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  1. Got to fix the "Impact Shaking"!

    Never had this problem not even once in hundreds of raids I did. And I always go geared up to the teeth. Edit: He probably blacked your left or right arm. So it was severely injured. As a result your aim is shaky. Thats how it should be, and should not change. Because the feature is perfect.
  2. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    One things for sure boys, when I get my unit there you are not entering that complex.
  3. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    NICE!!! Did not expect this amount of awesome!!! (Not that I doubted you guys...)
  4. The name comes from real anti-tank unit who fought in Croatian war for indenpendence in the 1990s We are group of friends who formed our own small tight knit community roughly 5 years ago, mainly from Europe. We like a tactical, realistic and team oriented approach to FPS games. Our main 3 games we are active at are Escape from Tarkov, Men of War Assault Squad 2 and Squad. But our love extends to different game genres aswell (Age of Sail, Flight Simulators, Tank Sims, Strategy Wargames to name the few). Do not let this discourage you in trying to join us, we will accept everyone as our recruit who meets our requirements and if you have a working microphone and speak English as we use it as our main communications language. If you do have a working microphone, and are able to understand and speak english look bellow for our requirements. Requirements for new recruits: Being super skilled is NOT a requirement to join Yellow ants. We rather prefer a raw talent with a humble heart and no ego. One who wants to learn and grow in tactics and fighting skills. Beyond that our main requirements are that: * You have a team minded approach to everything you play * You have a high desire to learn and play with discipline - To fully understand how we operate, this means you will also need to "re-learn" the game and move, fight, win and die as a unit. We will not accept a weak spot within our rank. * You have a character void of ego * You have an ability to function within the chain of command * You have a working microphone and are atleast 18 years of age * And last, that you got a sense of humor in a firefight What we can offer in EFT: - Standardised equipment - USEC (Western weapon systems, gear and ammunition) - Squad/Section based movements and cover - OBUA (operations in built up areas) - knowledge from our friends who were or still are in one of the real world European Armies. - FUN in hundreds of raids with 80%+ survival rates! Unfair, unforgiving, real and effective in combat - we are, Yellow Ants unit = Teamwork, Friendship, Respect, Honor, Integrity, Selflessness. VIRTUS NON COPIA VINCIT ~S Rain
  5. New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

    Are Trijicon ACOGs added to the game yet?
  6. Anyone else not getting certain keys?

    I am selling 206, 303 and Factory key. Send me your offers (in dollars or rubles) in private message.
  7. Baby steps first ain't it? Me and my unit, we already got a plan of aproach starting from the new wipe.
  8. Hey guys, any news about clan/unit stash?
  9. A sneak peek into the Battle State Games Studio

    The plate carrier!!!!!! New armor system? Different plate types???
  10. Escape from Tarkov Development Diary

    1400 cheaters, that many scumbags? LOL holy crap, nice riddance! Looking forward to new update!!!
  11. My vote of NO - is not passing. Fix it so you can get clear results.
  12. Internet broken when I enter this game :(

    What is your internet download and upload speed?
  13. New MP5 Mod Shipment Incoming!

    Nice, finally Trijicons stuff!!! And Aimpoint red dot!!!
  14. Campers and Squads Matchmaking

    Two days in a row we have been guarding the exit points on Shoreline. It is trully awesome. Who are you to say it shouldn't be done or its cheap? Have you ever tried it? No, because you are soloing the game so its irrelevant to whatever you try to do, because you do not have the capacity than that of the team of 3 to 5 people. You, as a solo player, always have a decision of disengaging and trying the 2nd exit. When voice comms get into game, we will make people surrender, strip naked and turn around with a bottle of water and 1 mag in the sidearm instead of killing them. Good luck in the harsh world of Tarkov!
  15. M4A1

    Thats a very nice airsoft gun LOL Literally nobody uses this, its useless. And in prone position it does not make any sense to use a so called "side" grip.