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  1. Older Aged Players Alliance

    He's also our illustrious senior admin at OAPA, and a fine job he does too How's it working out? Fantastically now that we've 'tailored' the membership criteria and removed a few 'surplus to requirement'.
  2. Extraction Campers Need to Go...

    Like it or not camping is something that's existed in gaming since Quakeworld. It isn't going away and no there isn't a hard and fast answer to it. The reason for this is because again whether you like it or not there's nothing illegal about it. It's a tactic employed often by the more unskilled player/s believing it's a fast track to kills and riches. The truth is as soon as a half tidy player arrives he'll tie them up in knots and the campers will all cry "hacker" ! Camping by the way in the time and place is also a legitimate tactic, fact. So dry your eyes and 'git gud' as the youngsters like to tout these days. And if you can git gud, there's always COD. It was stated at the outset that this game is aimed at the HARD CORE, it's not for everyone.
  3. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Bloody hell Jag, you after a pay rise?..
  4. Older Aged Players Alliance

    PM sent to you @magpull-K9
  5. Older Aged Players Alliance

  6. EU Looking for battle buddy(s) no clan BS

    Lol, rep for the console peasant bit
  7. Older Aged Players Alliance

    PM sent to you @usfcommish
  8. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Military police I'm guessing.. We'll see
  9. Older Aged Players Alliance

    PM sent to you @redberet
  10. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @odoyle040 Sorry but our minimum age requirement for the the group is 40 as outlined in the OP.
  11. Older Aged Players Alliance

  12. Happy Halloween Y'all

  13. Older Aged Players Alliance

    @Check6Six6 please check you mail.
  14. halloween 2017 in EFT

    Happy Halloween everyone
  15. Celebrate Halloween with Escape from Tarkov

    Love Halloween Have a good one everybody