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  1. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Let me season it a little. Just a tad bit more salt. There we go... Get served.
  2. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    GOOD - thats awesome!
  3. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    I am just here to salt the wound boys!!! BAN all who have that poo cheating software installed. Get served boys hahaaaaaa. Finally! I love these devs.
  4. 5-Man Teams

    Only if the people you team up with suck or are untrained. People who play solo or with just one more guy (2 men teams) can always decide not to engage in a firefight against 5 people.
  5. Escape from Tarkov conquering Mt. Elbrus!

  6. Just a "suggestion", fix the damm gun glitches.

    I got whole stash full of gear and money. Switched fully to M4s as my main weapon and I started equiping my boys with M4s as our standard weapon. As of right now I got 7 M4s decked out, Fort armor, pacas, helmets, NVGs, 1 mil rubles and 9k dollars. Started giving my guys NVGs the other day aswell.... Do not even know how to ''glitch'' anything in the game but I hope the ones who do it burn for it. We have met a few of these fuckers so far.
  7. Clan Prefix Tags

    Since there is limitation to how many times we can change our names in the game, can we get a setting int the game that adds the unit tag on our name? So we don't have to change our names to add a unit/clan tag.
  8. Idea for the top tier helmet

    Please, for Gods sake, no....
  9. Spawn camping has to be stopped

    Not a problem at all. Get yourself a map where all spawns are marked. And learn them. If you don't want to get into contact as the raid starts. Run the opposite way of the other player spawn area or hide.
  10. Possible to Donate my Key?

    LOL! You are probably getting your pants destroyed by us and all of a sudden the player base is ''terrible''. Yeah right. What the hell you on about? This is the best shooter of today hands down.
  11. Remove Hatchets from the game.

    For me it stayed. I already died atleast 2 times while looted EOD hatchet was on me.
  12. Remove Hatchets from the game.

    Quiters will be quiters boys, remember that. No matter the game... Cheers and good luck!
  13. Remove Hatchets from the game.

    I love this game!!!!!
  14. The fourth wave of Beta admission starts!

    Welcome all players!!! The servers are under some stress from all the player numbers now - be patient boys...
  15. The first wave of Beta admission starts!

    So how many people does 1 wave of new players got? 250? 500? 1000 people?