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  1. Well there is always a ReSharper, that allows postpocessing, AA including
  2. Looks like a desync + an f1 grenade. Observed a lot of times that throwing an f1 at factory is a 50/50 lottery. Its either kills everyone, or does nothing. It's either kills the enemy, or it kills you. Sometimes the shrapnel goes through walls, sometimes it recoshes in a most silly way.
  3. Да ребята ещё просто сами не знают чё им делать и чё говорить, вот и скрытничают
  4. No nerf is needed.
  5. @Chernobyl_52, понятно, что после GamesCon вскоре будет контент апдейт игры для пользователей. Является ли ещё секретом, будет ли вайп серверов или нет с патчем?
  6. They are. After GamesCon.
  7. The next big thing is GamesCom 23.08.
  8. the problem with that is - players won't care about Karma or any kind of punishment when they enter as a PMC, broken as heck and with only a pistol. If such PMC will enter the match and see a fully geared player which is in a position where he can be killed easily - the naked PMC will definitely kill that other player just to get his loot. What is more valuable for a broke player? A - no penalty from traders or smth or B - helmet + fort armor + top gun + trizip? Oh and devs are aiming towards realism, so "cant loot your own people" is not an option. For each solution must be a logical base "why is that and not the other way?" PS: basically traders might not want to buy gear that the rouge PMC had brought from the raid and that gear will break quick or malfunction so it might become worthless for the rouge
  9. Это вариант точно лучше, спасибо
  10. @miserySeason, Вопросы и Ответы будут заранее подготовленные или в прямом эфире будете с чата брать?
  11. that is also correct.
  12. Got it
  13. @African_Plz, you are right. this game is hard and it meant to be hard. With time you will learn how to avoid conflict or get out of it victorious. Very few of us, players, came here already prepared for the challenge. It's just a matter of time till you get a grip on the game and start feeling the flow. Just try not to create more topics where people generally say that the game is too hard for them. By doing this you attract two kinds of people - the ones that are fresh and also think the same way as you, that the game is very challenging (Dark Souls is also a challenge, but lots of ppl enjoying it, EFT is similar to it) and the others are much worse. The others are just retarded trolls and toxic kids that want to look like they're cool (not) and will say something like: It will take you at least a month of constant gaming before you will learn the majority of aspects of the game. Cheers.
  14. @Blackb1rd, @Chernobyl_52 , удачи на ГеимсКоме) BSG привет от CD Projekt Red Увидимся в Кёльне)
  15. I've read on the forum that right now we dont have much fort armor because it's not yet ready, which means they're working on balance or how it should work (penetration ect)