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  1. Hey guys, I keep getting killed trough hard cover. Like the game is delayed for few moments. Again had a same/similar thing, I will describe it. Shoreline, gas station, on the beach. I spot a guy jumping the fence where the fire truck is and I light him up (hitting him). Pulling back on the low ground, in full cover, and I am throwing a grenade on him. While I am in grenade throwing animation I drop dead (again, behind full cover). Its like the game showed me on the enemys screen while on my screen I was in cover. Desync, desync, desync. Yes I know. But is anybody have a tactic to remedy a situation like this? And kind of "trick" this desync effectively. It seems like the only thing that can kill me are desyncs and bugs, which are out of my control. Very frustrating. If its a fair fight and a guy beats me fair square then thats on me and I learn something from it. But this just SUCKS.
  2. Red Skill Bar

    45% survival rate is bad. I thought my 70% is bad. LOL
  3. M4A1 Recoil all over the place

    I still didn't learn that with retarded people (like yourself), there is no point to prove or try to explain anything. Because anyway you will turn to your insults, like a subhuman you are. You are probably that kind of a kid who would attach a forward grip on the upper rail and say its practical.
  4. M4A1 Recoil all over the place

    Exactly. Your thinking to start with is not "valid". We are comparing two weapons of different caliber. 7.62 vs 5.56 - where 5.56 punches less kick. But in the game M4 feels like it shoots bigger caliber than AKM. The attachments are out of the discussion now.
  5. M4A1 Recoil all over the place

    Who said anything about attachments?
  6. Hey guys, Since the new 0.5.xx patch we have noticed that the recoil on M4s are ridiculously high now. For comparison you can better control an AKM (in 7.62 caliber) than you can an M4 (in 5.56). An AK74 has far better recoil. Highly anoying and unrealistic. The way recoil on M4 in the old patch worked was awesome and real. The fully automatic spray would start uncontrolably and then your character would get back on target after 5-6-7 shots. Now, its all over the place. Its like I am shooting an HMG handheld like rambo. Just putting our opinion out there, Cheers Rain
  7. Can't reconnect to a raid after crash

    I am about to give up after 6th or 7th time of trying to reconnect. Theres alot of good stuff on me though... I think the servers can't handle so many people downloading the patch and trying to play, trade, spawn, extract etc...
  8. Can't reconnect to a raid after crash

    I am just alt+F4-ing all the time, and trying to load back in with hopes I will reconnect back into the raid...
  9. I played on Shoreline and got disconnected from it. I am trying to reconnect for 4th time now and it counts down with the message "Awaiting session start". Anybody experiencing came issue? And do you know how to fix it?
  10. Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    Finally........................ Rear flip up iron sights... THANKS! And that looks like a Crane style stock for M4, very nice!
  11. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Rain#4838 - Need verification
  12. Got to fix the "Impact Shaking"!

    Never had this problem not even once in hundreds of raids I did. And I always go geared up to the teeth. Edit: He probably blacked your left or right arm. So it was severely injured. As a result your aim is shaky. Thats how it should be, and should not change. Because the feature is perfect.
  13. Shoreline RECON! Pt2

    One things for sure boys, when I get my unit there you are not entering that complex.
  14. Shoreline RECON! Pt1 (RP)

    NICE!!! Did not expect this amount of awesome!!! (Not that I doubted you guys...)