taught you, here you will learn how to become a real soldier.:^) pd. engravings don't give tactical advantage I almost forgot, but devs stated they will eventually add a tutorial so you can learn the ropes. The rest is up to you. As I said before, try to join a team and get help from more experienced players, it really boosts you through the learning phase into the wrecking enemies phase.
  11. Expand PvE: A.K.A.:How to make everyone happy.

    I love reading things like "you want people to play the game in a way it's not intended". Of course he wants that, hence the suggestion. Tbh I don't see anything wrong with it, there are TONS of gamers out there who love singleplayer hardcore games, but don't really like to play multiplayer, even less in a somewhat competitive environment (you vs the world). About "emptying" the online gamemode... not gonna happen, there are tons of people who want to play the game as is it planned to be worldwide, and even more who will join our ranks when the game is released and properly advertised. I mean, it might happen eventually like EVERY online game, but it will surely take a long time and EfT will have it's game life cycle just like any other successful online game. Oh and regarding the servers for Singleplayer... not needed unless it had some sort of co-op feature. ps. OP don't get mad, if you're going to suggest something or to even post in a forum, be ready to face people who will disagree, don't cry like a kid, expand your arguments.
  12. My play-buddy died from heart attack..

    Dude, I thought another EfT player had died from heart attack, what a way to play with people's feelings I've also noticed that, every time an AI Scav puts an empty mag in their vests it instantly refills.
  13. Can Teammates stop intentionally executing teammates?

    accepts random players team invitation -> can't communicate with said random -> get killed I would understand if this happened to you once or twice and got frustrated, but 7 times? Don't you learn? The grouping up system doesn't have an issue, your choices do.
  14. Link al artículo en ingles: ¿Vamos a tener Dev Diaries pronto? No hay tiempo, pero queremos continuarlo. ¿Puede explicar qué serán los "Care Package" (paquete de asistencia) de Emisario y Sherpa? Los paquetes de asistencia seran dados a los Emisarios y Sherpas para que luego se los den a jugadores que necesitan ayuda. Va a funcionar como el seguro, recibirás un mensaje y luego podras recibir el paquete. ¿Vamos a tener Anti Aliasing pronto? Próximamente. Con respecto al futuro de EFT Cuando apuntan hay un bug en el motor Unity que mata/quita FPS (culpa de Unity). Características que mostramos cerca de Navidad (dev blog del 2016) van a estar en el juego más o menos pronto. Echar al suelo a jugadores cuando ambas piernas reciban disparos, está dentro de los planes pero es dificil de implementar. Ordenar (automáticamente) el inventario del alijo/stash está planeado, también se va a poder ver el depósito solo con los nombres (sin las imágenes). En el Escondite/Hideout van a haber items dinámicos, por ejemplo, si tienes una lata de comida en el depósito la vas a ver en el Escondite. La primera ubicación va a ser offline, para el tutorial (controles básicos y gameplay). Se va a poder expandir el depósito en el Escondite. Los desarrolladores estan haciendo una inteligencia artificial de comerciantes. Ej. mayor/menor precio depende de la demanda. No se van a resetear en 1 hora, serán dinámicos. Van a haber misiones para todos y misiones especiales, depende de cómo tu las realices (las misiones pesronales van a ser como un diario personal). Modo scav: la violencia entre scavs va a ser penalizada, tu karma de scav afectará al karma de tu personaje principal PMC. Modo arena: Arena planeada como PVP en torneo, solo jugadores contra jugadores, sin bots. Customización: lista para ser implementada: manos, torso, piernas, etc. Puramente cosmético. Se podran customizar los chalecos y ponerle linternas a los cascos. Armas: AK12 pronto, Glock 17 pronto, muchas de las armas de Contract Wars estarán en EfT. M16A4 confirmada. Ametralladoras ligeras alimentadas por correa pronto, pero son dificiles de hacer y se estan concentrando en otras armas ahora mismo. Escopeta de doble caño confirmada. La MP5 estará a la venta por rublos una vez que subas de nivel los comerciantes. Los scavs bots van a tener armas de la USEC como MP5. EfT tendrá una edición limitada cerca del lanzamiento.
  15. Yes, you'll receive the same stuff you were given when you began playing.