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  1. Ban for forbidden software using 

    You are aware that Cheat Engine is a flexible memory scanner and hex editor which is wonderful for debugging and not just for hacking, right? Guns were made to kill people, but that doesn't mean every gun owner is killing people. Kudos to less of these scrubs hacking though.
  2. offlıne lootıng and hatchet guys problem

    Bro, hatchetrunners will become a tale once they implement the persistent health system, which has been announced with no ETA (sadly). Besides, offline mode will be removed and the game will be multiplayer only. I agree they are absolute cancer*, every day we are one step close to their demise. *disclaimer: except when grinding sh#t quests like the flash drives one.
  3. Add tactical nuclear weapons

    This is advanced shitposting everyone, take notes.
  4. Por favor que un admin me explique esto.

    Alguien entró con la mochila llena de granadas para subir Strength.
  5. What in the world?? Not fair at all

    Went in with two other teammates as scavs in Factory. I extracted first and got everything, my other two teammates who extracted 1 min later lost everything. Tbh it's shameful that there's no server-side saved info as backup for these kind of cases.
  6. Used to late join every single raid until I got a SSD and I don't really run into that anymore.
  7. Random events (with possible loot)

    Let's not forget for a moment that, eventually, devs will add in the persistent health system, and if they do it punishing enough, hatchet runners, rushing and spot farmers will eventually stop or perish to the Zon- Tarkov.
  8. Tell Us What You're Up To BSG

    They do have the possibility to get more money though, there're lots of famous streamers and a lot of people who watch them actively playing EFT. Some of them might buy the game when it releases or when major issues like massive desync are fixed.
  9. Killed myself?

    This is an old bug, sometimes it also shows you a friend killed you but they didn't fire a single bullet and/or were far away.
  10. Customs Shortcut

    Have you seen how they also put fences on top of the UN Checkpoint because team players could climb onto themselves to reach that high place and loot a scoped AK? Lame as hell to be honest, we have to deal with some sort of ex machina from afar just to go on hands empty. Inb4 "but if you don't kill him then he would kill you :^("
  11. Why I Love The New Health System*

    If only we could stack bandages and splints so they don't take 1 slot each...
  12. I wish this game was more survival, less memorization

    As someone said, the current extraction/spawn system is a placeholder for what is to come, which we don't know anything about. I've read somewhere they would modify scavs extraction points so they'd have to go "against the flow" (crossing PMCs) to extract, but that's about it. Surely this system won't last until release since there are planned changes for maps and such. Yes, you can plan where you'll go through before joining a raid but keep in mind you're not the only player, and surely you won't be the only one taking that route.
  13. Peacekeeper Leveling Mistake

    It's not 400k dollars, it's 400k roubles, although I don't know the exact rouble-dollar ratio he handles.
  14. No keeping melee after death

    As soon as they add the persistant health system, this issue will be gone so don't worry bros, hang in there a little longer.
  15. Asia Servers are LAUNCHED!

    Congrats EFT Team, big step you've made here. Hope our asian fellas can enjoy the game fully now (: On the same note, South American servers when?