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  1. Older Aged Players Alliance

    PM sent you you @Beddhead.
  2. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Sent back to you @SADO
  3. Older Aged Players Alliance

    PM sent to you @Regail
  4. Escape From Tarkov Forum Video Widget is here!

    @ArmaSwiss you've made a mistake here, it's not 'one of' it's THE best hardcore-survival FPS game. !
  5. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @Sasahi and @AlfaNick PM's sent to you both.
  6. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Sorry for the outage folks I deleted the whole thread by accident! BIG thanks to @Lewisuk and @Natalino for sorting this out for me
  7. Hackers need dealing with

    It's only really the last 24 hours or so we are hearing about hackers again. Since the 400 ban last week there have been virtually none, so yes the ban waves do work you need to just take their word for it. Take our word for it, it was waaaay worse that this a week ago.
  8. The EFT devs are way too weapon savvy to go down the commercial BS road don't worry about it.
  9. New Forum Feature Update: Reactions!

    Am I right in saying though that only some of the reactions add rep?
  10. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

  11. 7 Day Beta key giveaway

    Sorry for the delay with this. Thanks to those who submitted a response and after consideration by the members we would like to give the key to @Tijki. If you would like to contact me I'll hand you your key. We hope you'll love a escape From Tarkov as much as we do.
  12. is the map terminal open ?

    I smell BS..
  13. Well played @weeping-pirate and his team
  14. 7 Day Beta key giveaway

    Apologies, our winner will now be picked this evening (Monday).
  15. 7 Day Beta key giveaway

    The Older Aged Players Alliance is grateful for the prize of a 7 day beta key for a winning entry in the clan photo competition, courtesy of @Colonel Twerkins. We have decided to donate this prize to a worthy cause, so if you are looking to start playing Escape From Tarkov or know someone who would benefit from it then please let us know via reply to this thread. We would like the key to go to someone who hasn't yet played the game so please do not apply if you already own it. 100 words or less should do it. We shall announce a winner (selected by the group on merit) this Sunday evening. Good luck