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  1. Link al artículo en ingles: ¿Vamos a tener Dev Diaries pronto? No hay tiempo, pero queremos continuarlo. ¿Puede explicar qué serán los "Care Package" (paquete de asistencia) de Emisario y Sherpa? Los paquetes de asistencia seran dados a los Emisarios y Sherpas para que luego se los den a jugadores que necesitan ayuda. Va a funcionar como el seguro, recibirás un mensaje y luego podras recibir el paquete. ¿Vamos a tener Anti Aliasing pronto? Próximamente. Con respecto al futuro de EFT Cuando apuntan hay un bug en el motor Unity que mata/quita FPS (culpa de Unity). Características que mostramos cerca de Navidad (dev blog del 2016) van a estar en el juego más o menos pronto. Echar al suelo a jugadores cuando ambas piernas reciban disparos, está dentro de los planes pero es dificil de implementar. Ordenar (automáticamente) el inventario del alijo/stash está planeado, también se va a poder ver el depósito solo con los nombres (sin las imágenes). En el Escondite/Hideout van a haber items dinámicos, por ejemplo, si tienes una lata de comida en el depósito la vas a ver en el Escondite. La primera ubicación va a ser offline, para el tutorial (controles básicos y gameplay). Se va a poder expandir el depósito en el Escondite. Los desarrolladores estan haciendo una inteligencia artificial de comerciantes. Ej. mayor/menor precio depende de la demanda. No se van a resetear en 1 hora, serán dinámicos. Van a haber misiones para todos y misiones especiales, depende de cómo tu las realices (las misiones pesronales van a ser como un diario personal). Modo scav: la violencia entre scavs va a ser penalizada, tu karma de scav afectará al karma de tu personaje principal PMC. Modo arena: Arena planeada como PVP en torneo, solo jugadores contra jugadores, sin bots. Customización: lista para ser implementada: manos, torso, piernas, etc. Puramente cosmético. Se podran customizar los chalecos y ponerle linternas a los cascos. Armas: AK12 pronto, Glock 17 pronto, muchas de las armas de Contract Wars estarán en EfT. M16A4 confirmada. Ametralladoras ligeras alimentadas por correa pronto, pero son dificiles de hacer y se estan concentrando en otras armas ahora mismo. Escopeta de doble caño confirmada. La MP5 estará a la venta por rublos una vez que subas de nivel los comerciantes. Los scavs bots van a tener armas de la USEC como MP5. EfT tendrá una edición limitada cerca del lanzamiento.
  2. Yes, you'll receive the same stuff you were given when you began playing.
  3. ArmA historically had this and saved my butt hundreds of times. Please! +1
  4. Just in case, you will lose everything you have, all your gear, all your trader levels, skills, level, everything when a wipe comes. Wait for a discount to come up then get the upgrade if you still fancy it (;
  5. Instead of punishing the player for keeping their stuff in their stashes, why not benefit those players who use a variety of weapons? For example, giving a minor Mastery XP boost while using weapons that were on their stashes or something. Of course this won't work now because mastery doesn't do anything but eventually...
  6. Seems like an invitation to a Discord server. Just in case, Discord is one of the best VoIP apps.
  7. You were shot by a scav through the ceiling. Seems like they don't detect that part of the stairs. I ran literally 5 Customs raids in a row JUST to check that bullsht and report it a few days ago.
  8. You have to reset it yourself. On the launcher, next to "online" and under your nickname click the arrow and you should see an option to reset your account.
  9. It's the desync, actually. I've been 1shotted and have 1shotted tons of scavs as of now, but everytime I feel a bit "behind" due to lag, I must pump like 4 or 5 shots into them to kill them. The ammo is okay, the lag on the other hand... Let's hope they'll have those new servers soon =)
  10. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against the modification of how containers work, still, I'd love to see the current system on release, even if it's magical or isn't realistic at all. About the insurance, why not an insurance where you pay, say, 75%* of the cost of the item and 5% every day (not trader refresh) it is insured and in your inventory/stash. Of course, measures to avoid "duplicating" the item through traders should be taken. For instance, if you insure said item and lose it withing that day's timespan, the initial cost to insure should increase, or whoever insures it won't let you do that again for X amount of time. *: number from the top of my head, devs would know how to balance it I guess. edit: perhaps one way to keep the container as is would be: you can bring it in and it'll secure whatever is inside, but if you die, you'll get some hours of cooldown till you can use it ("get it back"). Don't know really, since I like how they work currently my opinion is absolutely biased.
  11. That insurance system would not work. It would be exploited to the point players would be armed to the teeth, unless the insurance costs more than the actual gun. Even then it could be somewhat exploited by killing a friend, etc. About the secure container, I'd rather see the current system in the release. Devs have stated they want realism in battle/gunfights, and also provide a good framework/base of the game which can be enjoyable. This "magical" containers fit right there. Besides I don't think they could change them since containers were preorder a selling point, and modifying it would be saying something and taking it back.
  12. Try joining with a friend, groups seem to have priority and can find matches without this issue most of times. Check your launcher, click the little arrow next to "Online" and click "check for updates".
  13. This, I seriously despise ***kers who do the wiggle and backstab/shoot you. I have had people help me and I have helped people through the friendly wiggle, it's such an amazing way to communicate and to avoid making this game the KoS mess crappy survival games like DayZ are.
  14. upgrade

    To get the bonuses that come with upgrading the edition, you need to Restart your profile (which can be done through your Profile in the main Escape from Tarkov web). I'd recommend giving your stuff to a friend if you don't want to lose it.
  15. support

    To sort this kind of issues you need to contact the support team over here: No one in the forums will be able to help you but them.